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First try. Using the Cybersecurity Scholarship study items.



I am requiring some help understanding PAT further, I understand how PAT works and have looked at numerous configuration tutorials etc.

But... What if we want to create static PAT (port forward) entries for things such as RDP access? (yes we should use VPN's but lets not start)

Also in a real world environment is it primarily PAT that is used? If not when/why would we use Dynamic/Static?

I have done some Googling for Static PAT & Port forwarding and for some reason I keep coming across tutorials articles for ASA's?

Can you only do static PAT/port forward on ASA's? If so why not routers?

Despite being CCENT, I am still trying to fully get my head round NAT fully...

Thank you so much!


When studying QoS trust boundary, I've read "The QoS Trust Boundary lies between the ingress interface of the device that will trust the QoS Markings and the egress interface of the device marking the traffic."

What devices are they referring to that will trust the QoS markings? Are they just any device that doesn't classify/mark traffic?

Posted byCCENT, A+3 hours ago

EDIT: Sorry for the typo in the title.

EDIT 2: Trimmed down my post.

Hello, I'm 18-years-old and just graduated high school. I have also recently landed a job at a NOC as a tier 1 tech with no job experience. I have some certifications under my belt already, such as the A+, TestOut PC Pro, and the Windows OS and Networking Fundamentals MTAs.

For study materials, I used:

  • NetAcad
  • Boson Exams
  • Odom's Book
  • My Cisco instructors
  • This subrreddit

NetAcad's material was easy to read through and had decent labs and Packet Tracers. However, using it alone was not sufficient enough. I used Boson Exams to fill in the gaps of my knowledge, and I also occasionally referenced Odom's book. Boson Exams were considerably more difficult than the actual exam itself, but it was still incredibly helpful. This subreddit was also fantastic in helping me decide what study materials to use, and what to expect on the certification exam.

The exam itself actually felt easier than taking the A+ (though I didn't put as much effort into the A+). The questions were mostly straightforward and relied less on vaguelly worded questions than what you would expect on, say, a CompTIA exam. Be sure to know your show commands and have a strong grasp of networking fundamentals, LAN switching fundamentals, and routing fundamentals since those are the bulk of the exam.

Thanks, again, for being a great community for networking novices. This is my first post here and I hope to participate more.


Do all paths offer similar salary possibilities? Or does it even affect what type of employment you can have? E.g. are security guys less likely to get a temp/contract role?


I was killing some time with an online practice test during lunch. Here is the link if anyone is interested.

It said I got the following question wrong and I don't think I did.

"What is the final determining method of breaking a tie during STP operation?"

A. Lower Cost

B. Lower priority

C. Lower Upstream BID

D. Lower port ID

I picked D for port ID. The test says the answer is C for BID. From Googling and checking the ODOM book I find a lot of confirmation that the port ID is the absolute final determining factor when all other things are equal.

Am I missing something here?

Posted byA+, Net+, Server+, MCP1 day ago

Not sure if this is against the rules. I bought too much gear for CCENT and CCNA, scaling down a bit and selling the extra stuff. If anyone is looking PM me for the ebay link.

Mini Stack Rack (12u)

Cisco 1841 V07 Router x2

Cisco Catalyst 3560-48TS - switch



Is network segmentation the same as subnetting?

is there a difference between a subnet and segment?

If I am understanding correctly they both involve breaking a network down into smaller pieces.

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