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congrats mate!

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Congrats! Glad we could be your favorite. :)

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Your tests were an amazing resource. Will be purchasing again for ICND2

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whats next? icnd2?

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That's the plan

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Hey man congrats. I have been studying for ccna just on netacad for a little while now so am still pretty new. I am taking the two exam route and was about to purchase the kindle version of wendells book for 100-105 from amazon but the product details clearly said the E-version of the book would not come with the CD for the practice tests. As against the hard copy which will have that. Do you think not getting wendells practise CD affects my preparation or can I do without it. How helpful are they. I am not in the US so that's why I thought I could just get the ebook rather than a hardcopy... Please I'd like to know what you think... Congrats again

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I used Boson for practice exams, I would recommend that over what comes with Odom’s book. The questions from the older version that I had weren’t as helpful as Boson’s exams. Boson gives a great overview of every question after you answer, so it shows you why the right answer is correct and what the other answers mean.

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Congratulations on passing! What scores were you getting on Boson before you decided to take the test? I'm nearing the end of my studies (I think) and am getting good scores but I'm worried I'm becoming too familiar with the questions they're asking and not necessarily knowing the information.

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I was a little worried about that too, but something I saw in the custom exam options was to take a combined test with all the ones you’ve answered correctly less than 3 times. I was starting to pass most of the time. The night before the test, I marathoned all 232 questions and got above passing.

Chances are you’re never going to feel 100% ready, so you just have to decide when it’s best to pull the trigger and take it.

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That sounds like a great option I'll have to give that a shot. Thanks!