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Have 3 young children (6,8&10) i study for at least 2-3 times a week. Monday 6.15am-7.15am,then get everyone up for school. In the evenings, put everyone to bed, then from 8pm-10pm more study Tuesday break Wednesday 6.15am-7.15am, then from 8pm-10pm. Thursday 8pm-9.30pm Friday,Saturday and Sunday break

Edit1: looking back on the above, dont be thinking i do this every week of the year. I would burn out if i did.. jan-may (then exam) and september- december (then exam). It all depends on the exam. For CCNA and VCP i did the above. However for CISSP i have been studying on and off since last August (loosing the will to live with this one).

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I think it depends on how fast you want your cert. In my case last year I spent six months studying for my certs (MCSA and CCNA) at least 40 hours of studying a week including weekends. My fiance and I really wanted to get out of the small city we were living in and move to our state's only large city putting us closer to both our families and giving both of us more opportunity for career growth. So I gave my fiance and son (he was only 3 months old when I started studying) 2 hours after work then I studied. It wasn't a fun time but 2 months after achieving the CCNA and MCSA I had a job offer for 10k more than I was making and in the city we wanted to move to. Now my self study is less intense and the only time I would intensity it would be to fulfill a goal if my finance and I are on the same page. I think it's pretty important for your partner and family to be on the same page as you are, it's not fun for them so they need to know this is something your not doing just for your own self improvement but theirs as well.

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Just scheduled things. There are 24 hours in a day. If you do an hour a day that's 7 hrs a week, 2 hrs a day and that's 14. It adds up pretty quick. Save one night for a date night a week too, relationships should be a top priority. Ppl are important.

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And a night for a family night?

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Working on my CCIE, there is a book called your CCIE success strategy. Amazing read on every level no matter the cert. Key takeaway is to let friends and family know your goals and explain the time commitments and sacrifices you will be making.

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I'm sortofkinda in the same boat as I have family commitments & obligations but a static amount of time like everyone else. I drive almost an hour each way to work every day so that is 10 hours a week I'm just sitting on ass, driving. I listen to udemy as much as I can during that time. As far as labbing, that is a little harder. I put PT on my laptop and take it to a quiet area of the house. I'm thinking of waking up earlier to study as well.

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The wife should understand your goals and support you to achieve them. Try to have an honest discussion together. The family would definitely be better off if you get these certificates so sacrificing some present pleasures may be worthwhile.

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31 married with a 4-year-old and one on the way. I mostly study at work as I have a lot of downtime. I have been thinking about getting up earlier or staying up later to study at home though.

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With young kids you can get a lot done after they've gone to bed. That can often result in you getting less sleep, which is not ideal, but it does give you the time. The trick is to focus and get a lot done when you do allocate the time and avoid distractions, which can often be difficult!

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I'm in a slightly different boat but definitely understand where you're coming from. I'm 32, and it's me, my wife and our dog. No plans for kids. But we still have busy lives. My wife understands the importance of the certs I chase after, as they're required by my employer (work for a MSP). But I still struggle with that balance. I just finished my CCNP Security, and am taking some time off before my next cert, but I'm planning on finally taking a slower approach with it. Instead of 15-20 hours a week, it'll be 5-10, so I can spend more time with my wife.

Someone else mentioned it depends on your pacing. I fully agree. Most of one have been "have this done in the next 3 months." So I have to push a lot. I'm trying to slow all of those down now so I can spend more time with my wife or doing other things I like. Because she works a lot as well.

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I have 2 small children (1&4) and I just started the process. I am starting with the Odom book, and then taking a CCNA class. I'm planning on burning some PTO with a class, studying and all non-work hobbies are on hold. There is time. Make time.

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It just sucks. But you have to weigh against not getting the cert and how it affects your position. Its one of those times where my family pulls together and shines.

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This is me I’m in my mid 30s I have 4 kids and I drive for a living. A while back I had found the sub /r/nonzeroday and if your not familiar with it it’s basically:

  • Promise yourself that you will do one thing every day that takes you one step closer to your goal(s)

So I spend at least 10 mins or more a day maybe a lunch break or a moment at Starbucks or while I drive I listen and take notes but everyday I do something towards my ccna cert. I realize it’s going to take a long time but I’m ok with that. At home I have an old switch and router I play with on the weekend and I have team viewer on a vm with packet tracker so I can login to it from my phone and try something when I have the urge.

Also get the app for non zero day it helps as a reminder (mine goes off at 10pm every night ) and asks did you do something towards your goal today?

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Sacrifices have to be made for a period, as long as your family knows how long you gonna be hitting the books they should be supportive and understand that the secondary beneficiary of your studies are them.

My misses completely understands that I am OFF everything until May, except emergencies.

I don't go out to eat with her, we don't go on walks, we don't go to the movies, absolutely nothing, we watch TV together and today we took our cat to the vet for surgery, she doesn't complain, she was warned before hand.