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mods can disable ads in gold only subreddits

Ah. And there's the (pretty reasonable) justification for this idea.

Normal subs aren't allowed to disable ads. But if all the subscribers are already paying in some way... why not?

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    I think there would be a level of leeway for subreddits that only serve as redirects.

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    Or insane shit like /r/Ooer

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    I can't imagine what kind of ads you could run there which would somehow make money

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    But ads are visible* on /r/Ooer

    *Well, they're displayed. Nothing is visible on that subreddit because looking at it makes you go blind.

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    /r/eli5 (our redirect) is doing this too. Admins if you care about this let us know and we'll change it.

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    By "can", is it possible to hide ads with CSS, or are you just not allowed to do it?

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    It's not feasible for reddit to prevent it in any automated fashion; they just have to respond to cases they find out about.

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    It's entirely feasible. They could write easily write a program that takes a screenshot every time a CSS edit is made and just check it for ads.

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    <3 you xkcd bot

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    Um, no. It would be absolutely trivial for them to use a unique test ad and have even the most basic pattern-finding tools check for it.

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    You can even use either qwebengine or qwebview totally headless to take screenshots of webpages without actually launching a gui.

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    Look at all these noobs downvoting you.

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    Hmm! Possible, possible. Some browser compatibility issues; they could use webdriver or whatever to run an actual browser. That's definitely at the edge of "do we give enough of a fuck", though.

    Note I didn't say "impossible", just "not feasible". You're right though that it's more feasible than I thought!

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    Is another one of those things disabling downvotes/voting at all for non-subscribers? I've seen many subreddits do this, and it's a pain in the ass. It also looks like it would violate the "[don't] disable or tamper with site functionality" rule.

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    Currently this is allowed - mods do it via CSS, but we encourage them not to whenever possible as it can easily be circumvented by disabling the subreddit CSS or using a mobile app.

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    Not like y'all need the ads when you track every person's movements with your pixels.

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          I am begining to see the big picture here.

    YOU give use money, instead of our advertisers

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    Honestly, it would have made more sense to just give gold users the option to hide ads everywhere.

    This seems like another barely useful feature with almost no applicability like snoovatars.

    I'd rather they focussed their efforts on making comments searchable.

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    Honestly, it would have made more sense to just give gold users the option to hide ads everywhere.

    Something like this?

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      This feels like adding a feature to gold for the sheer hell of it. It doesn't really add any actual value to having gold. There's nothing about having gold that would make them an interesting subset of users for topical discussions.

      I'm struggling to even imagine a sub, restricted to gold, that would offer anything you couldn't get from any other sub. Other than, I guess, a barrier against sockpuppets. But that horse is already out of the barn - the most interesting subs already exist.

      I'm guessing this is going to be another feature, like multi-reddits, that users quickly forget about.

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      I think younger users are less likely to purchase gold so I bet the subset of users with it are older.

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      Unless they make a sex joke in a default and someone feels the need to spend a whopping $4 on them.

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      Multireddits are incredible. Wouldn't be without mine!

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      It's another moneygrab from a bunch of greedy censor-happy admins. If we can get rid of SRS vote brigades, shadowbans and popular threads disappearing from the front page, maybe the site would be worth paying for.

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      Patiently awaiting the arrival of /r/circlejerk_gold ....

      Really though, this is a neat feature. I definitely see the appeal of it and I think it's a great idea!

      Edit: /r/circlejerk_gold has arrived. I told you guys.

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      "for le euphoric gold users "

      slow clap

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      dude circlejerk gold is going to make them billions BILLIONS

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      /r/MegaLoungeCircleJerk has already been a thing for a while now.

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      Bet this comment gets removed like when /r/Circlejerk was a trending subreddit......literal oppression

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      Admin shills shilling again!

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      Edit: Thanks for the gold, kind shill!

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      The cabal did this

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      How does this work for "Charter Members" who don't currently have gold?

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      Charter Members have can create and have access to gold only subreddits.

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      As a charter member, I hope these gold only subreddits wither and die. I appreciate your desire to add new features and make gold more attractive, but there was a lot of discussion among charter members when gold first rolled out. This kind of community division is precisely what we wanted to avoid.

