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Are the odom and lammle 200-125 books the same as 100-105 and 200-105 books with the same exact material and everything?

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CCNA R&S6 points · 3 months ago

For Odom's books, the 200-125 Cert Guide Library is just the two physical books for ICND1 and ICND2 - there's no single volume that contains both.

For Lammle's, the 200-125 book is the content from the individual exam books just placed one after the other; there's no additional content in either case.

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i am using Lammle's 200-125 for ICND1-he specifys what chapters to use for ICND1.

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That's weird, mine has it one book after the other. What version do you have?

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the second edition

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Original Poster1 point · 3 months ago

Or does the specific Icnd1 and icnd2 books have more information in their own books

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