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Me too, this morning at 9. I can't believe I passed. I got a 912. Congrats!

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How can I get the CCENT tag on my username? I checked the sidebar but didn’t see anything.

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It's under the flair option for the sidebar on the full website, you can't do it from the app or mobile site.

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Congrats!!! I’m in Orlando and hope to follow suite, can you share a bit of your study aids and habits?

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Watched all of Jermey’s CBT Nuggets and packet tracer. Hands on experience is what really put me over the top to pass. Before the test I studied that morning on my Weak spots. Just take your time. I finished the test with 3 minutes left to go. Don’t be in a hurry!

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the official Cisco books are damn good, and they have a chapter on study strategies, and have an online thing with practice questions for each chapter.

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Grats to you both.

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Congrats. I'm taking the composite tomorrow.

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The guys in this sub are rocking it this week with the exam passes at Cisco Live!!

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Me too! 839! It was rough after appreciation night and the days spent walking the conference. So glad i did it.

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Yay for cat gifs!!!!

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You can go to the conference and take the test? God, I would be extremely nervous to do that. Good for you, great job!

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It's free to take an exam if you're attending the conference so it only makes sense to give it a shot.

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Oh, well that changes everything, it's worth a try there.

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Yeah, it was nerve racking but it was a good experience. Thank you!