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Congrats! So glad we could help you prepare. :)

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Boson! Thank you for the great content you put together and the live labs are an amazing learning tool.

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You're totally welcome. :)

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Congratulations on passing the exam! I heard of Chris Bryant's stuff being pretty good and I have his course on Udemy, I just need to buckle down and do it. My hardest obstacle is constructing a good study plan and timeline. Did you have any scheduled study time or order to completing your studying?

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Congrats! I'm starting on this path myself. Did you find virl was was all you needed to lab?I have no clue about firepower so will need to spend some time lab bing. Also how long did you study for?

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What scores were you getting on the Boson tests? I took my first one yesterday and got like 55-60% and am feeling discouraged atm.

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keep at and read up on the whitepapers. it takes time, dont worry!

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Great score! Good job!

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I’m taking a ccna security plus course right now, will finish in summer then I’m taking it

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CCNA Security, or Security+ ?

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Wait, it’s CompTIA security +

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You would have been surprised had you studied Sec+ and sat for CCNA Sec lol

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Lol, I’m taking my fifth CCNA course next semester and it is ccna security

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As far as i understand .. the difficulty with ccna security is that there a fewer good study materials than regular ccna

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What do you think is possible timeline having 4 hours a day to study

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Awesome job!

Did you find CBT Nuggets worthwhile and what did you do for lab prep, etc.?

Thank you so much,


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Hitting up the CCDA, CCNA Sec.

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Congrants!! I just started my journey into CCNA Certification. Unfortunately due to timing , I had to take the CCNA Security portion ahead of the CCNA Routing and Switching. This lead to backtracking to try to understand it all. I passed the CCNa Security class at my local community college which used NetAcad, but don't feel confident yet. Thanks for sharing your reference materials. I will look into them.

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How is the difficulty compared to regular ccna r&s

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If you had to study it again what would you do differently?

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Congrats u/dcsrunner . I have heard of the Boson testing and prep services when working toward my NP. I am currently working on the NA Sec path and decided to download their practice exams due to your post . They are great and thanks for the post .

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