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Thousands of seabirds are starving to death on the remote Lord Howe Island because their stomachs are full of plastic waste life on Earth is absolutely dying and we are next

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32 points · 2 months ago

when you fill the Oceans/planet with this, the little specs are what their eating.

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That's not just sand?

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10 points · 2 months ago

Nope! plastic, you know the stuff lake Erie is full of...the manufacturing plant for exfoliates is on lake Erie. Those tiny bits of plastic are so small the even a stage two water processing plant cannot capture them.

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OK, I dont get it, wouldnt this be just pooped out? Like eating gum, or sand, or pennies for that matter?

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The Royal Society of Chemistry

Animals can become entangled in large pieces of plastic – which can cause physical distress and even death – but the main problem is marine wildlife mistaking micro- and nanoplastics for food. Once ingested, they can cause gut blockage, physical injury, changes to oxygen levels in cells in the body, altered feeding behaviour and reduced energy levels, which impacts growth and reproduction. The balance of whole ecosystems can be affected. The particles can also act as carriers by adsorbing and concentrating chemicals present in the environment that are persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic, known as PBT compounds. This means, on top of harm caused by the microplastic particle itself, harmful chemicals can be carried and released inside the body. Additionally, the polymers that make up the microplastics contain chemical additives such as plasticisers, flame retardants and antimicrobial agents, which could leach out of the plastic and into the environment. At present, it isn’t possible to say which poses the biggest threat.

Even we can’t seem to completely avoid the microplastic problem. Particulates have also been detected in seafood sold for human consumption, such as mussels, oysters and sea salt. It has been estimated that the average European shellfish consumer could ingest up to 11,000 microplastic particles per year9 and in Chinese shellfish consumers it is predicted to be an order of magnitude higher.10 However, no studies to date exist that suggest human health could be affected adversely by the ingestion of microplastics in food, as they do not at present constitute a significant proportion of total intake and would be expected to pass straight through the gut. Nanoplastics (1–100 nm in size) on the other hand, which could result from the continual erosion of microplastics, in theory could pass across the gut, but improved analytical methods and much more data is needed to accurately assess the issue.

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There's tons of videos where you can see dead bird carcasses and the plastic has filled up internal organs and remained. What scares me is finding out the small plastics too, that are ending up in our water supplies.

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It looks like fish food that you'd put in an aquarium.

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I'm disappointed that the BBC didn't itself draw the "we are next" conclusion, although to be fair, anyone to whom that isn't immediately obvious probably isn't capable of believing it at all.

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27 points · 2 months ago

but we aren't next- we don't eat seabirds.

there are any number of species that will die off before we do.

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Falling like dominoes, up the food chain.

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Particulates have also been detected in seafood sold for human consumption, such as mussels, oysters and sea salt. It has been estimated that the average European shellfish consumer could ingest up to 11,000 microplastic particles per year9 and in Chinese shellfish consumers it is predicted to be an order of magnitude higher.

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Scientist8 points · 2 months ago

Send not to know for whom the bell tolls - it tolls for thee

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that's fine...but we're still not next.

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Pharmaceutical already make us poop drugs.

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Cool. I must find a way to monetize that.

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There was an article on recycled cocaine.

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That’s not a fair comparison, your body filters your blood and ingested food to a degree for everything. Saying “pharmaceutical makes us poop drugs” is like saying agriculture makes us poop vitamins.

Drug companies account for your body filtering out drugs and vitamins or minerals or something else you may need. That’s why dosage is important and why you can’t eat grapefruit or some other foods while taking certain medications. Because those foods make the drug much more or much less potent by increasing/decreasing absorption/filtration.

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Fair. What goes in must come out.

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2 points · 2 months ago

Alarmist headlines and incoherent babbling about the inevitable doom will have you promptly shuffled off to the side and ignored. Doubly so if you use phrases like "they aren't capable of believing it".

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"We are next" in what sense? That we will starve because of plastic in our stomachs? I doubt that.

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If it’s happening to them why not us? Micro plastics are powerful as they increase over a lifetime? Just like mercury builds up in the body as eaten so too can the plastics. Seems silly to think we are above the plight of these birds “just cause”

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It's probably been a major source of cancer causes - perhaps it's the source of the Autism some blame on vaccines. Or any number of other health affects.

