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I think that's them all answered. Enjoyed doing it. Thanks for the interest. Keep the faith. Spy

Answered some. More later!

First game: 1959, Chelsea 1 Everton 0 First game reporting on Chelsea: 1979, Norwich 2 Chelsea 0 (for local newspapers including Chelsea News) First game working with Chelsea: 1986, Chelsea 2 Nottm Forest 6 (Clubcall broadcast) First game on-pitch host: 1992, Chelsea 1 Man Utd 1 Work with Chelsea: Clubcall reporter 1986 until it ended; Ken Bates Hotline editor; Onside newspaper editor 1991-2004; pitch host 1992-now; matchday programme editor 1994-2004; website news editor (can't remember the years); Channel Chelsea (can't remember the years); Chelsea TV 2001-now

During the 2014/15 season I stopped working away games for Chelsea TV and have returned to the crowd. And, yes, I pay for my tickets! See you at Palace.

Since 2010 I've hosted a breakfast radio show on football in USA, 'The Football Show' on SiriusXM. They call me 'Spy' too but also the Big Blue Head!

Supporting your team is not a love affair or a marriage or family relationship. It's an addiction, a wonderful one with false highs and false lows.

Answers start Sunday morning

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ZolaModerator of r/chelseafc, speaking officiallyScore hidden·7 months ago·Stickied comment·edited 7 months ago

Neil has verified this on his twitter

All finished now! Thank you very much for giving up your Sunday, Neil!

Hi Neil,

To the best of your knowledge, what was the main driver of that catastrophic 15/16 season?

Original Poster48 points·7 months ago

I don't think Jose believed in the squad. He hadn't rotated at all in winning the League, and people like Drogba had been saddened at their lack of playing time. Defeat to PSG in extra-time in the Champions League, the team looked very tired. But Jose didn't get the recruitment he wanted to change the squad. So he came up with this crazy idea of longer rest in summer, and instead of a six week pre-season, a three-and-a-half week one. Get match fit through the first month of competition, and be fresher for longer. Less need to rotate. It was either going to revolutionary or catastrophic. It was catastrophic. A lot was then made of the fall-out with medical staff at the first PL game, but the substituting of Terry at half-time at Man City seemed too suggest a lack of control, of stability. There had also been a distasteful subbing of Ola Aina at New York Red Bulls 20 minutes after he'd come on following some poor defending, as if to say these kids aren't good enough. It all went wrong. And then, of course, that season the players weren't good enough! Fans had some good pub post mortems though!

I don't think Jose believed in the squad

This is what worries some of us with Conte. I also wonder about how inevitable Jose's departure was, and if it was when that became apparent to those at the club. Thanks for the detailed responses Neil.

Insightful, thanks.

Mourinho’s stubbornness of not rotating made no sense. It’s insanity really. Might be his downfall this season at United

It won't. Mourinho won't develop that same frustrating stubbornness and refusal to rotate with his United squad, he has so much quality and depth. His downfall at United will come due to the United hierarchy's refusal to change their recruitment system and structure, albeit it won't be so much of a downfall but him simply leaving at the end of his contract. He did say recently too that he doesn't want to end his career at United.

Mourinho will finish in international football. He constantly says that he prefers club football because it keeps him busy year round, but he also says he'd love to manage Portugal or England one day in the future. When he gets old and doesn't have the same energy and vigour he has right now, I reckon he'll go international and then retire after winning a trophy or two.

Azpilicueta14 points·7 months ago

Hey Neil, huge fan of your work, thanks so much for taking the time for an ama!

My question is this: you’ve held various positions/roles at the club over the years. Can you give us any insight as to how the club views “news/rumors” that are constantly thrown around in the media? Specifically in terms of the relationship between Roman/the board/managers. From the outside looking in, the picture is always painted as a strained relationship between the 3 parties. It seems Chelsea has a much bigger public problem than other clubs with this, and it seems to always be swept under the rug by all parties. Just wondering if there is any reaction to it other than standard PR stuff.

