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Just got my CCNA-RS this last week while at Cisco Live. Didn't previously study, just been doing the job for 3 years. So I figure CCNP-RS, I probably outta study.

So Cisco Press books are as good as they are. I figure also setting up a lab of EVE-NG, not seeing the point of physical hardware otherwise. Any other training recommendations and methods people are liking? Doesn't seem to be real good info on this subreddit other than questions of this sort currently, so apologizes if it's a mighty repeated question.

My current day-to-day is a lot of rural ISP on a mix of everything but AIC (IOS, XE, and XR, from Catalyst to 9ks) so I'm pretty well versed, just trying to get the certs at this point for that $$$$ increase.


Passed my CCNP SWITCH today with an 839/1000. It wasn't as tough as my score might suggest, just strangely worded and ambiguous IMO. Then again there's not "much" to talk about so I guess they had to get creative.

I used


Kevin Wallace videos

INE videos & Rack Rentals

Boson (liked the one for SWITCH a lot better than the ROUTE)

My advice would honestly be to take another look at any tables etc.... you can get you hands on from Cisco press or official documents. I didn't review the week before the test before like I normally would, but still turned out fine, maybe took me like 35 to 40 mins if that much. Just know the blueprint, obviously we won't all take the same test. But I can't think of many questions, if there were any at all that didn't match the blueprint. Good luck to you all and on to the TSHOOT.


In VTP ver3, you can only create VLANs on the primary server. If I walk into an unknown environment, how do I know which server is the primary server?


I've created a video that I would like to share here. In the past I've wondered how we keep routes separate across several routers, considering that VRF's are local to each router.

The answer is with a combination of Route-Targets, Route-Distinguishers, and MP-BGP. I've put what I learned about this into this video. It also has a little MPLS.

I hope it's useful to you too.


Hi everyone, nice to join the elite club here. I've just passed my ccna recently and was wondering if it's adviceable to continue to prepare for ccnp as i don't want to loose focus and relax. Im not working in the industry at all and no experience. Im still searching for any entry level desk top job or entry level NOC jobs, nothing yet so far. Im in my mid 40s and changing careers from the transport industry to IT in the uk. I've done A+, network +, and now icnd1 and now icnd2. As im writting this im also learning desk top stuff. will greatly appreciate any advice from u guys. Thanks so much.


I'm pretty much at a loss at this point. 798 both times. I work break/fix at an ISP, I do this all day long every single day and I can't manage to get passed this one. Passed SWITCH on the second attempt with a 968, ROUTE on the first shot with a 900, but TSHOOT has just been out of my grasp.

Traceroute and ping giving different results. Show run and show run int showing different outputs. OSPF routes in a routing table with no OSPF neighbor established. I'm about to give up.

Is there some sort of method people use to pass this thing? I have come across at least three tickets in my two attempts that have multiple things technically wrong and I end up trying to find a solution that Cisco isn't looking for.


I have been through the Cisco Digital Learning Course and Boson. Starting to fill left over gaps with the OCG.

Thoughts of the materials combined and how prepared a candidate would be using these resources?

Gotta say I’m feeling confident, scary because I have never felt too confident going into a Cisco exam.


I hope to be stting the CCNP ROUTE soon and want to do as many labs as possible


Found out last week that I was going to get to Cisco Live, which includes a complementary cert exam. With 4 days to prep, I decided to go for the CCDP exam. I've speed read the ARCH Foundation Learning book to go with my CCIE lab prep knowledge.

Wish me luck everyone! If I pass, I'll follow up by taking the CCDA exam to actually get the title and become a triple Professional cert holder.

EDIT: I passed with a 945! Super excited. Now I get to focus on my CCIE lab exam to earn two new titles


Hello All!

I'm new to the group, I recently passed my CCNA and I just purchased OCG + INE Videos to get me on my way studying for CCNP. I am doing this in a group setting with other coworkers and I was trying to figure on a timeline. Is 2 chapters a week too aggressive? The goal is all 3 tests passed in ~9-10Months


Hi all

Just a quick question. I've got my final TSHOOT exam coming up at the end of the month. I've been reviewing the lab scenario fairly regularly and have a good grasp of it. However, I've noticed on the official exam topics it doesn't mentioned anything about troubleshooting first hop redundancy protocols (HSRP etc). Although I can clearly see it's part of the lab topology and is covered in the OCG.

Is it worth investing time into something that isn't mentioned on the official topic list? I know from experience that the questions usually stick pretty rigidly to what's in the curriculum. And I know they can update the list as/when they want.

Anyone experienced questions that weren't on the topic list with TSHOOT?



+ CBT nuggets videos? or books are a must for the exams?


The tickets in TSHOOT were completely fair IMO and I know I got them all right. However, the test environment was a little buggy and SLOW. Each ticket took a long time to load, and I almost clicked done on my first ticket because I thought my test was broken.

The only things I got wrong were a couple of multiple choice questions that I really wasn't prepared for. This is probably because I had to wait a month to take it after I took ROUTE due to budgeting.

My advice to anyone looking to take it is to take it as soon as possible after your second exam. Just take a week or two to build the topology in your homelab and really practice break/fixing it. Memorizing the topology saved me SO MUCH time. Also, not taking too long will allow you to still have some of that information fresh from the other exams that you will need for the multiple choice questions.

Well, I am now a CCNP and I am damn proud of it. I'm going to take a short study break of a week or two and move onto the CCIE.