But, no. We won't starve. Or even go hungry.

See, the difference between a seagull and you, is that when you get a tummy ache you can go to the doctor who will then say "Shit, dude, stop eating plastic!!" ... to which you will reply, "Man, we all do, I can't avoid it" ... and Doc will say, "true true true ... let me get the pump."

Seagulls' don't have that option. Which is why the starve.

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So they flush their tummies and then what?

I applaud any kind of effort but seems like a bullet on a band aid if they're just gonna go out and gobble up the same shit again.

Need to attack the root problem.

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these comments YIKES

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I didn't realized when I subbed to this place that it's mostly part "we're all dead" with zero supporting evidence. And part "I can't wait until everyone suffers."

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Yeah, I like the links that get shared here. But the comments are always pretty crazy.

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Totally agree. There's a good amount of interesting things posted that I don't see elsewhere.

I saw a woman comment here who said it was her nightmare to fall in love because she might have kids because the world is ending.

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I saw a woman comment here who said it was her nightmare to fall in love because she might have kids because the world is ending.

Exactly, instead of having nightmares of falling in love she should just get her tubes tied.

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not really... are you even reading... half the time people don't even comment

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This response is like you cut and pasted the middle portion of a comment to a different conversation.

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-9 points · 2 months ago(4 children)
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typical ignorant generalization of an entire gender. LUL.

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typical reddit not recognizing sarcasm LUL

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That's why we have /s. Check it out sometime.

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poe's law :(

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just if evolution up her game. We would have birds eating plastic left and right

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yeah this is fine something something survival of the fittest something natural something evolution

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Remember those body washes with the micro-plastics in them for abrasive cleaning? AXE was one of them. Yeah we're just asking for it at this point.

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0 points · 2 months ago

Fortunately for the other life on this planet the stuff we use to make plastic is running out.

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Not really. We can keep sucking oil out of this planet for a long damn time. They're oil where the ice used to be covering!

We'll run out of spots to keep the CO2 before running out of oil becomes a major problem.

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And that arctic oil is going to be very expensive. Just because we can doesn’t mean we will

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Just because it's expensive, that just means more profit markup for the corporate wealth extractors. And, when have profits ever been limited for the nebulous, down the road, not my problem "environment."

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2 points · 2 months ago

If it's expensive because it takes a lot of energy to get they might not bother. If it takes almost a barrel of oil worth of energy to get a barrel of oil

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possibly, but unlikely. Consider gold and other resource extractions. Gold costs roughly 1000 dollars and ounce and sells for roughly 1200 dollars and once. that's about 10% profit margins.

Oil in cheap places like Saudi Arabia cost two to three dollars a barrel to produce while tar sands in Alberta cost roughly 60 to 70. At 100 dollars a barrel the profit margin ranges from fucking astounding 95+% to hugely desirable 30-40%.

Unless you see wide spread implementation of extraction taxes to curb oil production nobody is going to be turning away from these profit margins for a very long time. Don't forget we still haven't even started thinking about extracting from Antartica and places like the Arctic Ocean are only being tentatively beginning expoitation.

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I like birds so this is sad

But I like death and despair too

They won't die in vain as humans suffer more

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Comment deleted2 months ago(More than 75 children)
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LMAO it’s definitely not a gender thing...humanity is at fault. Take that agenda elsewhere

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Comment deleted2 months ago(0 children)
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Pessimist34 points · 2 months ago

Men are so corrupt, they should be in charge of absolutely nothing

yeah Margaret Thatcher who destroyed uk permanent does not counting and Madeleine Albright said killing 500'000 Iraqi children was worth it

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-30 points · 2 months ago(0 children)
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Pessimist5 points · 2 months ago

haha best joke every heard

i give you more example equal fucked up women in human history

Mary I of England

Elizabeth Báthory

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Elizabeth Bathory was slandered. I read a convincing argument that she didn’t do it.