Original Poster22 points·7 months ago

I find most fans of all clubs think their club gets a worse media than others. That doesn't happen. But in Europe, and in particular in England, there is a problem. Massive club PR departments have developed, and act like bouncers around players, management and club decision makers to keep them from the media, or to record and direct everything said, and to prevent direct relationships growing between players and journalists. There's a reason for this. Since the rise of the internet, papers have stopped being 'news'papers and become 'story'papers. The truth isn't as vital as the story. For the clubs it's just firefighting, not the best way to get good PR. But the departments also spin their side to try and create the good PR. The trouble is, if you spin and you spin, you topple over!! In all this, the truth simply gets lost, and fans know far less than before big business took over football and also corrupted the media. Chelsea, however, is no worse than any other club on this. The truth is, somehow, it's different in the USA where the first thought of sports clubs' PR departments to media requests is 'Yes', whereas in Europe it's 'No'. So when you read stories in the media, you shouldn't automatically believe them. My feeling is you should find one or two journalists that you somehow trust, and read or listen to them, and shut the rest out. And find an arm of the club's information that you somehow trust and do the same. Really, body language on the pitch and in the stands will tell you more than everything. And results!

Thanks for the great intro! I'd love to know what your favorite moment as a player and as a reporter/broadcaster are.

Original Poster16 points·7 months ago

Too, too many favourite moments for too many different reasons to recount, including obvious one relating to trophies, so here's two for joining up yesteryears with current years. 1) Finding Paul Canoville and bringing him back into the Chelsea family in summer 2005, filming his tv 'Legends' and walking him round the pitch first game home to Man City. 2) Finding Eddie McCreadie, my dad's favourite player, in 2014, visiting him in Tennessee and staying with him, filming tv 'Legends' at his house, and bringing him back into the Chelsea family.

Hello Neil. I'm going to ask you an out of the box question.

What's the creepiest story related to Chelsea? Paranormal stuffs?

Also, what's your take on Charly Musonda's outburst?

Original Poster14 points·7 months ago

Not paranormal, but the most 'different; things happened during the Glenn Hoddle era. It was when he was at his most intense period of believing in higher spirits. I remember when the nutritionist he brought in announced the players couldn't drink water during pre-season training, only carrot juice! That's when you discovered that John Spencer had the loudest scream and roar of anyone! By the way, I'm one of those who believe that Glenn was one of our greatest managers, that he really did start the revolution, supported by the board, that took us from being 'West Ham' up to being 'Juventus/Inter..." I almost wrote Man Utd then!

Also, what's your take on Charly Musonda's outburst?

Crap, I was going to ask that! Also, this is kinda cool, first time I've seen an AMA on Reddit with someone I know personally and have hung out with numerous times at various Chelsea events.

Original Poster24 points·7 months ago

I think Charly is a seriously talented footballer, but time has proved that in the higher echelons of the Premier League there's a culture which makes it harder for young players to break through than before. But that's because you have to win. We keep hearing about John Terry being our last regular first team youth product. What no-one adds is that while he was developing from an outstanding prospect to the best defender in the world, 2000-2004, we won nothing! That's not allowed now. I've been a little disappointed with comments on Charly, and about where he can play. I have no doubt as he strengthens he can be a central midfielder dictating the game. I believe right now that he would be better there than some other candidates who have been mentioned for the job. I'm certainly not saying I know better than Antonio, I'm just responding to what I've seen as he's moved up through the age groups. But Charly has to get real. He wasn't a regular on loan at Real Betis and his loan was cut short last January. I actually thought in that Nottm Forest game he played more for himself than the team than when I've regularly watched him. The problem with social media is that it feeds self obsession, self absorption. And it reveals it to others. It doesn't make you seem a team player. So he's put a question mark against his own mentality. But... the team performance improved a little bit when he came on at Palace. Only a little. But that's a start.

what is an AMA?

"Ask Me Anything"

Can you answer the first?

Guðjohnsen3 points·7 months ago

That wasn't Neil mate.

I know. I just asked him that. That question isn't one to get an answer easily.

Moderator of r/chelseafc, speaking officially8 points·7 months ago

Hi Neil!

Since I've been going to the Bridge you've been a staple of every match-day, especially at the beginning announcing the teams-

My question to you is, do you practice reading out the team names beforehand, and which name have you found the hardest to pronounce?

Thanks again for taking part in this.

He had a bit of trouble against Qarabag hahaha.

Remember when he said "good luck to the commentators tonight!"

