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It looks like he's got good coverage of the material, and I like the included lab exercises and study plan, though I haven't taken any of his courses personally -- you can search this subreddit and see that he has a few recommendations around here. I believe you can preview some of the course modules before purchasing the course. I'd recommend looking at a few previews from different instructors and find one that you won't mind watching hours and hours of video. Some instructors have accents or a dry monotone or a bouncy cheery voice and can get grating, depending on your preferences.

I believe Neil Anderson, David Bombal, and Lazaro Diaz all have udemy courses split into ICND1 and ICND2 (so you'll want to purchase both courses to get the CCNA), where Chris Bryant's course covers the entire 200-125 in one class, but is split into ICND1 and ICND2 sections. They're all reputable Cisco instructors, so I'd pick and choose whichever one sounds best to you. No matter which way you go, I'd recommend picking up a book if you can, like the Wendell Odom Official Cert Guide, and more importantly: lab, lab, lab.

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Neil does have a 200-125 course. I bought that one with the intention of taking the composite. I ended up changing my mind. I emailed Neil and asked if the icnd1 and 2 courses were any different than the composite. He responding saying the composite is in fact just a combination of his 2 courses.

That said I passed the icnd1 so far and I’m taking the icnd2 next. I used his material and boson.

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Yeah, I saw that, but I wasn't sure if it was broken up into easy ICND1/ICND2 sections, and generally try to steer people away from the composite unless they're re-taking the exam to renew their certification. If everything's just mixed together, it wouldn't be terrible, but it could make it harder to study. At udemy's prices, it's probably still better to take the split courses.

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You can look at his chapters for both individual tests and study only those for each part. It's the same chapters in the composite. I got the composite for $11 late last year. Get what makes sense for you.

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I noticed one lecture that is left out of the composite from Neil is IpV6 addressing and static routes.

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Laz. sucks.

Chris Bryant all day.

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I am taking CCNA security with Chris Braynt, he doesn't provide topology with the labs tho.

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IMO that’s better.

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I noticed that if I were to buy his courses separate that there are a lot more lectures than if I was to buy the all in one. I am trying to compare what lectures are left out of the 200-125 course.

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It's the best. I took his course and now I am a CCNA. Tons of labs to get you ready for the CCNA exam, and for what price? 10 bucks, lol. I would highly recommend his course.

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I bought the courses separate since I noticed there is subject matter that is missing from the composite. But I will be starting them soon! Any other tips that you used?

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Learn Cisco app on ANDROID. Dan courses on youtube. Try some Boson/Practice-labs NetSims. Read the official exam guide. Good luck to you.

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Thank you for your advice!

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Remember to check out GNS3 and packettracers.

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I'm seeing Learn CCNA app, and Learn Cisco CCNA app, but not seeing anything on Google Play store called "Learn Cisco"

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Ha! that's weird. Learn ccna is near identical app, it's gonna work just as fine.

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Why aren't there more courses with study plans? The hardest part of these certs is it always feels like you're walking blind

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I agree. That's exactly how I feel right now. My plan as of right now is basically just watch these videos, take notes, and use practice exams. Oh and labs that he will go over I suppose.

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Neil Anderson is better than Walace and Bryant (to some extent). He's fucking excellent!