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I don't have tons of cash, what's the best material for me to use to get certified?

As the title says, I'm willing to pay for proper materials but I don't have massive amounts of loose cash laying around.

What "mid range priced" materials would you recommend for someone with intermediate networking experience that's looking to further their career?

Thanks in advance!

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for labs use cisco packettracer its free, udemy $10 courses (chris bryant series), books use odom.

All in all around 50-80 in total depending on if books are used or new and they udemy courses


Any specific courses you recommend?

Chris Bryant is a favorite here I've got a few of them myself and I find him pretty engaging

Awesome. Know if he has a book that I can follow along with?

Are the Lynda courses okay? They're free through my university.

For high level stuff. But I really am not impressed by them. Compared to other places.

  • GNS3 + google for images

  • Cisco Press Odom

  • Todd Lammle

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It depends a bit on your studying style.

I'm the kind of person who likes to read a bit, put some videos on in the background and only partially listen.

The big learning experience for me is doing practice tests over and over and over...

With that said the Bosom practice exams are fantastic, they get a lot of support around this sub and for good reason (I've had a few questions where the answer explanation was borderline 1-2 pages long and it was not superfluous information).

Packet tracer Odom Boson


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Is that your final answer?

Dun da dun dun da dun da dun

What torrent site would you recommend then?

  • Christ Bryant Udemy

  • Free Trial of

  • Packet Tracer + free labs online

  • GNS3 + Google for Images

Christ Bryant our lord and savior who art thous bulldoggery assists.

I hope you guys get kickbacks or something for suggesting his courses. I just signed up lol

It’s just super worth it CCNA options go like this.

Option A: CBT Nuggets $1000 a year

Option B: INE $1000 a year

Option C: Chris Bryant $10 once forever.

definitely pick up Chris Bryant's bulldog course. also, while you're studying that, try to save up for the Boson practice exams. they are extremely worth it as a last resource before your test, and if you fail they refund you the price, if you pass it was more than worth it! (win/win)

Lazo and Gebhardt are good too

I passed CCNA using Neil Anderson's Udemy course, very well structured, for ten bucks. I downloaded a free App called "Learn Cisco CCNA" from the play store, it was stright to the point and well-formatted for mobile. Best of luck.

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