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How many have used the Cisco Learning Library?

We had a big upgrade lately and received like 100+ learning credits. I kind of wanted to do one of the week long classes myself, but my boss bought two subscriptions to the Cisco Learning Library where we have access to all of their training material. I'm currently doing the ICND1 course and supplementing with Udemy courses, youtube, as many free packet tracer labs I can find. Has anyone else used the CLL and liked it? It's a bit dry for me so far.


Rant:Packet tracer 7 on Ubuntu 18.04 buggy

At first i got error (couldnt even load packettracer until i downloaded the package and istalled it).

Got that problem fixed.

But i finally gave up when i got a runtime error because Ubuntu couldn't render images in the application.

Need to run a Win7 vm on my computer since Wine doesn't even work correctly running the Windows version of the packettracer application.



Is BGP reinventing the wheel?

Why use Autonomous System Numbers instead of sticking to IP addresses that are already designed for route summarization?

What benefit do we get from using another type of numbering system when we already have one in IP?


Passed my ICDN-2 856/811

I can't belive i did it! I studied with netacad, and the free practice test in the sidebar here. This was my second attempt and I can't belive I did it! Thank you everyone!


What is everyone's study habits?

This is my first cert and I would love some tips or pointers if my study habits are not great.

Basically I study 1.5 hours a day monday - friday. 45 minutes at a time with a 5 minute break. I'm using Odom's cert guide.

On the way to work I'll throw on cbt nuggets. I have a 45 minute commute.

I'm writing my own anki deck.

Usually I'll sit down and review each prior chapter and make sure I can explain each key topic. Then I'll start reading the new chapter and writing down and highlight notes. Then at the end of the chapter I update my anki deck.

Is this pretty solid or can anyone see flaws or anything to improve.



PASSED my ICND1 exam 948/832 first attempt

Study hard, the feeling of passing is AWESOME!
Network Fundamentals - 92%
LAN Switching Fundamentals - 88%
Routing Fundamentals - - 93%
Infrastructure Services - 89%
Infrastructure Maintenance - 75%

It took me 7 weeks to get certified, though, I feel I could have gotten it on week 5/6. (I've always wanted to get certified but never studied for it until May 20th, and passed on July 12th)


  1. CBT nuggets - My Rating for the course (9/10)
  2. OCG Wendell Odom - My Rating for the Book (over 9000/10)!
  3. Dans Courses (Youtube - its free, but it is super! Trust me)
  4. This r/ccna/ (Mostly for encouragement and motivation)

I think I over studied and therefore, I found the exam to be easy!

Every one says you SHOULD know your show commands, and they say that for a reason! KNOW YOUR SHOW COMMANDS! I will Start my ICND2 after the final world cup match! :D

I just uploaded a video to YouTube explaining how I studied and took notes and what I did in details.

Good luck to anyone who is willing to take the exam. You can do it! Don't forget to say thanks to the bus driver!


Next Cert? (Suggestions)

I just passed CCNA DATA CENTER today and wanted to know what's the next cert I should go for now to make myself more marketable? I'm currently doing helpdesk analyst and I have my associate degree in Network Technology.


UTP RJ45 Wiring Scheme Question

So I understand the difference between the two (T568A and T568B) in terms of the wiring scheme. I also understand T568B is the industry standard, i understand the straight though and crossover type. My main question is why is there 2 versions? Correct me if im wrong but there is no performance improvements between the 2? I have learned there are many standards in the networking field i just can't figure out why T568B was created. Any insight would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!

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2 days ago

ICND2 Passed 910/811

Passed the exam just now feeling amazing! Passed ICND1 about a month ago and went hard these passed weeks studying 8-12 hours per day sometimes. Im just an intern right now doing basic IT work and I really want to get a full time job. I had fun doing labs too so I didn't mind the work.

The exam was definitely harder than ICND1. Some questions I was clueless at first, but by rereading the question and answers I was able to cross out the incorrect ones leaving only one or two possibilities. My advice would be to lab every single thing on the exam topics no matter how trivial.

I used INE, OCG, David Bombal's Packet tracer course, GNS3, and of course, Boson Ex Sim. Thanks Boson for helping me through these two exams! I recommend you guys to all my colleagues.

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What do you think of my certificates approach?

