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TSHOOT was my favorite practice exam to create. Hope you enjoyed it!

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I have to say the practice exams have been awesome. The explanations not only of the correct answer but also justifying why some answers are incorrect is what I am looking for for study prep.

I’m not deep into CCNP level work at my job, you definitely have given me some great reps at some problems I would have otherwise not seen.

Amazing product!

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Our pleasure. :)

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Be sure to familiarize yourself with the topology they use on the TSHOOT exam. Cisco provides this on their website and it’s the same exact one they use on the real exam!

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I have tried like hell to find this on the Cisco site and just can’t locate it. I read something off the Pearson Vue website that for the 300-135 exam it is not published.

Do you have a Cisco link for it by any chance?