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FWIW, I found the Boson TSHOOT practice exam to be invaluable in training me on the methodology used for the live test. $100 which will likely save you another $300 later!

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+1 for the Boson tests. They teach you the Cisco way of answering questions.

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How are the bosan exams for ccnp. I used them for ccna, but hear mixed things for ccnp

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Boson's CCNP Route exam was a fantastic tool in preparing me for CCNP route exam

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good to hear, ill be sure to pick it up soon, hoping to sit in the next 4 weeks. currently going through chris bryants stuff. i feel good with about 80% of the material, but want something to check for what i dont know that i dont know.

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I only used the TSHOOT one so I can't speak to the other ones. TSHOOT was pretty much perfect IMO, and I've heard their other two are also excellent.

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Yep, I can confirm, for the other ccnp RS exams was also excellent. When I though I was ready to take the test I took the boson exam first and then I found out that there were subjects in wich I wasn't prepare enough but boson linked me to cisco documentation that covered the subject. That was very useful for the route exam since the OCG covers like 25% of the exam.

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It WILL expose your gaps for knowledge of the material. Worth every penny.

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Thanks for recommending us! :)

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Thanks to /u/WaywardSachem, /u/Altecice, and /u/Not_Another_Name for recommending us. TSHOOT was my favorite practice exam to create, and I would hate if Cisco ever got rid of it!

OP, our practice exam explanations go into detail about how to diagnose a wide variety of trouble tickets. They'll definitely help you get more comfortable with the tickets on the live exam. :)

If you choose to go with us, don't forget to use our 15% off code that's floating around on our Facebook page.

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I'm taking the CCNP track this year and 2019 - problably ending it all up with the T-SHOOT exam :

Is it "just" tickets you need to address in this exam? I've just been through the entire compendium and labs as a part of my education as a datatech infrastructure - it seems like the hardest of the three with ROUTE just below it.

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tshoot is generally considered easier of the 3, though recommended you do it last. at least if you have some experiance with the subject mater. its usually the one people take to recert. most people recomend doing a good chunk of labbing in the first place for the route and switch, so by the time you get to the tshoot, you should have good familiarity with them.

you dont have to memorize a ton of values or exact command syntax the way you do for the other exams. you need to know the material well enough to know what to look for and to have studied the lab seutp (cisco provides the lab and configs for free, and im sure people have quick setup virl or gns3 files you can use as well).

troubleshooting is a skill as well though, and if you have only studied networking and dont have any practical experience with troublshooting networks, then yes, it may be a bit more daunting than the others, but it just means you should spend more time labing in prep for all the exams. CCNP, while it can certainly be passed with out job experience, is really targeted at people who have some experience already.

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you dont have to memorize a ton of values or exact command syntax the way you do for the other exams.

When did you take it last? I have taken this version and you definitely need to know the exact syntax. On multiple tickets there would be similar versions of the same command with out of order syntax on the last question of the ticket.

troubleshooting is a skill as well though, and if you have only studied networking and dont have any practical experience with troublshooting networks, then yes, it may be a bit more daunting than the others

I agree to an extent. You are very limited in the command set that you have available to you. I found that I had to tweak my troubleshoot methodology to match what Cisco is looking for. You need to rely heavily on ping and stare and compare of the show run outputs. There are a lot of other tools you have at your disposal in the real world that you're not allowed to do in the exam. Or, those commands show you conflicting information. Not an excuse, but more of a gripe. I've found Boson to be super helpful though in learning " The Cisco Way TM "

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Open a case @cisco maybe they can offer you a retake for free.

But i agree it's really unbeliveable to have this kind of disapointment for a professional level cert !!

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Cisco simulation software is very bugged. In every one of my tree TSHOOT attempts I found conflicting info from different show commands. We can't complain of this on internet because of the NDA. If you file a ticket they just call you a liar.

I'll give some advises trying my best not to brake the NDA. Don't trust traceroute, only use ping. If "show running-conf" and another "show" command show conflictin info, trust the other command. If you find a configuration without any aparent misconfiguration but pings just misteriously fail in some device, just chose a random answer from that device and don't waste time in that ticket. If you fail, take the exam a few weeks later (more than one), if your lucky there will be no bugs next time. Also be extra careful with the multiple choice questions, if you have to chose several answers and just one of them is wrong then the you get 0 as if every answer was wrong. I love when after the exam I check cisco white papers to see if I got a question right and different papers give you different answers.

Good luck in your next attemp.

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There was a GRE question that for sure forced you to select an answer that was incorrect. I know because it made you select three commands when only two were needed. As soon as I got home I checked the OCG and the Cisco white papers on the topic and both confirmed that only two commands we're required. Beyond frustrating.

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Thank you for reassuring me that I picked the right path by not following anymore Cisco exams.

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Are you certifying with another vendor? If you are, how have those exams been?

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I am actually working on Microsoft certs specifically for the Azure platform. So far it is great because the documentation is update to date, and they test on relevant topics. There isn’t any dumps because the tests are so new and they get updated so frequently so you actually have to know the stuff.

Compared to Cisco exams it is a breath of fresh air.

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Do ping tests on the devices closest to the client and keep going further out until it doesn’t ping anymore. Usually on that device is where the problem will be.

You can also check configs by comparing one router to another router. This may be tricky as some of the routers are probably supposed to be different.

Finally, I’m assuming you have done this already but you can go study and familiarize yourself with the actual topology they use on the test. Cisco provides this information for you on their website.

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Yeah but if he checks ip route, sees ospf routes then checks ospf neighbors and there are none.... Something in the exam is broke

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Yeah.. I have heard of a few tests that were broke and/or buggy. Just need to try and use all the tools you can and hopefully find the correct answers.

If the sh ip ospf neigh and show ip route are showing different things, then you will have to use other methods for troubleshooting. Try to compare the config on both routers in question and that should help you find what the issue is. I would look at the config in “router ospf” and the interfaces between both routers and compare those. Make sure everything matches on both sides! These are some of the steps I did when I took this... maybe others have more ideas or methods on what helped them.

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That's what's the most frustrating part. There are definitely bugs in some tickets and I'm not the only one talking about it. But Cisco/Pearson just don't seem to care.

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You should see the CCDP exam. F that noise.