Hello everyone,

First I’d like to congratulate all those people passing the exam every day you’re giving me a hell of a boost! and wish a better outcome for those who failed (Most of you always bounce back, which is amazing)

I am trying this approach that is a bit different than yours, what I am doing basically is studying without getting certified, for the moment, and will start taking the exams (ICND1,ICND2) once I finish studying for CCNP only, why am I doing that?

  1. Studying the CCNP materials (complete exam preparation), will only result in better basic understanding and will make the prior exams easier because you’ll be accustomed to more in depth knowledge, it’s like in the gym, if you want to bench press 100kg, you must push yourself to lift 110kg and once you do, 90 & 100 seem very easy to life (it’s has a psychological effect into it)

  2. Will give me more time to be more familiar with networking as a whole and hence, more confidence. (More time to prepare for the CCNP as well)

Once I obtain my CCNA (currently half through the OCG) I’ll start studying for CCIE (Or whatever path I’ll have chosen by then) then I’ll pass my CCNP.

I hope you got what I was trying to insinuate, sorry for my writing & English being so rusty, ugh.

EDIT: Why are people down-voting this? Why are people are rushing to comment without even getting the idea? Or bothering to read?

Acting nice and supportive is cost-free.


Administrative Distance of a static route.

Dear friends, i was reading this book by Todd Lamelle for CCNA 200-125. And the topic was static routing. There he says that administrative distance of a static route is the best if it is "0" and its worst if it is "255". I just got a doubt, what will happen if i choose the AD as 255 for a static route ?


Degree with CCNA?

Evening all,

Does anybody know of legit online schools that offer Network ops type of degrees and use CCNA type certs for the final? I'm referring to programs like WGU Network and Security degree program? I've looked at WGU but prefer a more structured/standard university. I'm currently at Dakota State University and the program is good but I'd really like to get certs with a degree. Thoughts? Advice?

Edit for additional info:

Money isn't a big issue as I'm on GI-Bill.

Full time student

DSU has me task saturated so no time to study for certs on my own

Thanks Reddit!


Brush Up on the OSI Model

Hi Everyone,

I created a video (below) to help with understanding the OSI model, and I'd like to share it here. Hopefully some of you will find it useful while studying.

It covers the layers of the OSI model, how to remember them, and what they do. It even has a look at how web traffic is handled in the OSI model.

I hope you like it!

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Needs more Cisco
3 days ago

ICND1 Passed 978/832

I did not expect to score as well as I did since some of the questions felt as if more than one answer was correct, but I went with my gut and it paid off!

Resources Used

Chris Bryant
Chris is a phenomenal teacher and I will be using his videos again for ICND2, every word he says somehow sticks with me, how does he do it?!?!

CBT Nuggets
CBT Nuggets provides a great overview, but I feel as if the videos didn't go as in depth as Chris Bryant's, still a great resource to supplement reading.

I read maybe 6 chapters from the Odom book after identifying my weak spots. I later attempted all of the DIKTA questions and missed around 5 of them, so I read the chapters where I missed those questions.

Ranet Labs
Useful for helping commands stick.

Duck Labs
These can be found in the Discord, they focus on troubleshooting instead of configuration alone, which is what I felt the Ranet labs were lacking.

Personal Labs
I made my own labs, I'd just randomly build huge networks and apply what I knew to the networks using either Packet Tracer or GNS3.

Boson ExSim
This was definitely one of the most valuable resources, the questions prepare you very well for the actual exam, highly recommended.

I Googled a lot of questions I had.

Duck, Duck, Goose: The Ultimate Guide to Cooking Waterfowl, Both Farmed and Wild
A phenomenal book, shoutout to Eaz in the Discord for the recommendation!



CCNA Virtual Boot Camp.

I am transitioning from the military very soon and have an employer interested in hiring however the require a CCNA. They are willing to provide me with the opportunity to receive my CCNA prior to hire me. Currently I am a Systems Admin with Sec+ studying for my CISSP. I have experience with Cisco Switches and routers but would not by any means consider myself a subject matter expert.

Are there any 1-2 week courses you would reccomend to achieve a CCNA? I understand its cramming for a test but I am pretty decent at cramming and retaining information. This would only be to check a box. I will be continuing to study the materials even after the exam.


Failed ICND2, 785/811

I thought Lammle and Boson would carry me through like they did for ICND1......not a chance. My worst objective was Infrastructure Maintenance at 11% 😮 I'll start studying again tomorrow, I'm taking the rest of the day off to punch myself in the head lol.


