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you'll need some medium to practice the labs on. I bought a few switches on ebay for like £50 and they are great but a bit cumbersome. every one says you should get hardware because the hands on experience is more valuable but there are draw backs, i have to go through a lot of annoying cable swapping and 're plugging my office every time i want to do the labs. the great thing about the net sim is I can practice my commands on my laptop whilst I'm watching tv etc

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I found packet tracer to be fine for CCNA, i have a physical lab for my CCNP studies tho

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I would honestly just get the lammle book and the test simulators for 100-105 and 200-205.

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I just bought it. Would you say that will suffice for the CCNET/CCNA alone without the lab material?

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If you got the same Todd lammle book I got, there are hands on labs that it asks you to do at the end of each chapter. This can be labbed if you Google packet tracer by Cisco (the newest version should be free) and it has everything you need to complete the labs (like 95%). Those are the three materials I used along with https://subnettingpractice.com for when you get to the chapter on subnetting.