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CCNP Collaboration?

Hello, I was sent over here from CCNA subreddit. Was curious if anyone had any recommendations on study materials for this exam set. I have talked with a few people saying the Collaboration exams are changing in October? Has anyone else heard this? I have another friend going to take it but may not be able to get all studying done by October for all 4 exams.

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I've heard nothing about NA/NP changing, IE is for sure changing mid-July to v2. Honestly, for study materials... When I went through NP Collab I used the OCG + 10.X SRND for most everything. Hand-on you can get NFR kits as long as you're a devnet member (free) or partner for like 300 bucks which come with licenses for the UC Suite which can be found here:

Comes with the following (this is 11, but 12 is now out as well):

  • Supplement to Cisco End User License Agreement for Collaboration 11.0 Partner Bundle Offer Software

  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager Version 11.0.(2)

  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager Session Management Edition Version 11.0

  • Cisco Emergency Responder Version 11.0

  • Cisco Unity® Connection (Including Speech Connect) Version 11.0(2)

  • Cisco SpeechView

  • Cisco Prime™ Collaboration Deployment Version 11.0

  • Cisco Prime License Manager Version 11.0

  • Cisco Prime Collaboration 11.0 (via separate download) including:
    -- Cisco Prime Collaboration Advanced Provisioning 10.6 (11.0 coming soon)
    -- Cisco Prime Collaboration Advanced Assurance/Analytics 10.6 (11.0 coming soon)

  • Cisco WebEx® Meetings Server Version 2.5

  • Cisco Unified Attendant Console Standard 11.0

  • Cisco Expressway Version 8.5

  • Cisco TelePresence Server on Virtual Machine Version 4.1

  • Cisco TelePresence Conductor Version 3.0

  • Telepresence Management Suite (via separate download) 14.6

  • Cisco MediaSense 11.0

  • Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (CCX) 10.6(1) (11.0 coming soon)

  • -- NOTE - Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise is no longer included in the 10.6 Bundle

  • Cisco Jabber desktop clients

  • -- Cisco Jabber for Mac
    -- Cisco Jabber for Windows

  • Jabber Guest

  • Cisco Jabber mobile clients Jabber mobile client software can be downloaded directly from the respective application stores for no cost. You can download software from the iTunes App Store or Google Play.

  • -- Jabber for iPhone and iPad
    -- Jabber for Android and Android Tablet

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Original Poster1 point · 3 months ago

This is incredibly helpful. Been reading the SRN on and off for a few months. A lot of great info.

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SRND is our bible, can't even tell you how many times I read it (painfully) for CCIE Collab.

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Original Poster1 point · 3 months ago

I am so scared of even considering CCIE Collab

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