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Best BG class?

I'm looking to play a lot of BGs, especially WSG and AV.

What's are the best flag carriers, and what classes tend to be favorable in AV? I'm thinking about Druid or Shaman.

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Every class has valuable roles to play in all BGs, but some are more versatile than the others. You'd probably make the biggest difference in BGs, pug or premade, by playing holy paladin since teams will usually have less healers than they should. Holy paladins are especially rare and coveted among ranking premaders as they are overall the best BG healer but don't really get much worthwhile from ranking, so demand is much higher than supply.

I'd say mage is overall the most versatile class for BGs. Blizzard and other strong aoe spells are incredibly good for combating the massive clusters of players in AV.

In AB they can polymorph and use their other cc abilities to stall while defending a point, and can defend points for a long time against overwhelming odds by ice blocking once or even twice in a row. Polymorph and excellent burst damage makes them pretty ideal for attacking points, and a blizzard strategically placed on the enemy GY right as they rez can be devastating.

In WSG all their cc makes them an ideal support for the flag carrier, or controlling midfield, or attacking the flag carrier.

Basically mage will shine almost no matter what situation they are in. They aren't the best at everything, but are the most well rounded.

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this. druid is hands down the best fc but not very good for anything else mage and holy pala can also carry flags and are more valuable for all other aspects of the game.

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But mage is the best for both, cuz you can FC as well

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Do you mean WSG and AB*? Or actually Alterac Valley?

WSG - Druid for flag runner and super support/heals.

AB/AV you can be anything you want really. Just depends on what kind of role you want to play in the BG. In AB you can defend flag like a champ as Druid, and in AV you can stealth past guards and cap towers and assist with GY caps. Shaman, is one of those hybrids where you can chose your class fantasy and either heal, or bust dps with elemental, and test your RNG with the wig fury gods.

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Original Poster2 points · 1 month ago

I actually mean AV. I love that huge combat.

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Yea, 100% agree with you on that Vanilla AV. It was awesome!

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Hunters were incredibly fun in AV. Hiding behind cover and sniping clothies before they knew what hit them was the best.

Also, when you’re on defense you have so many tools to slow down the enemy team.

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In WSG: Druid, Mage and Paladin are likely the best flag carriers. Mages are especially good as back ups to the runner due to their amazing CC. As good as druids are, it sure is easy to escape when two players are frozen to the ground and another one is covered in wool.

In AB: Hunters and rogues are fantastic for defending nodes. Classes with burst damage are great for capping.

In AV: Classes with AOE's are great for farming honour as there tends to be times in the game with lots of players bunching up. Single target classes like hunter and rogue can obviously waste people one on one, but Paladins, Mages, and Warlocks can really do great work at some of the bottlenecks. Hunter and Druid also have AoE's, but I wouldn't put much stock in those.

AV is a weird one though because every class can be extremely helpful. If you actually start doing the questing and reputation farming, warrior tanks can be really great whereas normally you might expect them on the frontlines. Shaman can also be great for their chain heals to help you progress quickly through the mines. Rogues and druids can solo cap if they are lucky/crafty enough, and priests can basically turn the tide of any large skirmish with enough pocket healing. AV feels like a war, and everyone can do their part.

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i'd say a mage is the best choice for that.

good at both, obviously good for just fighting, but also can flag carry in wsg. in av super useful in massfight with blizzard where you zone out ppl with aoe, and fight for space. or "bomb" yourself into the crowd spam nova instant aoe slow everyone, or just play as a turret from behind.

druid is quite underwhelming in av, guess you can tank bosses or heal, but its not the best. you can moonkin, geared moonkins can do quite well. but ya.. not overall the best choice you can make for av thats for sure. and in wsg it only excels in one role which is flag carrier, which is a fine choice if you want to specialize at this role.

shaman is fine for bgs, especially elem. mostly just for damage dealing and being a turret killing ppl being a cannon. geared elem shamans are kings of random bgs. and in general casters/ranged are in a significantly better spot in AV enviroment.

as for general flag carry rating. druid is the best flag carrier, mage is a solid second after druids. shaman can carry flag aswell in wolf, but its quite worse than these two. rather than that, rogues can score flags with (double) sprint and freeaction pots, or sneaky hunters with aspect.

hunter is fine choice for solo bgs spam aswell.

so ya for what you asking i'd reccomend mage, ele shaman, hunter. and druid if you want to be a flag carrier specialist and only do this job pretty much. overall i said mage cos its the most versitale for all kind of things and pvp situations, fc, massfights, skirmishes, aoeing, solo situations.

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Druid great heals and flag carriers.

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I got FM on my hunter and had a lot of fun back in Vanilla. You just shoot everyone, I loved endless AVs you'd get hundreds of kills. Plus if you're going to play a lot of AV there's nothing better than huge aimed shot crits on cloth wearers.

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Field Marshal

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Ah thanks I thought it might be a bow lol

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Depends what you mean by "best". If solo queuing, probably rogue will give you the wins in fights, simply because you can more easily choose engagements as you have stealth. Really sucks in av though as people are often grouped and pretty bad flag carriers.

Hunter is good for similar reasons as most people wont try directly engage hunters unless they can get right ontop of them. Great in AV due to their range and passable flag carrier.

Mages cant really choose encounters that well, but sheep will usually balance or reset a fight for you. Decent flag carrier and great in AV.

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Rogues are best used on choke points for defense or ninja capping towers. They unfortunately art very useful in world PvP or AV giant battles where there is just too many people to go into melee range without instantly dying.

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As everyone has said, Druid is the best flag carrier.

AV you can do a lot of fun stuff. Stealth capping is incredibly effective, more so when your alliance, the horde archers can’t hit you inside the towers. You can delay a cap for days with your mobility and healing.

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mage does well in every BG and almost every aspect of them

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Druid + Green Whelp Armor ( ) was nutty for FC. For AV anything ranged was great.

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Original Poster2 points · 1 month ago

That is BONKERS cool! I'll be sure to try that sometime!

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Elemental shaman, nuke chain lightning into crowds, heal allies and purge bop and bof. Drop totem with hunter traps to slow down enemy advances.

Lower levels they also make for decent flag carriers with ghost wolf and a shield.

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Mage. top notch flag carrier and perfect for AV

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