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Wanted to renew CCNA, took SWITCH: Passed, with 8 points to spare.

About a year ago I decided to change my career paths to something I had more fun doing and wanted to do since childhood. I wanted to check up when my CCNA expired since it had been so long, well it expires end of July 2018. Even though I had changed paths, I didn't want all that work on getting my CCNA to be in vain, and the last thing I wanted to do was pull out the old stone slabs and refresh my knowledge on Frame-Relay if I ever wanted to do Networking again. So I did what any sane person would do and elected to take the CCNP Switch exam a few weeks before their CCNA expired.

It wouldn't have bothered me if I failed, and I wanted to pass, but I did want to at least try to go for the gusto. Well... it paid off, I took SWITCH and passed... with 798 points. There's nothing like sitting in that chair, reading "CONGRATULATIONS" Then a score that seems suspiciously low.

I pretty much exclusively use my networking knowledge for my home now, but I still love it.

Anyway, I used Chris Bryants CCNP Switch Udemy course, some quick lab work with my 4948, and my prior knowledge on what these tests really like you to know ;) If I had to do it again: P R A C T I C E TESTS.

Good luck to the rest of you, guess I'll have to try my hand at ROUTE next :D

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Congrats. How long did it take you from start if prepping to the exam? Also did you use the OCG or any other textbooks to help prepare for the exam?

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Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

I was slightly strapped for time so I didn't have the opportunity to go through the cert guide unfortunately. All in all I had about 3 weeks of daily study. I would watch a section of the udemy videos, read all the text on screen (helps to stay focused and retain little nuggets of important info), then think about all the features talked about. Then I'd go back the next day to make sure I remembered enough details to be dangerous.

Chris's course was laid out in a very easy to recall fashion and was very helpful on topics that I consider "hot topics." But they also definitely weren't the be all and end all, as I had plenty of questions with details that I straight up had to make educated guesses on.

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Wow that's quite remarkable given the timeframe you had. Well done.

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Original Poster2 points · 2 months ago

Yeah! Not gonna lie, a lot of it was just going for the hail merry. Since if I didn't at least try, the NA would expire either way.

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Congrats! :)

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Congrats! CCNP ROUTE has frame relay though. Guess you'll need to excavate your backyard now!

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