ICDN2 200-105 Passed 844/811

After failing ICND2 200-105 (785/811) at Cisco Live in Orlando, i bought this course to brush up. The instructor explained in detail a lot of things i read in the Odom book that i didn't remember. The few hands on exercises really helped drill into my memory the commands i needed to remember. After listening and taking notes from this course i passed today with a score of 844/811.


[26/F] I have a Bachelors of Science in Biology and about to take my last semester for my MBA but I really want to do something in the tech/cyber security field...would getting a CCNA help me find a job to start getting experience in that industry?

I graduated with a bachelors of science in biology but couldn’t find a job with it. I tried getting into medical school but that plan fell short (I didn’t quite have the passion or just the fact I’ve tried for 2 years and just ended up burning my wallet for naught). My first thought was going back for a different degree but was persuaded to just go for 2 more years for a MBA. Unfortunately, I don’t have experience in any managerial position to make very much use of the MBA (I’ve taken jobs that’s mostly in customer service—I’m currently a customer support rep and dread it every day).

My uncle encouraged me to take the CCNA certification since I didn’t want to plow through more years of college and burn a ton of cash. I need a more reliable job before I can go back for another degree. I understand that experience is king but I have little to no experience working in the cyber security/network area. I was hoping to get my CCNA and find a job while I take online classes from WGU to get a cyber security degree. Is it worth taking this certification if I don’t have experience in the field to find a job that’ll help me develop a better resume? How do I go from biology major with a MBA to cyber security? I’m just not sure where to start or the best way to get to my goal. Please, any advice is much appreciated!

(I copied and pasted this post from the career guidance part of Reddit...I hope that's okay. Still fairly new to all the Reddit things.)


Feeling like boson is a 'waste' for icnd1

I'm a pretty good student and found myself understanding most of the theory directly after reading the odom guide and doing cbt nuggets but i know myself well enough and ive found myself being overconfident multiple times in the past.

Boson ex-sim for CCENT is 70€ for me now with the discount which isnt a high amount but its still money which i could put to use. I will definitely buy the exsim for incd2 but im wondering how big a difference itll make for me for icnd1. Can anyone share any similar findings/Experiences?

Also, are these tests timed (in how long they work/Are valid) or can i keep the exsim around for a year or forever to repeat & practice later should i feel like i get rusty?


What is the subnet number of host /28

I usuallly get through any question from but this Seems a little tricky for me


Thoughts on retaking CCENT for a better score?

Hey CCNA subreddit fam. Today I took my ICND1 exam today and passed with score that I am ultimately not very pleased with. What is everyone's thoughts/opinions on retaking a passed exam for a better score? I'm a bit worried this "eh" passing score would affect my chances of getting my career started once I obtain my CCNA. Is it worth it to retake and try to get a better score or is it a better idea to focus on passing the ICND2 now?

Best regards - Ray

Edit: Thanks for the replies. I'll keep in mind that a pass is a pass for certs, but will most definitely focus on my weak areas from the exam score breakdown.


Anyone know how to get a discount for the ccent exam?

Also, I am self taught and planning to take the test this week. Please respond within a week.


I made a short video to help explain what a subnet is at its base. What do you think?

I've been working on creating a series of videos over the past few weeks to help demystify subnetting. Each video is 60 seconds or less so that they are easily digestible. This was one of the more difficult videos since there is a lot of things to cover when talking about subnetting, but I believe I boiled it down to the most basic elements. Please let me know what you think. This video was requested by redditor. With that in mind, I have a lot of videos already planned, but I am very open to creating videos that people are interested in seeing. If you have a video you would like to see, let me know and I will make an effort to prioritize it. :) If you like what I'm doing, it would mean a lot if you would subscribe to my channel. I plan on keeping instructional or informational videos like these coming weekly for the foreseeable future.

Subnets: What is a Subnet? (The Wilson Minute)


Last minute question: Do I need to save configs on the simlet questions?

I'm taking my exam in 6 hours, and I need to know whether or not I should save configs on the simlet questions(?)
I searched on google, and didn't find a decent answer. I'm sorry if this is not a quality question, I'm just too nervous and I wanna know everything before I go and take the actual exam! :D

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4 days ago

ACL Wildcard Mask

I'm having trouble doing an updated lab from Lammle's book. This is the question I'm working on. These are the IPs it's referencing This is the book's answer With a /21 I figured it would be - Where did I go wrong?

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