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Passed ICND1 861/1000.

83% Network fundamentals

50% LAN Switching Fundamentals

87% Routing Fundamentals

78% Infrastructure Services

38% Infrastructure Maintenance

Special thanks to everyone here. Checking this sub daily really helped me on this part of the journey.

Study materials used: Started out by watching about half the Andrew Crouthamel videos, stopped when I found out they are not up to date to the current test, still a lot of great info. Then watched all the Ryan Beney videos. After that I read the Odom book and then the Lammle book, I think they are both worth a read and relatively cheap. I used the Boson practice test along with building a few small virtual networks in packet tracer. Overall I spent about 4 months studying, this was mostly because I was lazy and only spent a few hours a day working on it.

Boson seems to add a lot of questions that are outside the ICND1 focus which threw me off. I was consistently getting about 79% which had me worried. It also seems to grade at a 1 to 1 ratio where the actual exam weighs some questions more than others.

I was really nervous walking into the exam place but they were having some sort of technical issue and I had to wait around for 30 extra minutes before I could start. Honestly, this allowed me to get used to my surroundings and just chill. I highly suggest getting to the test center as early as possible for this reason. I finished the test with 25 minutes to spare. I felt I was able to take all the time I needed on each question without feel rushed.

Thanks again everyone. On to ICND2.

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Senior Content Developer, Boson Software6 points · 6 months ago

Congrats! Glad we could help a bit.

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CCNA R&SOriginal Poster5 points · 6 months ago

For sure. I like the exam sim. Will use again for future certs. The detailed explanations of both why an answer is correct AND why the others are wrong really helped.

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Senior Content Developer, Boson Software4 points · 6 months ago

Regarding question weighting - Cisco doesn't indicate how their questions are weighted, or even if they're weighted at all. We suspect they give partial credit for certain questions, but again, nobody knows except Cisco, and they're not telling. Trying to match their weighting and getting it wrong would be worse than not doing it at all, so we decided to stick with a 1-to-1 grading scale. After all, everything's important.

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Any feedback as to OP's point that some of the questions were outside of scope?

I personally bought Boson exam sim the last time there was a reddit deal, but I haven't gone through all the questions yet to compare to the exam blueprint.

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Senior Content Developer, Boson Software3 points · 6 months ago

Best I can say without breaking my own NDA with Cisco is that if we test you on something, there's a reason for it. Many people have indicated in this very subreddit that there ARE questions that Cisco has on the exam that are outside their posted objectives. It is likely that /u/StuffDreamsAreMadeOf did not receive any of those questions from Cisco's question pool.

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Awesome. Thanks for the response. I was just curious.

I bought it and i do have to say that the quality of questions is far superior to any other practice tests I've come across.

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Senior Content Developer, Boson Software2 points · 6 months ago

Totally understand. The question comes up quite a lot. :)

Thanks for your compliment. I love being able to help you guys out.

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Hey. Could you answer a question about your exams? I'm probably gonna buy the CCENT kit but I wanted to know; how wide is the range of questions? Both Netsim and Exsim. I don't want to take the practice test once then start having it commit to memory. I want to have each test be fresh so I can get real indications of how prepared I am. But I can't do that if it's just a static exam with fixed questions every time.

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Senior Content Developer, Boson Software5 points · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

ExSim has multiple, structured question banks, and each question bank has unique questions in them. The questions might sometimes be similar (because we test on similar subjects), but the exams are definitely not the same. So each exam (Exam A, Exam B, etc) will be different.

If I'm not mistaken, there are four structured exams of 58 questions each on our CCENT practice exam.

EDIT: I recommend that our customers use our product AFTER studying. When you're ready, take Exam A. Afterwards read ALL the explanations, even for the questions you can answer correctly. Know why the right answer is right AND why the wrong answer is wrong. Use the linked references if you need more information about a topic. Then, take Exam B, repeating the same steps, and shoring up your weak points. Do NOT take Exam D until you are ready to give yourself your final readiness check... because, as you already know, you can't just take these exams over and over until you memorize them, because that won't show you how ready you are. :)

EDIT 2: I see you asked about Netsim. Netsim doesn't have questions - Netsim is a network simulator with structured labs. You can also use Netsim like a virtual sandbox environment.

Best of luck!

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Thank you! That's very helpful.

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A+, N+, CCNA R&S2 points · 6 months ago

From my experience with ICND2, even Cisco goes outside of the exam objectives lol so I wouldn't be too worried with Boson questions.

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Senior Content Developer, Boson Software2 points · 6 months ago

/u/CB_Cubbie - see? ;)

Thanks, K1ngs. :)

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In regards to the Ryan Beney videos, I'm watching them too at the moment. Do you do any type of note taking while watching or did you just run through the whole series and try to take in all the info?

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CCNA R&SOriginal Poster2 points · 6 months ago

I took a lot of notes when going through the Andrew Crouthamel videos. Not a lot for the Ryan Beney ones. I don't feel the videos alone were enough at all but what they did do is give me a lot of basic understanding for when I got to the point of reading the books. Honestly I probably would have been a little lost if I had not watched the Andrew Crouthamel videos before Ryan Beney, just as I was lost during the first set. I strongly suggest to anyone working on their certs should go over the material two or more times with multiple sources. Each one gets fast since you can breeze through various topics that you already understand for previous materials. Also, if you don't fully understand something when it is first brought up just make a note that you need more and keep going, often in both the videos and the books later material clarified what I did not understand early on, like how wildcard mask helped me understand block size for subnetting beyond the last octet.

For me the biggest problem with all the study material was that there is a lot of what and how but not a lot of why. Got that I would jot down a term like SNMP and do more in depth Google searches about it.

At the end of the day the most important part is to actually do the thing. Whether you are using videos, books, or both be sure to do the things. Get packet tracer or a physical lab and actually build a network, Setup DHCP on a router, set static IPs, telnet into another device and then telnet into another one from there, and so on.

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