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Do I need to roll Alliance?

Hey everyone!

So, I played during Vanilla as Alliance, experienced a big chunk of the game back then and only rerolled Horde in late Wrath. So, when Classic hits, I really want to roll a Horde character to experience that part of the game as well.

Now, the thing is that I prefer PvE over PvP and I actually want to get into hardcore or semi-hardcore raiding. Some of my friends told me that Alliance advantage is so important because of Paladins and Fear Ward and stuff like that, that my only option really, is to play Alliance again. I didn't play Horde during Vanilla, so the question is: is it really that much harder for Horde on the PvE side? It would be appreciated if someone could enlighten me, who has some insight. Thanks in advance!

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Your friend is wrong & pedantic, as is anyone agreeing with him. Roll anything you like. Except maybe not Ret paladin.

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No, alliance needs more ret paladins.

Sincerely, horde players.

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Alliance needs more reck-bomb paladins - totally rolling one in Classic XD

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Agreed, more ret, less healing holy paladins giving their warriors bof.

Sincerely. Horde players.

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10 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

The World first Naxx clear was a horde guild (I forget the name). That should be enough to tell you that your friend(s) opinions shouldn’t affect your decision. I played alliance in the original Vanilla so I am going horde this time around.

Edit: I’m not saying that there aren’t pros to playing alliance, but I still think that you should play the realm you want to play. You’ll find Good raiding guilds on either faction.

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On my server! US Magtheridon

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Nihilum was on EU

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Now I need a fact check or I am just a foool.

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5 points · 1 month ago

Nihilum was EU, 100%

You got the server name right though.

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Your friend doesn't know what he is talking about.

Yes, Alliance is arguably a little easier but there will be hard core guilds on both factions and they will both steam roll all content. You are not forced to pick one faction over the other.

Fearward is mostly a non-issue. The only thing that makes a bit of a difference is the fact you need to watch your threat a little more on horde side since you don't have blessing of salvation.

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This^ And to quote a comment I saw in another post somewhere:

"Horde tends to get World/Server firsts due to WF, and Alliance faster speedruns later on due to blessings"

In the end? Doesn't matter, roll whatever you want to :)

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Original Poster2 points · 1 month ago

Thank you! This settles it then.

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There is a very big difference between the two factions for PvE raids. Alliance has it much easier than horde.

also, fear ward is not a "non-issue" and it makes a big difference on many fights.

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2 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

many fights

That is where you are wrong. There really are not that many fights where this is important, and horde have anti fear mechanics too and can easily deal with these fights. I'd even argue that human priests are better post BWL. You really only need them on Ony and Nef and both figths are easy.

  • casual alliances raids are not likely to have many dwarf priests.

There is absolutely no reason to pick alliance over horde because "you want to raid". That is just ridiculous.

Pick your class,race and then faction. In that order.

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2 points · 1 month ago

Mag, Ony, Nef, AQ40 trash, Bug trio, Grob.

Ony and Nef are much easier with this mechanic. it only takes a fraction of a second for the dragon to turn and flamebreath the raid. tremor totems are very unreliable for preventing this and its up to the warrior to use one of their fear breaks. unless you are alliance and then you just dont get feared at all.

there absolutely is a reason to pick alliance over horde. they have an advantage in pve compared to the horde. i agree you can still raid as horde, i have personally cleared all the vanilla content on the horde.

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How do you pick a race and then a faction?

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it's the amount of weight you should put into the consideration, in that order. i can draw a picture in paint for you is words are hard.

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The difficulty is negligible with a full optimized raid. There will be a lot of guilds on both factions... You wont be associated with players who are min/maxing this hard. A real question you and your friends need to ask yourselves, is which class you want to play? An alliance warrior has a very different quality of life from a horde warrior, just as warlocks have a very different experience... 40+% of players may role undead, what implications does that have on alliance priests and warlocks for pvp? How about that orc warrior who is the only class wearing plate, has axe spec (with no real competition on axes), standing next to shamans with windfury who validate the use of 2h weapons in pve on a faction that only has 2 possible tank classes in 5 man content? How does that orc warriors quality of life compare to the alliance warrior who has a ret or two competing for his plate, and can't get a 1h for months because he's rolling against 6 other warriors and 8 rogues because all of them have the human racial? There are layers to this conversation and we could go back and forth all day... this wasn't meant to be a detailed comparison of horde or alliance. I'm simply stimulating thought. You will clear all the content whether you play horde or alliance, but depending on your class, you will have a very different experience in each faction. Subtle differences in the races can have a massive impact on the experience a player has. Are paladins better for pve speed progression? Sure. But who cares? The content will be fairly trivial for those who min/max anyhow (as wow content always has been for us tryhards) so choose what will impact your experience the most.

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You have to roll Alliance. Nobody on Horde does any endgame content; back in the old days, by the time TBC rolled out, 100% of Alliance guilds had Naxx on farm and the top Horde guilds were just beginning to set foot in MC and most hadn't even completed the Scholomance key quest.

