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Congrats! Glad you loved the stuff I craft. :)

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Thanks! Love the Boson exams!

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Nice score! You nailed it! Congrats!

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Congrats, thanks for the insightful experience. I'm suffering from anxiety preparing for the ICND1 exam.

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Thanks! I had a bad case of nerves too especially since I'm several years out of school and haven't done any exam since graduation. What helps were working through practice exams, and understanding not just why a particular options is the answer but why the others couldn't be. Boson does an excellent job explaining why.

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Dam kickass score my dude! Grats on the 900 club lol

I feel you on the 10min+ for a single question. The last one was like that for me and I had the exact same thought process "Which of these two sounds more correct" for the longest time. The wording is poor but after thinking enough there is always a "it HAS to be this one, it just has to" answer so I wasn't worried too much even though some questions really got me stuck.

Good luck on ICND2, we may be posting threads around the same time! :)

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Thanks! I didn't expect to get that high. Was thinking even with the Boson score I expected at most low 900s since they would invariably throw in some difficult out of syllabus questions. I guess I was lucky in that ipv6 was not tested much.

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Inspiring. Congrats!