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-4 points · 2 months ago · edited 2 months ago

yeah and all their soldiers in their military were all female and all their governments officials were all women

oh wait! wut?


men have been responsible for murdering millions of people all over the world and raping millions of females

but let's not focus on men and all their horrific atrocities.. lets denounce a couple of women instead and then we can say it's all square and equal and women are just as bad as men?

Except of course

women never declared men their inferior and decided to slaughter them in their millions because of it..

and men's war on women never ends or their hatred for them

as the bodies of 600 females of all ages, have been found over a ten year period on a highway in America, all raped tortured and mutilated by members of the bro'hood of the spineless

but there will never be a day when we find the bodies of 600 men raped, tortured & mutilated by women on some highway in America!


The idea men are civilised is purely male.

Men want to see females raped and tortured and that's what goes on inside men's heads.. rape

and men see themselves as superior ...

Number 1, men are not superior

Number 2, men aren't even human with thoughts like those running through their heads, let alone civilised . men are some other alien species

which is why men declared women were their inferior and mentally separated themselves from women.. too look down on them and sneer and jeer at them.. and called it being manly, what ever that is?

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I have no idea what has happened in your life for you to come to this conclusion but please stop. You can get help for that.

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Pessimist7 points · 2 months ago

and men see themselves as superior

homo sapiens see themselves as superior than any other Species

level 9

No, no, no!

Men declared themselves superior to women

and then men grouped together and started murdering them

and the female human's they didn't murder they cornered and caged in and raped them

that is men's history and that is all it is. the b all and end all

Men are control freaking nut jobs

and just because laws have altered doesn't mean men have

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Comment deleted2 months ago
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Men don't run from sex men run to it and they enjoy hunting down women and girls and cornering and raping them

it's what being a man is all about, in his little man's festering pit

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Comment deleted2 months ago
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Comment deleted2 months ago
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Why are you talking utter garbage?

Men said women were their inferior.. men said, we want sons.. we don't want daughters

cos it's a man's world

a man's world.. and women aren't welcome in it.. and all the architecture will be male

and all the potential we will focus on, will be male

men have been utter fucking cowardly vain arrogant sadistic self concerned vicious spiteful murderous ugly minded cunts for most if not all of their history and you know what? most still are

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Comment deleted2 months ago
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5 points · 2 months ago

You realize your living in a world that is the product of femenism, right?

level 7

While I certainly disagree with their take, the current political climate certainly isn't the fault of feminists.

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1 point · 2 months ago

No but they did produce all the political correctness and superfluous laws regarding safety

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Comment deleted2 months ago
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9 points · 2 months ago

Men are forcing them to buy this stuff obviously. The rape culture forces women to buy micro beads. The man in the moon compells them to shop!

level 5

Men are too blame for absolute everything

men will empty the seas and fill it with plastic

then they will panic, when it's too late

level 6

It's not men vs women, black vs white, Christians vs Muslim, red vs blue, cat vs dog, Cowboys vs Indians, hot wheels vs matchbox, all that shit is made up to keep greedy selfish on top and generous and selfless on the bottom. Divide and conquer. Until we all get together on that....they win. AND YOU ARE HELPING THEM.

level 7

men are too blame for everything.. men as a group

men want all the glory but none of the blame

but why not when they took everything else?

men took women's rights away, murdered their daughters, whilst highly valuing themselves and their beloved sons..

and men said they had a right to sit at the head of every table in their man's world.. cos they were born male in it.. and were little princes who have the right to lead everyone over a cliff.

cos are they not men of stature?

The idea men are civilised is purely men's

level 8

"Oh God Lionel, you have been hurt. You have been hurt by someone, that much is clear. Who hurt you? Who hurt you? who hurt you?

level 8

Your sexism only hinders the gender equality movement. Men have done many terrible oppressive things (as have women, men are just more aggressive), but you can't foist blame onto an entire gender for the ills of society

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1 point · 2 months ago · edited 2 months ago

but you can't foist blame onto an entire gender for the ills of society

Oh yes I fucking can!

You know if we locked up all males between the ages 14 yrs to 40 yrs across the entire world the crime rate across it would reduce immediately by 83%.

Men are responsible for 98% of all homicides and 99% of all bank robberies and 95% of all car thefts, 99% of all home invasions.. the list goes on and on and on and on and on!