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This is 100% true.

Horde didn't even know what black rock depths was by the time cstacylsm came out. I think that's when the first horde players discovered that we could group into these thongs called "parties". It wasn't long until the pandas came out that we found the raid button, too.

From there, we the Horde even found our way by stumbling into BWL on accident. A crowning achievement for horde pve players everywhere.

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Your friends sound like the people I would prefer to play against on alliance, you should roll alliance with them.

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I would not worry about it. Play what you want, Alliance may have it a bit easier but they are both mostly the same. Or level on both factions and see which one you like better.

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UD WotF tanking makes up for lack of fear ward, and the only real difference between pally/shaman is a slight change in what gear is bis. Being in a skilled guild will get you through all content easily.

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fact: alliance has a massive advantage in PvP with the exception of a few (2, if I remember correctly) encounters

fact: it does not matter, roll what you want

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he meant to say PvE

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-4 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

Edit: /u/TheRealRambo92 ignore people downvoting me. 24 of the 25 first guilds to kill KT were Alliance and people rolled faction randomly in Vanilla. There are differences and you should know them.

This is my opinion as someone that has done all raids through Naxx as both Horde and Alliance on private servers.

Alliance is definitively better in almost every aspect of PvE and will make you have an easier time of raiding. The chances of finding a decent mid level raiding guild as Alliance is much higher than as Horde. What being alliance does is gives your guild more room to fuck up and not die. An evenly skilled guild as Alliance will perform better than their Horde counter part at most levels of raiding.

Horde is perfectly fine to raid as but your raid comps, threat, raid buffs are just not as good. Horde can output more DPS than Alliance because of windfury. You don't have blessing of freedom, blessing of protection, pally bubble, increased health from Kings, or salvation.

At the TOP TOP levels of skill Horde is arguably better than Alliance but we're talking world top 10 with full world buffs and every consume your bag can hold. But on average anything that isn't world first level raiding Alliance will give you much better on Average raiding guilds. Many people roll horde to PvP then decide they also want to raid so you get a lot of people that aren't as focused or competent in your runs and guilds. Whereas alliance the mindset is generally that they want to raid so on average you'll get better players that want to focus on PvE.

Both are completely fine but if you want to play the odds and you want to focus mostly on PvE then go Alliance.

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6 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

This is terrible advice to give. There is already an issue present where most PvE players default to rolling on alliance.

There is no reason to perpetuate the misconception that horde don't do well in PvE.

If you like horde, and you want to play horde. Then play horde. You won't have any issues. Especially so if you're looking for a hardcore guild.

If you're 11 years old, you can't communicate with other people and you don't know what a raid is; then maybe it'll be easier to get into a raid on alliance side. But otherwise, do what you want and not what people tell you.

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0 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

If you're just looking for people to say: "Play anything it's all the same!"

Then say that, but there are huge differences between Horde and Alliance and PvE and PvP implications because of the differences.

I've literally played both and been in the best NA guild that has played on private servers since Nost.

This isn't a misconception there is a reason one does better than the other. The tools are different for both factions.

You can play either and kill everything just fine like I said. But it's just easier to do as Alliance.

Don't just mindlessly downvote a well supported post because you don't like that fact that Horde and Alliance have different pros and cons.

I'm not saying you cant play horde. I'm just pointing out why being alliance has more tools to make it easier.

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8 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

I haven't downvoted anything. And I already did write the pros and cons of horde vs. alliance raiding.

OP is specifically looking to raid hardcore or semi hardcore in vanilla and wants to play horde but literally made this thread because he is concerned about his chances to do so, a concern that doesn't need to be perpetuated because it's a misconception that horde don't do well in raids.

I have have also raided with top guilds on both factions, NOPE/Dreamstate/etc on Nostalrius and there's no reason to pick the one over the other over simple preference.

Raiding is easy in vanilla. Pick what race and class you want to play.

Picking a faction because you want to raid is dumb advice and should be treated as such, it only spreads misconceptions and faction imbalance. Raids are easy and both factions do them and clear all content.

Horde need to watch their threat meters a little more carefully than alliance, that's literally it.

You say you don't spread misconceptions, but you're literally posting in a thread that was made because of it.

So to answer OP; no. You don't need to roll alliance.

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0 points · 1 month ago

if someone is asking for advice on which faction to play if he wants to focus on PvE, then the answer is alliance. its a fact they have it much easier in PvE

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There’s way too many horde everywhere I played so far so i’d say roll alliance with the real boys!

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-3 points · 1 month ago

Alliance have a big advantage in PvE. If you want to be more PvE oriented then you should play them over the horde.

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3 points · 1 month ago

this sub...

parroting the most blatant nonsense over and over.
downvoting actual facts.


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the funny part is i prefer the horde over alliance.

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I do too until the first BoF turns a whole BG arround. instant regret

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not using your felhunter? get a shaman to purge that shit :)

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