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    It was $300 when I recently checked. :/

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    326€ a few weeks ago. Required an 860 score to pass, 67 questions, all but three were theory multiple choice.

    @OP It's not a test to just go do and try to wing it. Would definitely do a course for it if you get it included.

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    I most definitely would not wing it. I would study on my own using the OCG and videos, and GNS3 to practise.

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    While it is a difficult exam nothing is set in stone saying that it will take him three attempts. Prep work is everything. Study above what is required and read a lot of white pages.

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    It is $4k a semester so doing hard ones outside the uni and leaving easy courses/certs and finishing them in one semester will make you pay less... retaking the exam three times will just make you have to finish it in two semesters and having to pay another $4k

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    Did some housecleaning the other day and found my scoresheet from 2013. (Prior exam to this one). Passing was 804. I got an 804. :o

    ...If that tells you anything.

    I got it through a Bootcamp; my best advice would be get the OCG for it and see if you can find some labs for it too.

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    i am

    literally doing the same thing, Taking CCNA: security so I can increase my credits before going to WGU.

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    OMG he's on to me.

    Yes, that is precisely what I am trying to do - get the cert, knock out six WGU credits, and finish my B.Sc. in one six-month term. In the meantime, I am enrolled at community college taking classes that will transfer to WGU.

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    I have like 80% of the certs in the Bachelors of Science network operations and security due to my job and ccna security will finish most of it off which leaves me with very little time to till I get my degree.

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    What is WGU?

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    He's talking about:


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    I think it really depends on what you value.. it's worth doing if you are going into WGU in a program that requires it; as you would have to do it anyway..

    I'm enrolled in WGU and Im about to do the CCNA Sec as well. I hear the OCG sucks for that cert. Which is a pity because the OCG for ICND1 and ICND2 is awesome.

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    I haven't taken it yet but I'm maybe 8-10 weeks in to my studies for it. There's a lot of info to take in and a lot of configurations to learn. Lots of little intricacies also which makes me think there's lots of memorization involved in passing the test.

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    I am also wrapping up WGU currently. I actually sat for and passed the 210-260 exam today. It was tough. Mostly because as others have stated it just covers so much info. I will say that Boson exam prep was great. That stuff was really down in the weeds. As for hands on... well honestly I don’t know if spending to much time in CLI would be beneficial. It would be great to reinforce topics. But my exam had one “sim” that was basically finding information from a GUI. CCNA R&S was all CLI. The Sec exam was the opposite. Zero config. One GUI question. And 66 conceptual questions. Edit: ok not 66 conceptual but not hands on stuff. Like you I enjoy the hands on like CCNA R&S offered and my Linux+ cert. This material was a bit of a slog.

    If you go for it. Make sure Boson exam prep is used. I also really enjoyed the 31 days book and the OCG. The material that WGU provides (Ucertify) is subpar.

    Let me know if you have any questions.