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Configuring DHCP on SWITCH EXAM?

Hi Everyone,

Is configuring DHCP on the switch exam? I am looking at the exam topics and the only exam topic that’s on there is dhcp snooping. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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You should know this because it is 'expected knowledge' [it's covered in CCNA], although specifically SWITCH only looks at DHCP snooping, that's easier if you understand DHCP.

ROUTE covers DHCP is more depth, so it's not like you would spend time 'learning something useless'.

Yea this. DHCP is basic CCNA knowledge.

so just look EXACTLY what the exam topics say. so if there's DHCP snooping, study that. at any point of the exam topic has DHCP setup? being cryptic since I don't want to lose my cert.

Original Poster1 point · 3 months ago

Thanks man it’s just that the OCG book has a entire chapter for configuring DHCP so I was confused. Thanks.

Doesn't matter if it is or not - configuring something as trivial but at the same time important as DHCP should be something that you would want/need to know.

Ha ha I am actually reading Odoms chapter on DHCP right now in ICND1

DHCP snooping, DAI, ip source guard, etc are all the DHCP related stuff on the exam. Those are all on the topics lists. As other have said, DHCP pools should be knowledge already from the CCNA and are applicable to be tested on.

Keep in mind that there are also several topics from the route exam that could be asked about on the switch exam (eigrp, ntp, ip sla, dhcp, snmp, etc...) as well as other things not directly called out in the exam objectives (vacl, pacl, racl, syslog, etc...)

Don't assume you will pass based solely on what is called out in the exam objectives (I did and regret it now). This exam is really tricky/annoying in that aspect. Hopefully Cisco will realize this when they go to update the CCNP.

Best of luck with the studies!

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