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      We are aware of these concerns and built the feature with limitations in mind including a 3 month beta/review period. This is about giving redditors a choice in what they want reddit gold to be, rather than having /r/lounge being the only thing it can be.

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      I honestly encourage you to go back and look through the early discussions in the lounge on this topic. The consequences are well understood. Best of luck with your beta. Hope you don't Digg 4.0 yourselves. I've been on reddit too long to pretend I don't care.

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      Wtf are charter members?

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      People who bought gold before there were any features thus voluntarily deciding to pay money exclusively to keep reddit afloat.

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      When gold first came out there was a lot of discussion among the charter members. We didn't want the lounge to have any meaningful content and divide the userbase.

      Gold was about supporting reddit and testing out new features. Frankly, even the perception that gold conferred a meaningful benefit was to be avoided. As long as the benefits were limited to showing more comments at once or hiding ads, then everyone would be cool with it.

      Reddit is a platform for discussion. By dividing the users in this way, admins are fragmenting the discussion.

      The only way this doesn't destroy reddit is if the gold subs wither and die. Everybody wins when we all play in the same big sandbox.

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      lounge is just gold circlejerk + naming servers anyway

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      Thanks for posting your thoughts and feedback. I am very aware of this concern and definitely agree with some of your points. We intentionally placed limitations upon this feature including the 3 month beta period after which we will review how it has been used.

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      Please be mindful, during April Fools a few years back, the login servers suffered catastrophically and they were down for several hours. When they came back, we discovered quickly that only users who had reddit gold were able to log in. Users who did not have gold were understandably outraged to see all of reddit become a public Lounge... One where they could see the gentry chatting and having a good time, but could not participate. When the login setvers were back up to full, those without gold went to great lengths to downvote every single gold-only comment, thread, and submission they could find. It was a revolution; those who had been bewilderingly wondering where everyone else was and those who had been exulting in their unfettered ability to post were quickly overwhelmed by the frustrated and angry users who had been locked out all morning.

      Please take that into consideration; we already have an exclusive tier of subs like /r/top and /r/CenturyClub... And a disconcerting amount of meta subs that exist to create mischief. Be very careful with this.

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      What the hell is /r/top?

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      If you're in the top 1% of karma among reddit's users, you gain access to /r/top. Meanwhile, /r/CenturyClub is for folks with 100,000 karma or more. It's something that users set up, it's not created by the admins.

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      I was familiar with CC, but not /r/top. How do you know if you're in the top 1%?

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      *shrugs* Well, I was messaged by a bot when I got in. It's easier to get into /r/top than it is to get into CenturyClub, it's a lower threshold for /r/top.

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      Slow and steady wins the race and takes away the best years of my life

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      True enough. :P

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      Really? I'm in the century club but have never got anything about /r/top.

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      Well, message the mods at /r/top and ask them to let you in?

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      Reddit is dead and you killed it. Good work. This user is heading to www.voat.co

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      I may be fairly new to the reddit world, but it seems to me that reddit gold is not some sort of conspiracy but simply a way to support a pretty awesome site that must have server and storage needs that don't come cheap.

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      What the charter members here - including me - are afraid of is that certain content is only visible to paid users, thereby creating a special user status of those that can look down on the non-paying 'normal' users.

      This does not have to be intentional, but would happen nonetheless.

      For me this is against the spirit of reddit and against the spirit of reddit gold. And that would be a reason to stop being a paying member of this site.

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      It's a pretty harmless and fun idea, and really provides no other benefit then what private subreddits already do. It therefore passes your standard of what a Reddit Gold feature should be.

      What discussion is being fragmented? The one in /r/lounge ? The vast majority of reddit gold members don't participate in them, and even most people who are awarded for gilding seem to have little interest. Maybe now there will be more.

      Reddit Gold and now Reddit Gifts succeed by your criteria by leaps and bounds -- funding one of the most-visited sites in the world while maintaining its original independent vibe, or brand, as it were. It actually is quite an astonishing achievement.

      Cheer up

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      What discussion is being fragmented? The one in /r/lounge[2] ? The vast majority of reddit gold members don't participate in them, and even most people who are awarded for gilding[3] seem to have little interest. Maybe now there will be more.