I dont want to use IP domain name + hostname to create key, here is what i am trying to do but it keep failing to turn on the ssh method

i turned on one of the L3 switches and issues these 3 commands:

ip http server

ip http autehntication local

ip http secure-server 

to generate SSH key and it confirmed that the ssh working on that device

i copied all the config from that switch to another, but the SSH didnt work

also someswitches dont have login local like the 3750 how do you enable ssh on them


Without any experience, what would be the cost be for all the certifications up to CCNP?


A few weeks ago I shared a video I made on how VRF's work. Now, I'd like to share a follow up video on how to use OSPF, EIGRP, and BGP with VRF's.

This uses a lab environment, so you can follow on yourself if you want.

I hope you like it!

Original post:


I am coming off of a pass for the 300-115 switch exam (took me about 5 months of study).

Started the CCNP route studies about 3 weeks ago and I'm finding it extremely difficult to keep up.

I have the INE video series, Cisco press book, Chris Bryant videos and study guides.

Normally I have no trouble keeping up with topics on the exams. Sure it may take 1 or 2 days for everything to fully sink in, but I usually catch on pretty quick.

I don't know what it is about routing tho. I don't really do any dynamic routing at work and it's been about 1.5yrs since passing the CCNA RS.

I'm currently watching the INE videos (EIGRP) and there are literally about 10 different ways to allow or deny routes each 1 achieving the same thing. Do I really need to go this deep?

CCNA was great, learn the technology, tweak a few things here and there, but this is a whole different animal.

Can anyone shed some light on how deep I need to go on these topics, how long it takes an "average" engineer to pass the route exam, and possibly any tips to keep motivated with the studies?



Quick question I couldn't find any resources on online. If an OSPF neighborship is established between two routers on one subnet, and again on another subnet, is there any problem with that? Or is it just added redundancy if one link fails?


Hello All,

Let me start with some background knowledge - I am currently 19 years old working as an IT Support Engineer following completion of a 2 Year Apprenticeship as a Network/Support Engineer for a small MSP in the UK.

I recently completed my ICND2 allowing me to obtain my CCNA, I am thinking about starting my CCNP Journey but not sure if it is too soon as my job role is far from being cisco oriented - The only time I touch cisco kit at my job is configuring switches with a couple of VLANs at the very most, In terms of routers we only really use Drayteks and never ciscos...

My day to day role is primarily End User Support / Server Support

Despite the lack of work based experience I am still passionate about networking & lab as much as possible in GNS3 and soon to be on my physical kit when it finally arrives...

My question for all you CCNP's / CCNP in Progress is should I wait til I am working on a strong cisco environment before I persue the CCNP?

Am I too young to be thinking about becoming a CCNP?

Or... Am I overthinking and should just get started?

Any help / advice would be great :)



Good lord... Satan’s back yard indeed, just squeezed past the break in his fence.

I took route almost 3 years ago and got 0x3E8 / 0011 1110 1000

Iused GNS3 to prep for route + my job did a lot more L3 than L2 stuff.

I made the mistake of not buying actual cats for use at home. Lab lab lab lab. Read and remember every detail... you have to be a sponge for minutia.. 300-115 good riddance and I can have my life back now.

Emulate Cat in Quemu, learned about this last night... ( in gns3 )


I’ve been doing some lab exercises on three L3 switches using YouTube and PluralSight. I have decided to try using Boson Exam Sim again to try to ‘fill the gaps’.

My first attempt on Exam set A I had failed with 734/825. I studied dot1x, dot1q VLAN tagging, VACL, and a couple of other things.

After a couple of days of study I took Exam set B and passed with 884/825. Three of the questions I got wrong were actually due to not reading correctly (answering too quickly) because after review I determined I had knew the correct answers. Of course those would count against me too in real life so I guess that is part of it.

I was curious how anyone felt about how well a passing grade in Boson ExSim would indicate being ready for the real thing?

I felt like Boson for CCNA ExSim and NetSim were incredible. Hoping it works out for me again this time.

Any advice on some topics that may not be obvious from the main exam topics list that is provided would be appreciated. This means a lot to me and I do not want to take the test twice!


Squeaked by on the switch exam with a 790 a few days ago. This was my 3rd time sitting for the exam after a few months studying.

Initially I used the Boson CCNP Network Simulator product materials for prep, but quickly learned that studying the actual Cisco documentation is the best preparation. If I had to do it again I would have bought used switches instead of using the Boson simulator product.

That said, I did use the Boson practice exam as well and I thought the questions were good and helpful with preparing - the material seemed better than the Network Simulator product.

If you've gotten discouraged and have already sat and failed the exam, don't give up.

Good luck and onto route!


I think i'm at a good CCNP level right... ?

  • What TCP does / What TCP doesn't do / How TCP does what it does
  • TCP Header / options
  • TCP Timestamp
  • TCP Control Flags
  • TCP 3-way handshake / 4-way handshake process
  • TCP Keepalive
  • IPv4 and IPv6 (P)MTU
  • Latency / fiber optics latency / satellite latency
  • TCP Sliding Window
  • TCP Window Scaling
  • TCP Global Synchronization
  • BDP / BDP calculations
  • TCP Congestion Control
    • Slow Start
    • Congestion Avoidance
    • Fast Retransmit
    • Fast Recovery
  • TCP Retransmissions


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