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Help with Vlans. I get a mismatch error.

So I’m practicing with packet tracer to take my CCNA in about two months. How do I set an IP address on a switch port ? I use vlans but I keep getting a mismatch error if I add more than 1 to the switch. I usually have Fe0/1 with Vlan2 connected to another switch Fe0/1 on Vlan 2. Those work and I can ping. If I try to connect another switch to either side on Fe0/2 with Vlan 3 I get that error. Any ideas? I’ll update if I have to.


So for example I'm trying to get this node to ping the router and ping the server. I have a few vlans but Vlan2 is the only one that's assigned. I thought I knew about settings up networks but apparently I don't. Any help would be great.

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Comment deleted3 months ago
Just 'cause it ain't in my flair doesn't mean I don't have certs
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That's not fully an accurate statement. Plenty of Cisco switches are Layer 3 switches and certainly can have IP addresses assigned directly to physical interfaces. E.g.

interface g0/0
no switchport
ip addr

A more important thing to find out from OP (to be fair, this might be in his updated packet tracer file, I don't have it), is he trying to route between vlans with this switch or not?

To OP,* if the device you're using is layer 2*, then typically you would only assign a single ip address to a single vlan for management

interface vlan 2
ip addr

If you try to assign an IP to multiple vlans at the same time, you'll either not have that work (only one will actually be active) or they'll work, but you can't route between vlans w/o another device in the mix.

With a layer 3 capable switch, you would just do something like

interface vlan 2
ip addr

interface vlan 3
ip addr

That said, you brought up that you're getting some sort of mismatch error. Sounds like you're either not setting the access vlan or maybe the native vlan on both sides of the link to the same issue. That's got nothing to do with IP address assignment.

Using and posting packet tracer files might get you somewhere for ICND1 or maybe ICND2 studies, but you're going to see a massively diminishing return. Posting a screenshot of your topology along with relevant portions of your configs/show commands/error logs is going to allow a much greater group of people to offer assistance.

Original Poster1 point · 3 months ago

Hey thank you for the information. Im a little new to the vlan game. So I have updated my network and ill be sure to start a new thread with screen shots. Ill be sure to post them later today. Thanks again for all the help. Originally I though that all ports on a switch needed to have an ip address.

Just 'cause it ain't in my flair doesn't mean I don't have certs
2 points · 3 months ago

Nope. Generally speaking, all ports on a ROUTER need to have an IP address, and switch ports do not. The lines get blurred though, as you can have layer 3 switches, or routers that backhaul Ethernet (OTV/VPLS/etc).

Original Poster1 point · 3 months ago

Alright I’ll do that once I get home. I may have to go back to chapter one.

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