      That's the goddamned point. The lounge is intentionally useless. By having anything other than a circlejerk in the gold subs, you are fragmenting the community and withholding discussion/content from those unable or unwilling to pay.

      Reddit Gold and now Reddit Gifts succeed by your criteria by leaps and bounds -- funding one of the most-visited sites in the world

      Reddit gold didn't exclude non-paying members from meaningful discussion in the past.

      Look, I've written about this in multiple threads in this post. I've said all I'm going to. This gold subreddits plan is so fundamentally flawed that I am amazed it ever made it off the whiteboard.

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      But they said it's not a paywall and I don't think anyone would lie on the internet.

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      Don't think this will turn out well.

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      See all of them at /subreddits/gold

      I don't see any content here. Is the page broken, or is it because I don't have gold?

      Surely, displaying the list of gold-only subs to non-gold users would be good incitement to buy gold?

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      It's displaying for me - though I have gold, albeit only for one more day.

      Since they all have the "private" icon next to them, I'm guessing they're basically treated as a special type of private subreddit - so those without gold won't be able to see them listed.

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      Given they keep promoting this page to non-gold users, this seems like it is not the intended behavior.

      hey /u/powerlanguage, it looks like you have a bug. The /subreddits/gold page is only visible to gold users, but you keep promoting it as if non-gold users can see its content as well

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      I was thinking exactly the same. And it's stupid that they actually advertise that page on the reddit gold about page.

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      You do realise people get golded over stupid stuff also? This sounds like a buy gold ploy as it's doing nothing more than segregating the community.

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      This is... weird. And kinda cool. And questionably useful?

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      making pay to post subreddits.

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      P much.

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      I really don't like this change. IMO, just because one of your comments gets gilded doesn't mean you will produce epic content every time.

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      doesn't mean you will produce epic content every time.

      Or ever. A lot of really stupid crap gets gilded all the time.

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      I think this is a terrible idea but doubt I can really convey my feelings without ranting.

      Saying a paywall is not a paywall doesn't change the fact that is in effect a paywall. You might argue you aren't doing it for money, but I can't see that really being true. Every Gold-Only feature is really an enticement to encourage people to covet and buy Gold.

      I don't even see the actual point of it barring paywall. It isn't private since anyone with gifted or purchased Gold can access it. It isn't completely public like the rest of the reddit community is.

      Thankfully, I think this is a pretty self-correcting problem, it's not like you made a sub Gold-Only submitters but viewable by all.

      I don't want to say you are lying, but you are saying one thing and doing the opposite.

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      Bullshit. It's a paywall.

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      So the way I stumbled upon this was in the setting of a private sub.


      the sub is 4 months old. Idk if this is a bug or intentional.

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      "Gold only" is grayed out, so you can't switch to it.

      IMO it should be a checkbox, not part of the existing radio button set. What if I want gold only but also want to restrict submissions?

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      IMO it should be a checkbox, not part of the existing radio button set. What if I want gold only but also want to restrict submissions?

      This is what I expected it to be, it's pretty minor but it's probably something worth changing.

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      Should be visible, but non-selectable. Can you confirm?

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      ah ok, that is correct. I can't select it.

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      Why include the toggle in the settings?

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      Because you can toggle off of it if it's already set, you just can't toggle it back on.

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      Ah okay. That makes sense. Thanks for the reply.

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      What do you think about /u/teaearlgraycold's suggestion above?

      IMO it should be a checkbox, not part of the existing radio button set. What if I want gold only but also want to restrict submissions?

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      What if a mod accidentally changes it away from gold-only? Will it just have to wait for the admins to turn it back?

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      I agree, I think this is a terrible idea.

      I also don't think there's much risk of these turning out to be 'good' communities though, based on the quality of /r/lounge.

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      The quality of /r/lounge has intentionally been kept the way it is. When gold first rolled out, the charter members discussed the risks of creating a divided community. If the lounge actually had anything useful it would be like creating a tiered user base. By keeping the lounge for circlejerking, it ensured the real discussion remained in public subs.

      If all this new change comes to is circlejerking and inside jokes, then the damage is relatively small.

      What happens when brigading originates from one of these secret societies?
      What happens when companies subvert them for advertising or "special" promotions?
      What happens when the discussion in /r/science goes to shit because the mods and subject matter experts migrate to /r/science_gold?

