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Posted byNet+, CCENT, CCNA R&S2 months ago

How does the netacad ICND1 practice test stack up against the real thing?

Hello everyone, I have a quick question in regards to the ICND1 practice test that you get access to through netacad. I’m just interested to know how it stacks up against the real test?

I have seen people on here saying that you need to get 90’s on the boson test to get a comfortable pass on the real thing.

Is there any similar baseline for the netacad test?

Thanks in advance for the help.

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The netacad tests are a lot easier than boson. I was practically acing the netacad test before my icnd1, but never got higher than maybe 85 on the boson test. Ended up passing with a 976 though.

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Net+, CCENT, CCNA R&SOriginal Poster1 point · 2 months ago

That makes me feel pretty good. I got an 80 on my first run through of the netacad practice test and that’s mostly due to me not being done with the modules. There were quite a few questions about NAT/PAT, DHCP and network maintenance all of which are covered in the last three modules I haven’t completed yet.

Thanks for the insight!

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