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Difference between VLANs while using VTP and while not

Studying for my ICND2 and I read that "In VTP server mode, VLAN configurations are saved in NVRAM on the switch."

So in that case, does that mean while VTP is enabled, VLAN configs are no longer stored in the vlan.dat file?

Could someone please clarify?

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CCENT | CCNA R&S1 point · 6 months ago

VLAN data gets saved on the NVRAM in a file called vlan.dat

If using VTP, what will happen is that any router that connects to the network, will automatically replicate all existing VLAN setting, assuming on of the switches is on server mode and with a domain configured.

Those settings will be in the running-config, until copied into the startup, which in return will save them on the vlan.dat

I could be wrong.

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1 point · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

I believe what they mean is, when you use VTP mode transparent the vlans are stored in the running config and can be copied to the startup config. On packet tracer this creates a vlan.dat file too. You can use show flash to see vlan.dat and delete vlan.dat. But if you reload the switch you can see the vlan is still in the startup config and a new vlan.dat file was created. Pretty sure it's the same on live gear.

VTP server mode store vlan data in the vlan.dat file.

Edit - Extended range vlans 1006- 4096 are stored in startup config.

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