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      I disagree.

      Reddit gold exists as an alternative to using ad supported reddit.

      With it comes other benefits like seeing some features first, coupons to other services and other stuff probably, but I think the front facing reddit will allways exist as is.

      Could gold exclusive communities form, sure, but reddit is fractured enough that even if they do there will always be a group of procrastinators commenting on stuff they like or reciting le epic memes. Otherwise they'll turn into the next digg and people will find a different website.

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      This is retarded.

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      It would be nice if you could add approved submitters to gold-only subs, since exceptions are already being made for mods. Right now, less-well known service bots who aren't constantly gilded can't be let into these subs (assuming they ever take off), and the mods wouldn't necessarily want to add them as mods since that gives access to the modlog and traffic pages, even without any permissions.

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      Thank you for the continued release of new features! Combined muti one day, new sub options the next! Will be coming back tomorrow!

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      So what happens if say you mod a gold only sub, then your gold expires? Are you not able to access your own sub anymore?

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      users do not require gold to moderate gold only subreddits.

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      Oops, missed that bullet

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      Dodged that bullet? :)

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      So, when you receive gold, will you be getting a message from each gold subreddit, showing that you are now an approved submitter? If not, how will you know? (Besides looking them up via a list?)

      Also, I'm a little weary on this concept. I will see plenty of subreddits emerge, trying to replace /r/lounge. I think more should be put into the lounge, and that whole MegaLounge system, instead of just trying to pawn the gold members off to other subreddits. (That kind of seems like what this could be?)

      I'm completely open to try this out, I will even be creating one to test the waters myself. I'll report back at a later date, with a more detailed analysis.

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      Ahhhh, I need to be able to set gold only but also restrict posting to approved members.

      It's mostly for a fun idea - I've just made /r/CenturyClubGold... but I could see a legitimate need for it (if a legitimate need for gold-only communities exists in the first place).

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      Why not keep the CC rule of only being able to view it with 100K + link/comment karma?

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      If I set it to private, it wouldn't use the new feature of gold-only.

      Technically, CC is merely a private sub, where mods approve your access if you have 100,000 link or comment karma.

      I'd like to set this sub (even though it's mostly just a joke) as private + gold required, and then I'd let in anyone with 100k a la CenturyClub. :)

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      ahhh gotcha. didn't realize that the privacy/gold only would contradict one another.

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      So reddit is finally coming to an end...It was good while it lasted boys.

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      Problem is that when I try to go for it, it says "Too new reddit acc."

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      There are currently some restrictions on new users creating subreddits. Read more here.

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      Pay to win.

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      oye, any chance the gold setting could be made available post-creation eventually?

      I created a couple subs in a hurry trying to ensure a land rush didn't snatch them because I have a feeling they could be really good, and now I can't set them to gold only.

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      We want to keep this as only on creation for now. Make a request to have your subreddits switched via modmail and we'll help you out.

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      my bad, thank you very much!

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      I suggest adding a link to gold-only subreddits, into the message that is sent when a user receives reddit gold. (If it's not already)

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      Interesting... I am curious to see where this leads. I'm sure /r/centurylounge and /r/megalounge and those other subreddits where you have to be gilded in a particular subreddit (or a particular number of times) would like it. ...I see quite a few such subreddits have already been made since this announcement.

      Hopefully it doesn't lead to segmentation of existing communities... But somehow I doubt it would, in most cases. I'm sure it'll lead to some ridiculous accusations about the admins (and mods that create such subreddits), though.

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      Clever. Well done.

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      Can a subreddit that's gold-only add approved submitters who no longer have gold? Seems like there are always going to be exceptions to the audience you want to allow in a sub, and it would be necessary for some places.

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      I think this is a great change. This will increase the quality in new subs that want to aim for high-quality content. No longer can trolls/bots just "respawn" to downvote content that goes against their own. This could be a step towards the type of discussion/content that Reddit had in the early days, before the Digg exodus. Subreddits with gold-required won't get the "summer rush" of highschool students, won't get raided as easily by *chan or 9gag or whoever.

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      Well. I don't exactly see much of the point but why not.

      I already enjoy /r/circlejerk_gold

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      Is there any chance whatsoever of a future option for "bought gold themselves", so gifted gold doesn't count?

