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Help Update the Sidebar!!! Let's do this!


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toots own horn

I have a gilded post on why and how you should study using the free official Cisco documentation:

Second bananas:

Network Principles topics I've covered from the ROUTE exam:

Various SWITCH topics I've covered:

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These are great notes.

Could you make the SWITCH notes exportable as one doc?

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I decided to consolidate everything into a single posting on my blog:

I know that's probably not exactly what you were looking for, but Google Docs' performance goes to shit after about 20 pages.

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Nah, this is way better than google docs. I have a onenote book that I've been taking all of my notes in that I want to cross reference.


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Highly recommend adding EVE-NG to the sidebar as a study tool, ive used GNS3 extensively before and find eve-ng much simpler and so much more stable :) Also recommend studying using the Cornell note taking method, im finding the information sticks with me so much better when im using that format, especially the writing myself questions down the left side of the page!

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I'll throw out two articles series I wrote.

One covering everything ARP: Traditional ARP, Proxy ARP, Gratuitous ARP, ARP Probe and Announcements

One "meta-series" (three related articles, not explicitly written as a single article series) covering 90% of everything you need to know about VLANs (one day it will be 100%, but I haven't gotten around to it yet). VLANs, Configuring VLANs, Routing between VLANs.

I'm in the process of putting together a pretty comprehensive article series on NAT, which would end up being a good one for the side bar. But isn't quite ready yet.

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