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Passed ICND1 970/832


Network fundamentals 92%

LAN Switching Fundamentals 94%

Routing Fundamentals 100%

Infrastructure Services 100%

Infrastructure Maintenance 75%

I didn't have prior experience or knowledge with networking equipment and work full time. I don't have other IT certifications either. I initially planned to sit for the composite but the very first time I tried some practice questions online after reading an online ccna guide I got only 4/10 correct after spending nearly 1 hr on them. That was when I decided to take it in two parts.

Studied seriously for 4 months straight. Probably could have completed it earlier if I studied consistently both days during weekends, which I did only in the last month. Started with Lammle's book because Odom was difficult to understand but I moved to Odom once I picked up enough knowledge to understand him. In the end I found Odom more comprehensive than Lammle's, especially those chapters on troubleshooting Ethernet and IP routing. Those chapters are a must-read, no mattter how prepared you think you are from other sources. I also bought Chris Bryant's Udemy course, which I watched to understand some concepts I couldn't understand from both Lammle's and Odom's (such as the SNMA from IPV6). Despite Lammle's limitations, I remember he covers certain things Odom did not, such as how to identify broadcast storms from reading the "show int" output on a switch. I didn't use flash cards, but the way I forced myself to remember things was to occasionally open up Notepad on a computer and recall from memory all the topics, IOS commands as though I typing them in IOS without referencing anything. When I was done, I usually had about 10 pages worth of information. Those things which I forgot or misremembered I went through them again.

For labs I used mostly Packet Tracer, though the last 3 weeks I installed and used GNS3 to practice on some commands not found in PT, such as the NTP master commands

On the exam, have to agree with others here the language is really poorly phrased. I found myself asking multiple times, "Ok if this were correct, what would that imply about this other thing." or "This reads more correct than the other answer". For a few questions I spent considerable time deciding between the only two possible choices. There was a VLAN MCQ which I was stuck on for 10+ min. In the end I still don't know if I got it right lol. For the labs, I found that show run did not always work. Or that the "|" argument didn't work. But I didn't need that to solve the question. Never got a single subnetting question though, for those wondering. Finished in 1 hr 13 min.

The highest I scored on Boson's was 897 (last exam), 2nd highest 793 (3rd exam). Man, those exams are tough, partly because they test on material outside of ICND1 syllabus. I cannot recommend the exams enough but thought they may make you feel overwhelmed and underprepared for the real thing. For Boson my weakest topic was LAN switching but I guess it may be because they had some questions on VTP, STP and FIB tables which I had no idea how to do lol.

Now on to ICND2.

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Senior Content Developer, Boson Software5 points·6 days ago

Congrats! Glad you loved the stuff I craft. :)

Original Poster2 points·6 days ago

Thanks! Love the Boson exams!

Nice score! You nailed it! Congrats!

Original Poster2 points·6 days ago


Congrats, thanks for the insightful experience. I'm suffering from anxiety preparing for the ICND1 exam.

Original Poster1 point·6 days ago

Thanks! I had a bad case of nerves too especially since I'm several years out of school and haven't done any exam since graduation. What helps were working through practice exams, and understanding not just why a particular options is the answer but why the others couldn't be. Boson does an excellent job explaining why.

Dam kickass score my dude! Grats on the 900 club lol

I feel you on the 10min+ for a single question. The last one was like that for me and I had the exact same thought process "Which of these two sounds more correct" for the longest time. The wording is poor but after thinking enough there is always a "it HAS to be this one, it just has to" answer so I wasn't worried too much even though some questions really got me stuck.

Good luck on ICND2, we may be posting threads around the same time! :)

Original Poster1 point·6 days ago

Thanks! I didn't expect to get that high. Was thinking even with the Boson score I expected at most low 900s since they would invariably throw in some difficult out of syllabus questions. I guess I was lucky in that ipv6 was not tested much.

Inspiring. Congrats!

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