I'm sure you believe one day you will find the bodies of 600 men raped, tortured & mutilated by women on some highway in America! but i can ASSURE you WON'T not ever.

unlike women who can be absolutely certain they will continue to be targets of men who want to torture, rape and mutilate them just for the sadistic sexual thrill of it

because those are the thoughts that fester in men's minds and ooze out of their every pore whilst watching hard core porn and seeing their bro's shove their cocks down women and girl throats just to see them choke

and cheering them on in male solidarity. it's what being a man is all about

oh yeah its something men as a group can get right behind.. frothing and foaming from their mouths all hoping to get a share of the meat

One should never underestimate the capacity of men to bond while the trauma of their victims are reduced down to background noise!

Recently 33 men grabbed a young girl and over a 9 hour period, everyone of them raped her.

"This and no other is the root from which a tyrant springs, when he first appears he is a protector"

What happens every time they send in UN troops into war torn areas to protect the dispossessed.. oh the troops start raping the women and girls they are supposed to be protecting and coerce others to commit sexual favours from them in exchange return for food..

ooh how brave men are.. oh how trust worthy.

sport4men.. Rape.. Sport2men Rape

This news doesn't turn men off, it turns them on.. you can't turn men off. nothing turns men off

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6 points · 2 months ago · edited 2 months ago

Not a single woman in the world probably eats meat, uses commercial airlines or a car? All things considered ecologically destructive in the global scale? That our problems in this world are simply a case of binary "black" and "white" and not complex issues in which we all contribute in some way, either by ignorance or by not simply caring for the consequences for our actions?

When a woman produces a carbon footprint, uses resources of this planet, it's not really doing any damage but when a man does it, it's the one destroying our planet? Or maybe you then can say, "hey, only men created this system" which is pretty stupid simplification of the world?

Ever heard of Ayn Rand? What HER views are on the world? Her books became the spiritual core of the neoliberal consumerist world, where the strongest should win, where greed is a virtue and how the weak should just get better at the race to the top? Books written by an extremely intelligent but morally and ethically ignorant woman? You can't say it was because of a man...

Just throwing few really simple examples out there.

Elizabeth Báthory was never a serial killer who bathed in blood? It was men who made it all and blamed her, right?

This simplistic blame game isn't getting anyone anywhere. We, as a species are to blame and should work together.

Do you really think that we as a species, its really that simple, that the apes with XX chromosome simply cannot do wrong, are pure angels while it's the XY monkeys that are destroying everything? Do you think it's because MEN are simply EVIL and therefore destroyers?

So the world's problems are not because of ignorance that all humans suffer and lessons we need to go through as a whole, but as some divided groups based on our genitalia, and the other is the only one to blame?

I can say that surely there is inequality between the genders, races and those are real actual problems. But did you know that there are MEN too who care about women's rights? And that they are not some EVIL DEVILS but fathers, brothers and sons who want for a better world, even though how impossible it might seem?

But I think you are just baiting for responses because the things you say are....

level 7

At what point you men went full retard and decided you were god like one will never know?..

but what we women do know is, it was not going to be a good outcome for the female human.

What he have is a world controlled by men and women have to tip toe around them..

In Russia, they don't believe in Feminism, cos you know, the boys like to be in charge.. in other words, anyone who confesses to being a feminist in Russia will have their heads blown off.. tout suite

Yes male arrogance and male vanity is a thing that permeates this world and threats of their violence, keeps everyone on their tippy toes..

Yes men are to blame for everything that is wrong in this world

because, that's why we know it as a man's world and not a woman's

and no one can rest in this man's world because no one knows when their next tantrum is due to erupt

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Comment deleted2 months ago
level 9

Arguing with a crazy person. Its not worth it. Trust me. Thats a level of crazy that only thing that would help would be some deep therapy and a padded box.

level 10
3 points · 2 months ago · edited 2 months ago

I guess you're right, I was just curious if I could have gotten some strange kind of justifications. I got intrigued by this kind of extreme worldview. I wanted to try to challenge it somehow by asking earnest questions about how the one gender can be blamed and whether it's also about sexuality or just the male gender.

Also good practice for my declining English skills, heh, to try to have that kind of conversation and trying to verbalise these things. The older I get, the shittier my English, it seems.