Original Poster7 points·7 months ago

I always ask representatives of the opponents the pronunciation of any difficult names. That doesn't mean I get them right. If I go in a corner and practice, you can guarantee club photographer Darren Walsh will turn up and suggest more entertaining alternatives that can get stuck in your mind. Qarabag wasn't the hardest. They were Olympiakos and the Flemish names in Genk. I don't remember, but I've been told that before I read out the Olympiakos names I said: Wish me luck!" I don't think I received it!

Fair enough. Love seeing you down at the Bridge, sit in the East Lower most games.

Cheers for the reply also!

Hey Spy, I haven't been following the club quite as long as you, but well remember the dark days.

I've always felt that Ken got an enormously bad press despite all the good things he did for Chelsea.

Do you have any personal experience of working with him, and any first hand insight of what his working relationship with Matthew was really like?

Original Poster12 points·7 months ago

The greatest achievements of Ken Bates, for me, have never been acknowledged. Yes, he saved he club when it was broke, and he's always received acknowledgement for that. But there was always someone out there to do that anyway. Yes, he saved the ground and built a new one, but the battle of the ground involved a former business partner of his and it was all a horrible mess. What he did that no-one seems to talk about was take over a club whose team was at its lowest level historically, And he chaired us through the fantastically thrilling era of Nevin/Dixon/Speedie, through the development of Hoddle to the sexy football of Gullit and serial winning of Vialli with Zola, Petrescu, Di Matteo, Poyet, Wise, Hughes, Leboeuf, Desailly, Flo and all the rest. And he was still chairman when Terry emerged and Lampard was bought. He turned our dreams into reality. The wars with Matthew were dreadful, like the wars over Stamford Bridge. Neither party was more responsible than the other. There wasn't a working relationship after a while. But when there was one, we got the North Stand built and new investments in the team. We signed Gullit and Hughes.

I aways enjoy any interactions you have with the away fans. Any particular memories stand out?

Original Poster11 points·7 months ago

I first spoke on the pitch on December 19th, 1992 (just looked it up), half-time against Man Utd. So I'm just coming up to 25 years of that. I'd been in the ivy clad office on the Friday collecting Clubcall interviews when managing director Colin Hutchinson said there five presentations to organise at half-time and it couldn't be done from the PA box. He needed someone on the pitch. So he looked around, and then at me, and said: "You've got a bigvoice, you do it." I actually replied that I'd only do it if I could take a player out with me, otherwise everyone would call me a ******. (I know, they do anyway). He said, typically Colin: "Do what you like!" So I took out Paul Elliott. He'd already suffered the injury which was to end his career. But I felt I couldn't just go out there and do the announcements. Boring! It would be too dry. So I raced home and went through the 'Junior Blues' pages of 'Onside' newspapers which I edited. Gill Lester put those pages together and always included jokes. And I found the perfect one. Thus I walked up to the penalty area in front of the old North Terrace where 7,000 United fans were and told them I had a question for them. "Why is Alex Ferguson planting potatoes in the goal mouth at Old Trafford?" They went completely silent. And I answered: "So he'll have something to pick up at the end of the season." Yes, it's true. I haven't improved since then!!

Hey Neil, what will you miss most about our current stamford bridge when the new one is built?

Original Poster9 points·7 months ago

Memories of great moments and games that you can picture where they happened. But not a lot else. There's nothing left of the Stamford Bridge I first came to, so in a way the ground's already changed completely for me. This will be a second time. I wasn't one of those opposed to moving, as long as it wasn't far. It's great that we're staying, but people grow up and move home. Your life circumstances change. We need this change.

Which players (if any) have you become especially close to (past or present)?

Original Poster9 points·7 months ago

Ones who have been there a long time, who have come up from youth, and ones who played before I worked there who I watched week in, week out. Too many to mention. So I'll pick out one, and start at the beginning. As a six year old onwards, my first hero was Peter Bonetti. He's up in Birmingham now, near Walsall, and I still visit him if I'm in that part of the world.

Is Conte starting to get a voice with the board with the league victory and the progress that he's shown or will we see another battle of "misinterpreted" quotes come January/Summer?

Original Poster1 point·7 months ago

See above

From 1959 to 2017 who would you select in the top 10 chelsea players?

