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7206 vs 7206VXR?

I’m going to a hackerspace for the first time tonight and attending a network engineer meet up.

The description says to install GNS3 and provide my own cisco 7206 ios image. When I go on the cisco site to download the images I see 7206 router and 7206VXR router, as a newby I have no idea which image to download. Can anyone give insight on this?

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CCNA RS/W, BCNP, BCvRE2 points · 5 months ago

GNS3 will accept a VXR image if I recall correctly. The VXR had more "options" in the software and supported more stuff. The 7200 was for the enterprise market and the 7200VXR for service providers.

I haven't touched a 7200VXR router since 2007, so I'm not 100% sure though!

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Yes, you are correct. To take it a step further there is a 7206vxr and a 7206ubr. The difference is that typically the vxr model will terminate pppoe/atm/dialup/ect. where as the ubr will terminate cable modem plants.

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CCNA R&S2 points · 5 months ago

So long as the image filename is listed on GNS3's supported IOS images, it should work without an issue - regardless of whether you downloaded it from the 7206 or the 7206VXR page.

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