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CCNP starts today

hey guys and gals, i have a question. It's been a month since i've earned my CCNA RS and now it's time to follow through by starting my CCNP journey. The question being, should I watch videos first? or read the OCG then watch the videos? Video source: INE Keith Bogart and Text: OCG

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I always watch videos first. Concepts chunk by chunk: Videos, books, lab. Wash, rinse, repeat. I also use Anki to take notes for both the videos and the books and I just flip through those at work or whenever I have the urge to check my phone for reddit or Instagram or whatever. Flashcards first, waste time second.

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Thanks mate! I guess video first. Do you complete the entire video series on an exam? Like complete route or switch then read the book? Or on topics?

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I go topic by topic.

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I'm not familiar specifically with the INE course but video courses often do not go into sufficient depth by themselves but they can provide a good lay-of-the-land to get you oriented and from there you can get the depth from the OCG and user documentation etc. and labbing of course.

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