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CNNA in 2 weeks.

I've a question so the place i'm currently studying a place where people can study as IT-supporter and data technician, and programmers and a few other IT minded jobs.

What i've to ask thought is that my education places require us too study a entire CCNA chapter in less than 2 weeks ( Exactly 13 days and obviously pass the exams )

This obviously means that the amount of people failing this exam is at 60% and majority of the people who succeds are accomplishing this by cheating ( yes i know, the exam is so hard that many don't wanna Disapoint their master, so they're cheating, i've had 4 people do this so far during this exam out of the 9 of us who passed the actual test.

Which made me wonder because admittedly i passed CCNA routing and switching in 2 weeks which means it is obviously possible a scored 60% during physical test and 62% during multiple choice test, which made me wonder alot if my education place is the only 1 doing this.

because i remember maybe arounde 33% of what i learned during CCNA routing and switching maybe even less, 1 thing for sure i wouldn't be able to pass it a second time without reading up again.

So i've to ask, is there other places in the world where 2 weeks for a entire CCNA chapter is a thing? it's technically a 21 weeks course cut down to 2 weeks.

Also i apologize if this isn't the right forum to ask this, i'm admittedly not exactly sure if this is the right forum at all to ask this.

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Well you pose a hard to answer question...

Are 2 weeks enough to pass the exam? Depends on each and everyone... Depends on the rate of information each can absorb for every study session... Depends on previous experience... Depends on how much study time you have on those 2 weeks... So, i'd say it depends on a lot of variables...

Now if you ask me: even to the people who do pass the exam, will they retain a lot of that information once time goes by? I'd say no... Maybe your boss needs you all to have the cert for any particular reason, but 2 weeks aren't reasonable at all...

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Original Poster2 points · 6 months ago

Thanks you for the comment, i study 2-6 hours a day depending on each chapter some are reasonable easy to remember etc first chapter in CCNA Scaling networks i achieved 86% since then everything else has literally been a hard task to achieve anything really.

i'm barely able to reach above 60% and most of my current tests are at 40-50% which is not to my satisfaction of what i obviously would like to achieve.

i've a few friends who started the course before me and i'm literally a bit shocked over the fact how little they remember from their exams some configuration they do remember and everything but far from everything, etc they don't remember how to configure dhcp on a router which is a bit shocking.

but overall the place i'm studying is one mess we have 2 subjects of our choosing - which is not actually a choice we've by default wireless and power shell regardless if we like it or not.

So they're cutting us out from reeading chapter 4 of Scaling network CCNA 2 because it's one of our subjects we study later

Powershell is teached by a guy with no data technician background but has very little knowledge of the subject and literally no interest in teaching us anything making the entire week where we've to pass a power shell configuration and multiple choice exam study on our own, this is also with very high fallout since many just cant pass the exam in suck a short time with close to 0 teacher.

we also have WDS, windows deployment service, the entire course was so terrible i failed it on purpose because we learned nothing so i wants to redo my exam in order to achieve better results / knowledge.

and then we've.. computer Technology which is education in windows server XP., not only is this literal silly outdated subject but they dind't even have a teacher capable of replacing this material with newer version, so i went up to a test where question was like "What is RAM" "What is a CPUS task" "How many cores does a I7 4th contain" "What is the menu you're entering upon pressing F2/F10/F12"

the education is literally trash in my school that i'm educating myself more than what i learn in the education place..

i've literally heard of people going up to the final exam ( apprenticeship) not knowing what show ip route is, and how simple debugging is done.

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CCNP|CCDP|CCNA-V|CMNA2 points · 6 months ago

Are you referring to the actual CCNA exam, or something like the Cisco NetAcad class? 21 weeks for a 'chapter' seems like a really long time considering that's just about 2 chapters a year.

Unless you're talking about something completely different.

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Original Poster1 point · 6 months ago

I'm a bit unsure what you mean.

We've CCNA Router and switching which contains 11/12 chapters so we're reading 1 chapter every day and at the 13 day we're going up for the exam on physical equipment on what we've learned regarding routing and switching.

and 14 day we've multiple choice exam.

after this CCNA routing and switching is done and we begun on a new CCNA scaling networks.

we are not supposed pass the apprenticeship just the exams for the given CCNA.

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CCNA RS and Security1 point · 6 months ago

He asking if you are testing for that actual certification through a Pearson testing center to obtain you CCNA:RS certification or just taking a class that revolves around CCNA material. There is a large difference.

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Original Poster1 point · 6 months ago

Most likely a CCNA:RS since it's a actual education to data Technical which is officially - i quess?

it's one of the few places to take the education in my country :3

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You aren't taking the CCNA Exams, there is no 'physical' part of a CCNA exam. Only for a CCIE is there a physical lab portion.

You're taking a CCNA equivalent or a CCNA 1 class that many colleges here in the United States teach.

As to the 2 week timeline, that seems compressed, as most of these CCNA Classes, of which there are typically 4 levels. Each takes anywhere from 10-14 weeks, however the students are only spending 3-5 hours a week in class. So if you're spending 30-40 hours a week across 2 weeks, it probably works out to roughly the same amount of class time.

Do no confuse this, these classes do not make you CCNA certified. You will have to pass the ICND1 and ICND2 exams to be actually certified.

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Original Poster1 point · 6 months ago

I see.

Thanks for clarifying it for me,

I'd no real idea to be fair I only know it's the only place to get educated ;)

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Is it ZBC Ringsted? Zealand Business College?

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Original Poster1 point · 6 months ago

It is actually :)

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Funny, sounded a lot like it :) Starting H5 soon

And btw, i aggre... 2 weeks is nowhere near the ideal time needed to study all the material :)

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Original Poster1 point · 6 months ago

So you're literally 4 years ahead of me ;)

ii'm just frustrated the fact not only are the teachers terrible / doesn't care then i cant even get to study something on my own properly without some schedule just pushing me thought it without time to understand what i'm literally doing

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Yea, or pretty close :)

You can't really rely on good teachers for this education, but there are a few :)

I've tried most of the schools (TEC Ballerup, SDE Odense and Mercantec Viborg), and ZBC Ringsted is peobably the best with Mercantec close behind - But it all depends on the teachers :)

I can personally recommend either CBT Nuggets or INE's video materials.

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Original Poster1 point · 6 months ago

i'm watching them, just not understanding them entirely.

but i'll succed at some point thought i might have to retry this one. :P

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