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Dumb question... What is the difference between CCNA Security and CCNA Cyber Ops certifications?

Dumb question... What is the difference between CCNA Security and CCNA Cyber Ops certifications? Sounds like it's the same topic.

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In short, my understanding is the Cyber Ops is less focused on ASAs/firewalls. And more of a vendor-neutral cert (in appearance)

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Security is PROACTIVE.

Cyber Ops is reactive.

Security is hardening your environment.

Ops is figuring out how they got in, and what to do after they are in.

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CCNA R&S | CCNA CYOPS3 points · 3 months ago

I was just going to say the above....

There is a lot of overlapping material between the two, so when you strip it all out, yes, the Sec exam is more ASA's and config, whereas, the Cyber ops had a lot more broad topics with use of opensource tools for anaysis.

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5 points · 3 months ago

Basically what hrpenguin said. It's hard to explain, but the Cyber Ops focuses more on the non Cisco (and some Cisco) tools to harden your network and devices. Take a look at the 210-250 and 210-255 exam study sheets. There isn't really any device configuration of Cisco products in the Cyber Ops Certification, however you will be reading outputs from stuff like tcpdump, snort, bro in addition to learning how to condense the logs into a readable format (ELSA).

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I liken it to a combined Net+, Security+ and smidge of CySa+ certification. It's almost vendor neutral save for them mentioning their products and their respective features, but you don't have to do any actual config or have to troubleshoot it.

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Meow 🐈🐈Meow 🐱🐱 Meow Meow🍺🐈🐱Meow A+!3 points · 3 months ago

Cyber Ops is somewhere between Security+ and CEH.

It is largely vendor neutral and focuses on a Security Operations Analyst’s job.

Security is a more senior cert that focuses on a lot of Cisco’s security offerings.

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CCNA, MCSAOriginal Poster2 points · 3 months ago

Thanks for the info everyone.

Have you taken the CCNA Cyber Ops exam? Do you recommend it for a sysadmin wanting to get into security? Or maybe I should ask, who is the designed for?

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I got the CyberOPs certification a while back. It focuses heavy on monitoring, detection and reaction. These tasks are usually executed by what is known as a Security Operations Centre (SOC). This is usually a dedicated team which works 24/7. You'll see it in really big organizations or IT-security expert companies that are offering their services commercially. Exemplary tasks of a SOC include looking for and monitoring of suspicious connections, determining how to see if incoming email contains spam or malware, and detecting any suspicious login attempts on systems which store sensitive information.

That said, as a sysadmin you're probably not fully allocated to a SOC if your organization has one. However, in your day to day operations you will have to deal with firewalls. If you're not managing them, you at least need to be aware of their existence when you deploy applications on servers or clients.

So that might be a reason to choose security over CyberOps.

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SecFnd is like Security+ but on steroids.

SecOps is like CySa+ but without steroids.

Both together CCNA Cyber Ops is a more a neutral certification not related to Cisco Products, more related to Security Onion, Wireshark and how to identify logs.

In the other hand CCNA Security is more focused on ASA/Firewall Configurations and is a little bit more harder.

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its not a dumb question because if you havent studied the topics then you just wouldnt know.

ccna security focuses on layer 2, layer 3 security, esa/wsa devices in general, asa 5500 series firewall configuration for certain technologies, plus CIA and all things under the sun regarding attack vectors, basically the reason why i got Security+ first as a entree to ccnas.

ccna cyberops - so this is aimed for people wanting to sharpen their skills for cyber security jobs. now alot of Security+ topics also spill into this cert mixed with CySA+, alot of anayzing, troubleshooting, correlation of events, verifying vulnerabilities, breaches, best practices when it comes to creating standards for securing networks, indications of compromise.

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CCNA R&S1 point · 3 months ago

Cyber Ops isn't as hard?

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Cyberops it's about CSOC tools, it can be open source or whatever, CCNA SECURITY it's about cisco security hardware and software, and best practices.

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