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Has anyone used Cisco VIRL?

Is it any good/worth while?

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I have, the interface is a little "clunky" but offers some useful tools (like provisioning of labs), fortunately they have simplified the installation process in newer versions. One other thing to consider is once you have a license you can actually import the various device images into GNS3.

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2 points · 2 months ago

They removed key features within a year of release and killed it for many people. Honestly haven't looked at it since.

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Which features were those? Just curious as I've only started to use it recently. I know there used to be a 30-node version that's not available anymore.

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2 points · 2 months ago

That's the key one right there. I honestly don't remember since it's been a couple years

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I bought it for access to the images, I find GNS3 easier to use but use the images from VIRL in it.

I've heard good things about EVE-NG as well but can't be arsed to switch currently.

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I've been using it to study for the Data Center Associate test, and have noticed it's lacking in several key areas, can't do port-channels for instance.

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I get the below output when trying to create a port channel interface:

nx-osv-1(config)# interface port-channel 1

Stub Library could not be opened *** cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory *** im_get_ifindex_layermode failure 40480003 0 1 im_get_ifindex_p2p_mode failure 40480003 0 1

I think this may have been fixed in a later release but I've got to use what my employer provides unless I want to pay for VIRL.

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Thanks for checking. I've heard about a different product called EVE that can virtualize Nexus and supposedly is a bit more full featured than VIRL. It's what the design guys at work are using. Any experience with it?

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Eve-ng isnt too hard to set up, give it a go in a vm, import a virl image and try it out. Hour or two should have you up and running.

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