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OCG textbooks, Lammle textbooks, CBT Nuggets, Boson practice exams.

Names to look for are Wendell Odom, Todd Lammle, Chris Bryant, Professor Messer, etc.

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Todd Lammle book changed my life. So much better than the Cisco Press stuff.

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I failed the ccna composite, I’m not trying to scare you brother, but focus a lot on troubleshooting and submitting.

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yup, english isnt my first language sry

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Heh, didn't want to be mean. I thought about autocorrection. My phone usually struggling with this word.

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good luck, I just took mine and passed. I just used the Odom Cisco press book and the included questions in it

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If you want some free videos try looking up Imran Rafai on YouTube. I used his videos, followed along and did some labs in packet tracer, and used Odoms book.

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safari books online has multiple books and videos on the subject