Original Poster8 points·7 months ago

I wrote a book about 10 years ago in which I listed them. They were: Bonetti and Cech, a half each Greaves Cooke and Osgood Dixon Wise and Zola Terry and Lampard And I put one in for the future: Joe Cole. What I would say now is that however much I loved and admired and respected certain players, and I know you can't really compare different ages and certainly different individuals when they had different team-mates, I would find it impossible in compiling such a list now, given what happened in the first 12 years of this century, with not starting with four names: Cech, Terry, Lampard, Drogba!

Hey Spy,

Exactly how amazing are those boys from the BCBs in Houston? I've heard they are the best.

Original Poster6 points·7 months ago

Can't hold their drink!

I don’t know which one you are. But yeah, they’re rad elitists. Zydeco in building.

Waddup Spy!!

What is the biggest difference between the club atmosphere over the past couple of decades? How is the atmosphere different from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s to now?

Original Poster11 points·7 months ago

I'm not old school on this. The best atmosphere is this ground since it's been finished. There might have been a good atmosphere in the middle of the Shed, in the maelstrom of the Shed, but it didn't transmit to the rest of the stadium or the pitch. It just went up in the air. I was West Stand benches from '66 to '77 (when my mum and dad decided on West stand season tickets, so I joined them), and there were plenty of quiet, miserable afternoons. ,As soon as the new stadium was complete, whenever I walked an old player out to the pitch he'd say: "Cor, I wish I could have played in this." It traps the atmosphere. It's been a huge part of us starting to win things.

Do you have any pre-game rituals that you or anyone at Chelsea FC feel they have to do before a game that would bring good fortune? Such as putting your left shoe on first, for example.

Original Poster7 points·7 months ago

No alcohol!

If you could change careers which would choose?

Original Poster3 points·7 months ago

I'd have been Peter Bonetti's successor in goal

Favourite cup final goal?

Original Poster2 points·7 months ago

Webby, Old Trafford (yes, I was there), and Didier, Munich. My reaction to Didier's was weird. It was half mad celebration and deep, deep relief - and it was half a shrug and a 'Well, it's Didier'. What a goal it was, by the way. And what a goal his was at Wembley, 2007, against Man Utd. And, of course, what a goal Ossie's was at Old Trafford. But I'll stick with the first two.

Neil!! Love you on The Football Show and wish you were on more. I have 2 questions for you.

  1. What’s your favorite Chelsea moment/memory since you’ve been working for them?

  2. What the hell happened to the Blues today? (Hands down the worst match I’ve ever seen Azpilicueta play)

Thanks for doing this and can’t wait to hear you on SiriusXM this week!

Original Poster13 points·7 months ago

Favourite moments: Bolton 2005, Munich 2012. But I want to remember another one. And it seems daft because of the outcome. The build-up to Moscow 2008. I'd never been to a Champions League Final. All that Uefa entertainment rubbish pre-match actually worked, made it seem the major event it was. All those years of following Chelsea, those 22 games at the end of 1980/81 when we only scored in three of them, and now here were in a Champions League Final. That's why we get addicted to following a team. It's like the greatest story ever told, and you don't know the ending, and the ending keeps changing and getting ever more emotional. Can we also remember that until the penalty shoot-out that was one hell of a high level of football. Sensational! And I know he won't thank me for bringing it up but the best player on the pitch that night for me was John Terry, His goal-line clearance late on was unbelievable.

Thanks Neil. I appreciate you taken the time to answer. I hope to make it to the Bridge soon to catch my beloved Chelsea in action. Go Blues!!

Hi Neil! Thanks so much for taking the time out to do this AMA.

I know you're great with club facts, so my question is: what is the most random club fact or statistic that has amazed you or that you've always loved?

Also, do you think Chelsea TV's footage will ever go back to the glory days of Harlington?


Original Poster3 points·7 months ago

Here's a random one. Yesterday's goal by Bakayoko was the first header for goal by Chelsea direct from a corner this season. We'd not won one until then. And Alonso nearly got another in the second-half! I don't know about glory days of Harlington. The wind, the cold, the lack of facilities, the students... How football's changed!

Hi Neil, What is the best individual season you've seen from a Chelsea player?

Original Poster5 points·7 months ago

Several by Bonetti, Osgood, Cooke, Hudson, Nevin, Dixon, Wise, Zola, Hughes, Hasselbaink, Cech, Terry, Lampard, Drogba, Hazard... But I'm going to pick a different one for a different reason to all their brillliant campaigns. Ruud Gullit, 1995/96. Oh how we all opened our eyes to a higher level of playing the game.

