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Reminder: Always check the latest exam topics before writing

Hi all,

Just a friendly reminder that you should always check the latest exam topics before booking and writing an exam.

It is a pretty common complaint that Cisco expects CCNP (and to a lesser degree non R&S CCNA) candidates to do some research to make sure their study material covers all the topics for the exam. Hell some tracks don't even have OSGs.

You don't want to learn about a topic while writing your exam!

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I know I could easily look this up, but which tracks don't have OCG's so I can ignore considering them? I've only stuck to RS and Sec so far so I have no barometer.

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Wow, good to know. That really blows. You know, with all that money they make from charging so must to test they'd be able to fund some of these OCGs...hell, they could probably do that off failed exam attempts alone!

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This must be a glitch in bacon reader.

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Original Poster3 points · 1 year ago

No glitch, she deleted all her comments and abandoned(?) her account.

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