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Just got my CCNA-RS this last week while at Cisco Live. Didn't previously study, just been doing the job for 3 years. So I figure CCNP-RS, I probably outta study.

So Cisco Press books are as good as they are. I figure also setting up a lab of EVE-NG, not seeing the point of physical hardware otherwise. Any other training recommendations and methods people are liking? Doesn't seem to be real good info on this subreddit other than questions of this sort currently, so apologizes if it's a mighty repeated question.

My current day-to-day is a lot of rural ISP on a mix of everything but AIC (IOS, XE, and XR, from Catalyst to 9ks) so I'm pretty well versed, just trying to get the certs at this point for that $$$$ increase.

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