But yes. It's kinda sad in the end though. But I guess this sub is interesting in that way, probably atracts many kinds of people, some of them more or less mentally unwell. "Collapse" is a kinda heavy topic, to say the least.

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4 points · 2 months ago

Pretty sure just as many women are buying Starbucks trash and throwing it in a dumpster.

level 7

They're the primary purchasers of garbagebucks.

level 4

Life is definately not that simple.

level 5

it definitely is at is core

level 6

Only if you follow unmitigated reductionism. This results in a loss of understood complexity. If things are too complex to understand for you, that's fine, but realize that reductionism cannot hold the full picture of this complex reality.

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level 4

I suspect it’s primarily women who are putting beauty product micro beads in the water supply

level 5

actually it will be the manufactures who put it in their products who sell them to their customers who are ignorant

the manufactures are not ignorant but they don't care, but when their customers find out.. they are the ones who do care

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8 points · 2 months ago

So your saying women are ignorant and buy whatever product is dangled in their face? And that it's the manufacturers fault that women are buying these products?

level 7

oh you don't use toothpaste then?

You know those beads are in toothpaste don't you?

level 8
1 point · 2 months ago

What? Your an idiot, most toothpaste has baking soda in it and NO toothpaste anywhere has micro beads.

level 4

It's been a while since you've gotten the D eh. Women are equally as selfish as men. Stop making this a gender issue you Clown.

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-6 points · 2 months ago(0 children)
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6 points · 2 months ago

You realize without men there would be no women, right?

level 7
0 points · 2 months ago · edited 2 months ago

men are totally reliant on women to get their bro'hood into this world

and that is why men couldn't achieve what they wanted, a male utopia

Chinese men reasoned themselves into thinking the female of the species was a piece of worthless garbage that needed to be eliminated from their man's world

but of course it wasn't just Chinese men, it was men right across the globe who all reasoned exactly the same thing to themselves

and if men couldn't eliminate the female human entirely from their man's world, then at least they could marginalise her as a group in their man's world and corner and cage her in

and they could force themselves on her and hijack her womb with the sole intent to create more sons for their army of their patriarchy, whilst merrily murdering millions of her beloved daughters..

In the apartheid on women's side of the fence, women call this their holocaust, committed on them by the male of the species..

Vain arrogant self concerned sadistic narcissists often reason mass murdering a group they see as their inferior as a beneficial act that secures their own groups survival and

how else can the Nazi's call themselves Nazi's

if they can't corner and cage in those who aren't one of their group and they see as weak and a pushover and rape and murder them with impunity and not call their slaughter and incarceration a victory in the name of their so called manhood?

Those who put themselves on imaginary pedestals to look down on others and call them their inferior will always seek to justify their actions when they start killing them for their cause..

As the ancient Chinese philosopher Han Fei Tzu once put it,

"As to children, a father and mother when they produce a boy congratulate one another, but when they produce a girl they put it to death"

"If women become tired or even die, that does not matter. Let them die in childbirth, why else would they exist if not for that in our man's world"

Martin Luther. (1500 CE)

Whether done consciously or Sub-consciously,

HE declared War on SHE.

When all our consciences are awakened, HIS attempts to try and justify HIS behaviour will all be in vain

because HE said HE really loved HER

when all the while... it was SHE, HE really disdained.!

Women have little idea to what extent men as a cohesive group do actually hate and despise them or to what lengths men will actually go to or depths they will sink to, to eliminate them from their little man's scumbag world.

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2 points · 2 months ago

This girl just be a glutton for punishment.

level 4
8 points · 2 months ago

Maybe you should read something by Ann Coulter.