If you could put any historical Chelsea player in their prime into this team, who would it be and why?

Original Poster3 points·7 months ago

Alan Hudson, 1969/70. Think De Bruyne in Man City's midfield. The legs of Bakayoko and almost Kante, The feet of Fabregas.

What is your favourite Chelsea goal? (Doesn’t matter if you’ve been there for it or not)

Original Poster7 points·7 months ago

Obvious ones, Di Matteo, Wembley, 1997 (I missed that out above); Drogba, Munich. But let me pick out alternatives. Zola's FA semi-final goal against Wimbledon. I always preferred it to the Norwich back flick. I still don't really know how he did it. One which wasn't on anything except the end of season video: Kerry at home to Liverpool in a 3-1 win. He went past Hansen and Lawrenson in a run from the East Stand side towards the North Terrace, and beat Grobbelaar. There was one by Bobby Tambling when he ran through at the Shed end, maybe against West Ham, and stopped before just curling the ball round the keeper who didn't know what Bobby was doing. An artisan taking his time.

Who's the biggest character off the pitch that you've seen?

Original Poster4 points·7 months ago

Loads of them. Leaders! People comfortable on the pitch in front of 40,000 in moments of tension. They don't come off the pitch and shrivel. From Ossie to Didier, from Terry Venables to Wisey to John Terry. But you know what? Off the pitch they're all pretty normal as well.

What's the best atmosphere at the Bridge you've experienced?

Original Poster4 points·7 months ago

All the obvious ones, from Leeds in the '60s to Barcelona and Liverpool in the noughties. But let me tell you about a special one. One of the worst ever was Sheffield Wednesday, 1991, early kick-off in the League Cup semi-final. When, in 1994, we got to the FA Cup quarter-final for the first time since 1982, at home to Wolves, Colin Hutchinson called me and told me to get out on the pitch 15 minutes before kick-off and do whatever I had to in order to ensure a positive atmosphere. I walked out completely unprepared for what I was supposed to do... and didn't say a word. That atmosphere was brilliant (yes, in the old collapsing stadium). That team had caught the fans' imagination, and everyone 'believed'. There was singing, chanting, support as good as anything before or since. And Gavin Peacock's goal put us in the semi-final.

Hi Neil, thanks for doing this AMA.

My question is has there been a time as an announcer when you made some mistake and were especially embarassed about it? :D

Original Poster13 points·7 months ago

Not really on the pitch. My most embarrassing moment was on Chelsea TV when a caller was berating the lack of respect given to people like him who travelled to home games. He went through his previous weekend, coming to Stamford Bridge, and the cost of it. He went through it like a diary, but missed out Sunday morning. I, trying to be too clever and too funny, pointed out his gap, and suggested that maybe it had involved a 'dirty' weekend. (I cringe as I write this). He replied that on Sunday morning he'd been visiting his sick mother in hospital. Aaaaaaaagh! (I am now blushing again).

Ouch that sounds really embarassing. Thanks for sharing.

Can you shed some light on Jose's last season at the bridge?

Original Poster4 points·7 months ago

See first reply.

Hi Neil, thanks for the AMA. I listen to you everyday on the football show. I love your insights and logical analysis.

My question is : Does the popularity of EPL ever bugs you?

Original Poster5 points·7 months ago

Al the top League seem to be different. Italian, tactical; Spanish, technical; German, running; English, passion. Of course in the USA you're going to love passion over those other characteristics. I like to think of myself as a man of passion!! I love us being loved!

Hi Neil

Thanks for your time. Which match was the best Champions League atmosphere you have experienced?

Original Poster6 points·7 months ago

Let's not forget: the first one, home to Milan. The away one at the San Siro that season, when the Milan nutters were almost falling off the top tier in their welcoming back of Marcel Desaily. Barcelonas, Liverpools, Napoli, Munich... but one was more extreme for atmosphere than any other. And you won't like the answer. Anfield, 2005. The ghost goal. That goal didn't win the match. The Liverpool fans did. That was the most intimidating atmosphere ever. Jamie Carragher says it's the best atmosphere he's ever played in. It was a hurricane.

and if eidur had scored at the end of that one too. shit, maybe the crowd got to him and that's why he didn't put that one away. I watched it in a pub in Chester while I was at uni there, and intimidating is the bloody word! exciting time to be a Chelsea fan though, and we had a great rivalry with Liverpool then, looking back.

just wanted to say thanks for this AMA, utterly fascinating reading. KTBFFH

Guðjohnsen2 points·7 months ago

Hey Neil, appreciate you taking the time out to answer a couple of these!

