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Hi guys I need some help on this one.

I am asking this for a friend of mine who is considering a career change and looking into cyber security degrees/paths. He has been told its pretty easy to get in and make good money. However this was advised by a CC Advisor.

His position:

Zero IT/Helpdesk/Technology Experience of Any Kind. (Cannot assemble a computer)

4 Year Degree in Bible

25 Years Old

I am reading up on how to help advise him. I am under the impression that while cyber security is an awesome field, with many incredible paying paths, nearly all of them need a large amount of experience in technology related fields. He is expecting to make 50-60k out of school with a 2 year degree in "cyber security" alone. (Massachusetts)

Please advise and add thoughts. I am hoping to help direct him, either to encourage or shine a light on this potential career change.

He is a good friend, and I want whats best for him. I know literally nothing about this field and its many facets which is why I am coming to the source.

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I suggest you post at /r/itcareerquestions

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Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

Thank you i will !

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Here is my opinion and I want anyone to correct me if I’m wrong - You can have a degree in basket weaving, your certs are what that matter. That simple.

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That's not really true at all. Far more complex than "certs = $$$"

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It's not that "simple".

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Explain your opinion

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Because many companies still look for people who degrees in their field. I know first hand that they do. That's my ancedotal opinion.

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