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I'm at the open uni doing the CCNA module currently. If you just want the CCNA then don't bother learning with them. The CCNA module/s is just the Cisco Net Academy with some added coursework and an exam that doesn't give you the CCNA (just a pass or fail of the module).

You're best off getting the Udemy Chris Bryant course, as well as the books and then find some labs as well (others will have a better idea about those).

I'm actively using the Udemy course and Odom book over netacad.com

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Hi, thanks for replying. So this Chris Bryant guy has a lot of videos. I take it he covers a lot of the material? In terms of labs, do you have to source these from various sources, or is there a Cisco certified reservoir of them from various resellers?

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He has a CCNA Routing and Switching course which comes with a "free" CCNA Security course. It has all the material that the official Cisco Netacad has but rather than being a silent death by PowerPoint type thing he actually engages a bit.

There are the Bosom labs that are popular with people. They are expensive however (good tools cost money).

I'm using the Netacad labs as I have them included in the cost of the OU degree.

I don't want to say don't do the degree with the OU. Just don't do it if you only want the CCNA.

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Cheers, yeah I just was looking at CCNA so the OU is probably out, I'll try the Chris Bryant guy most likely, seems popular on here! And get labs from somewhere else.

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Udemy Chris Bryant, there's special almost every month in Udemy that courses sale less than $10 US dollars.

Do not waste your time with anything else but Chris Bryant. Download packet-tracer and GNS3 practice all the content. You'd passed knowing the content.

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Thanks for that. Seems this Chris Bryant fella is popular, ill check him out for sure.

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I write from experienced. I failed the ICND2. The second time I focused on his content and wrote down everything he mentioned to where I learned, practice through labs before scheduling the exam. I passed with over 900 scores.

My advice is that when/if you are listening to his videos to write down every topic covering all that he mentions. Exam date you'd see why.

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Cool, what is this 900 score thing people keep quoting, what is it out of? a 1000?

I'll note down everything!

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I take a guarantee passed, but honestly what matters is that we learn the content.

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With Udemy check via the website and the app for the best price. Sometimes the app is cheaper than the website.