      Hear me out for a second....

      There are sites out there that long predate reddit that improved discourse significantly merely by making it cost a little bit of money (and therefore effort) to join.

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      Pretty sure I'm missing the point with /r/rotator. When I view it with subreddit styles enabled, all I get is a completely blank red page. Not the best choice for showing off a feature...

      Admittedly, even with styles disabled, the topic list is pretty inscrutable.

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      Nope, nothing in IE or Firefox. Maybe it's a webkit thing. Or a /u/rbemrose thing. shrug No worries.

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      Works for me in chrome.

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      Can confirm nothing happens in Firefox.

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      You announced this less than an hour after I received gold. I can only assume it was in honor of my gilding.

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      I've just requested that one of my subs becomes a gold only sub.

      The change has broken my custom style sheet. The golden style sheet is different. What are the differences?

      Is this a bug as the stylesheet recently change for reddit and the gold one maybe more similar to the old one?

      I'm currently unable to edit the #header element with custom css

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      gold only subreddits add a .gold-only class to the body element to apply the custom style.

      You can overwrite this by adding .gold-only before the selector. E.g.

      .gold-only #header {

      Let me know if you have any specific questions or issues and I'd be happy to help you out.

      [–]AudioDoge 0 points1 point  (2 children)

      Hey Just PM'd you

      I have now got my sub looking the way it did before.

      But isn't just the header what was different. There are a few other elements that were different to. The stylesheet must be different as I've had to use the !important tag a few times to fix things.

      [–][deleted]  (1 child)


        [–]powerlanguage[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        Not sure where you are getting these changes from but none of them are to do with gold-only subreddits.

        See the gold-only subreddit changes on github

        [–]golubrdarrel -1 points0 points  (0 children)

        nice. thanks

        [–][deleted]  (2 children)


          [–]powerlanguage[S] -1 points0 points  (1 child)

          users do not require gold to moderate gold only subreddits.

          [–]ChubbiestThread -1 points0 points  (0 children)

          Changes I would make:

          • Remove the first part. I don't want to have to buy gold to make a gold-only subreddit. That's just silly.

          • Possible options to make the subreddit accessible to users without gold, but only users with gold can post.

          • Don't give gold members their own stylesheet. It makes them look bland and unorigional. If they wanted to, they could make their own stylesheet.

          These are my only complaints so far.

          [–]Goldisfly -2 points-1 points  (0 children)

          What if it a sub reddit I really enjoy? :( But still a great plus for gold members I think I might become one.

          [–][deleted]  (9 children)


            [–]jhc1415 7 points8 points  (6 children)

            It's $4.00. Just buy it yourself if you want it so much.

            [–]thekirbylover 1 point2 points  (5 children)

            We might live in luxury being able to buy things online but don't assume that's the case for everyone.

            [–]Ultra-Bad-Poker-Face -5 points-4 points  (4 children)

            If you can't afford to spend $4 on the Internet, a website's features aren't your biggest concerns.

            Edit: to clarify, most people stating "I wish I could give you gold" are, in fact, 12 year olds whose moms won't let them spend internet money.

            [–]atomic1fire 2 points3 points  (1 child)

            I think the bigger issue would be having a credit card or debit card.

            That said you could just go to the store and get a online gift card, but most people are probably too lazy for that.

            [–]V2Blast 1 point2 points  (0 children)

            most people are probably too lazy for that.

            Then they should probably stop begging for/whining about not having gold. :P

            [–]merreborn 1 point2 points  (1 child)

            Not everyone who can afford to spend $4 has the means to spend that money over the internet.

            Lots of people don't have credit cards

            Although those people can in fact send /r/postcards

            [–]autowikibot 2 points3 points  (0 children)


            The unbanked are adults who do not have their own bank accounts. Along with the underbanked, they may rely on alternative financial services for their financial needs, where these are available.

            Interesting: Moneylender | Alternative financial services | Carl Maddox Field House | Reserve Bank of Malawi

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            [–]fdagpigj 1 point2 points  (0 children)

            You can send them a postcard if you're desperate.

            [–]Meowing_Cows 2 points3 points  (0 children)

            No circlejerk_gold for you!

            [–][deleted]  (1 child)