For you, what went wrong in 2015/16 for us? That season was not just a disappointment with players underperforming, it was a complete collapse of what Jose had achieved the season before.

Original Poster1 point·7 months ago

See above

Hey Neil, this may be quite an odd question. But what is your favourite Chelsea shirt/kit?

Personally, I've always been a fan of the Coors '94 Kit.

Original Poster3 points·7 months ago

I just like the kit to be 'Chelsea' and not the 'manufacturer', so I much prefer the current one to recent kits with three stripes on. I miss the yellow second kits.

Neil, thank you for your time. I loved your "Chelsea's Perfect 10" book which was published a decade ago. Have you considered revising the book with new players?

Original Poster1 point·7 months ago

See above

Hi Neil,

How has the administrative side of the club changed over the years since the Abramovich takeover? Is it quite dramatically different from how it used to be in the Ken Bates era, or is it roughly the same?

What are your thoughts on how we can fix the atmosphere at the Bridge? Even Shed and Matthew Harding sections don't seem as consistently loud as they used to be for big games.

Also let me note that despite all the change that has happened at Chelsea since I started coming to games as a child in the 90s, you have been one of the few constants which is nice! ( alongside the Chelsea fanzine seller, "Only a pound, hurry up!").

Original Poster9 points·7 months ago

See above. Don't believe the hype. The atmosphere is better than it used to be. Under Jose until near the end, and under Antonio until recently we've had the most phenomenal home record imaginable.Do you really think that's been achieved with a lousy atmosphere? Before Gullit, Stamford Bridge was rarely full. From the early 80s, the ground was closing down in various areas due to disrepair. That's when the atmosphere was lacking. The only season in my time before the current lay-out of the ground that we averaged 40,000 for home games was 1969/70. And in those days the capacity was over 60,000. But, be warned, the more successful the club gets, the bigger it gets with the new stadium, the atmosphere will change and get watered down. As more people come, they're bound to be less hardcore. The only way to counter that is to be unsuccessful and not attract them. So that's no answer. As for the administrative side; under Ken the club was a flourishing small business; under Roman it's a flourishing global business. You can't compare them, or any club in the Premier League to 15 years ago. You only have to look at the coaching staff and support staff and see it's now bigger than the playing staff. Our world has changed.

Comment deleted7 months ago(1 child)
Original Poster2 points·7 months ago

Pat is intelligent, humorous, insightful, and, despite all the descriptions of him when he was a player, not at all weird! I don't know what jobs are available these days, but follow commentator Gary Taphouse on twitter, he's always listing vacancies.

Thanks for doing this! I have a two fold question.

What do you think of our youth academy in terms of other academies in the world? Are we in the right path now in order to develop and integrate youth in first team?

Also, who is your favourite player currently in our youth academy?

Original Poster11 points·7 months ago

Since reserve football was stopped which is pretty much when academies were introduced, since first team coaches preferred to have potential first team players training with them and not playing at all, and all that started with the Robert Huth, Carlton Cole era, I've watched development stop. It's not Chelsea, it's everyone in England. England has started to get good international results in youth tournaments, but I honestly believe it's with physical football which won't translate into senior football (unlike Chelsea in the Uefa Youth League which was seriously good football). Our Academy desperately needs someone to break regularly into the first team, and I think that will finally happen this season with Andreas Christensen. But it's hard to get the right desire, commitment, tenacity when you're not playing, from these boys when they're earning good money and living young lives. Personally, I wish and believe Dujon Sterling should have been given a chance last season when Victor Moses was injured. I think he has the physical attributes as well as the skills to be a squad player now. I hope he plays against Everton in the League Cup. But don't tell his agent I said that! And what do I know when I don't see how he does in training with Antonio?

What do u think of this season,Spy??

-9 points·7 months ago(0 children)
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