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they have item levels and you can average the item level...but its trash and no one would judge you by it.

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No, that's not what I'm saying. If a Molten Core trinket is BiS for Mages, it has the highest gearscore on the addon regardless of iLvl.

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I understand what you're saying, but it would have to be class specific, spec specific and take hit caps (soft and hard) into account.

There is also some disagreement on certain items being better than others from certain people.

I just wouldn't trust one or a few people to make all these decisions.

Crowd Pummeler mace would be BiS of all time for feral druid, but only if they have charges to use, and more maces in their bags for the other boss fights. I know its a rare spec to see but still, everything needs to be properly evaluated and accounted for.

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I know about all this, and I stand by my point. I think you overestimate the difficulty of doing this.

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I'm not saying it isn't possible. It just seems like these factors make it hard to gain traction.

I feel that people like myself are skeptical of a rating system made by some random that should be trusted as a way to earn raid slots.

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The main thing I think of is that it just isn't worth doing it. To start with, we don't know the proc rate on a lot of things, we have a lot of ideas, but until at least beta you can't really start working on putting a "gearscore" on everything since all of the items weight will be based on every other item. You can clear content if you are geared correctly without having full pre-bis, and calculating the value of every piece of gear will take a while (not necessarily difficult, just massively time consuming considering pre-bis is still being argued about). One of the harder parts of raiding is getting enough people together and having them work together, requiring a certain level gearscore will exclude a lot of people and your raid will take significantly longer to fill up.

It might start seeing use in AQ/Naxx, but I don't think it will be worth looking much past seeing if they have the correct itemization for the earlier raids.

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That could easily be done, but would be very subjective. People do not all agree on what is best in slot, and sometimes it depends on which other items you have.

An easy example is tank defense score. You could have a tank with a decent gear score on paper, but if his defense is low then I don't think that he is well-equipped.

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