CCNA R&S Frequently Asked Questions

A significant portion of the /r/ccna community consists of individuals who are in the process of studying or testing for their CCNA R&S certification. Consequently, a significant portion of the posts on /r/ccna are variations on the same few questions. The subreddit has long had a stickied thread addressing some of those questions, and this Wiki page is an attempt to expand, update, and augment that post.

While it is acceptable to point curious posters at this article, it is not the intention of this page to stifle discussion or promote curtness and non-replies. If the response requires "common" information that is not present in this article, please add that information, or let one of the authors know.

Every attempt is made to make this information as unbiased and informative as possible, however, it is gathered in part from opinions posted on the Reddit Cisco Ring. If you have any issue with perceived bias or myopic perspective, please feel free to add to the document to bring other sections into parity or send the missing or incomplete information to one of the authors.

Studying for, or preparing for, the ICND1, ICND2, or CCNA-Composite

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