Now there is a woman who makes my skin crawl.

level 4

Women are generally the ones who want to have kids, they are also the ones who are into "stuff" i.e. Likely to be hoarders, shopaholics and are the ones into buying tonnes of junk for people at birthdays and Christmas etc. because it's "traditional". Men generally like less clutter and stuff

level 5

So are we just stereotyping genders now? Is that ok? Because if so I don't really see why you have beef with OP since you are being just as much a shit person as they are.

level 6

I know, you are right, I shouldn't have responded that way. People who stereotype generally fish for an argument so in that sense I've stooped to that level

level 5


level 6

Yes? xD

Anyone is corruptible.

level 7


usually in corporates, it's women who are the whistle-blowers, not men..

level 8

I've seen a lot of unethical women (especially when I worked in banking), along with many unethical men. I think you need to examine your biases.

level 2
7 points · 2 months ago

Are you sure you're not just blaming everything on men so that you have an easy excuse to not change your own life?

level 3
0 points · 2 months ago · edited 2 months ago

No, at what point men went full retard and decided they were god like one will never know?..

but what we women do know is,

it has meant a death sentence for millions upon millions of female humans

and men's over inflated idea of their own self worth and belief in their own superiority

has had huge consequences across the entire globe that everyone is still having to deal with today.

"We are in charge, we are in charge, the bro'hood said and because we are male in our man's world we have a right to sit at the head of every table and dictate everything and how it's going to be"

and the bro'hood have been pigging out ever since, on their power trip.

What we know about men is how utterly cowardly they are and how they connive with each other.

She is our inferior, men said and all the men nodded with each other in their gentleman's agreement as they carried on raping the world

level 4

The fact that you are able to comment here is an indication that you are among the worst destroyers of this world.

level 2

OMG! you again! I thought it was you the second I read this comment. This is ALL you do isn't it? men men men men.... taking a look at your post history and the fact I have had this entire conversation with you on this sub a month ago. Change the record! you are like a scratched gramophone. WHO cares if it's men or women who is to blame? as far as I am concerned it's just HUMANS who are to blame. Just shut the f**k up with this stupid genderist argument.

People of this sub I recommend you do not engage with this person, he/she/it obviously has some issue with gender take a look at the post history and you will see all it goes on about in many subs is "it's ALL men's fault" like some entitled woman with kids who is under the mistaken belief that the planet revolves around her and she deserves everything she wants. Do not play this persons games.

level 3

Men's history of oppressing women is very long and vast..

and it takes a time to get through it

and how history turns out is men have been to the female human what Nazi's were to the Jews

and they killed them for sport and those females they didn't kill, they cornered and caged in and raped

and men feel very smug about that and wear big smirks on their faces every time they think of it

we know men's history cos men flaunted it in women's faces

what we don't have is women's history told from women's perspective

men don't call that history

they call it women's studies

and as usual they try to patronise and ridicule women who try to put it across..

cos Robin Hood wants it all swept under the carpet so he can claim he was a super hero

which is bollocks

cos, there were no heroes, only thugs and rapists all squabbling between themselves who would get a share of the female meat they cornered to cut up and punch and maul

So go cry me a river, robin, you ain't hood winked anyone with your piddling cry baby dribble..

level 4

Who is crying I am just sick of hearing about it from you. Yeah men are evil we get it, next topic please. You have something wrong with you, some issue to work out, You might wanna try therapy. This is all you do with your life is post on subs on reddit about how evil men are. I'm sorry but that's not normal. For your own good go and get help and learn to move on with your life and find happiness.

Men are dominant assholes that love to fuck shit up yes I am not going to disagree with you. Woman have always been second rate citizens and typically slaves, again I agree... But that's changed fundamentally in the modern developed world and no longer the case. Now woman get to be selfish entitled evil bitches too. Win win right?

Not every single man alive is an arsehole and not every single woman alive is a saint. You just go round and round though, check out your post history and this argument is all you do every single day with lots of subs here on reddit. So this is the last time I will talk to you because it really is futile and pointless to do so. You need to seek help. I wish you well in life and hope you get the help you need and move past this....whatever it is... and start to live a happy life. Best wishes - Robin

level 5

Who is crying I am just sick of hearing about it from you. Yeah men are evil we get it, next topic please.

Oh there is no next topic, cos we are focusing on your sexes crimes and there are so many!

Oh you are sick of hearing how the Nazi's cornered the Jews and murdered millions and millions and millions of them for sport?

ooh! : (

and you don't want to hear about your sexes crimes and continuing holocaust they are committing against the female sex every day of every week of every year.. year in, year out!

cos you are getting bored of it . yawn! it so boring..

and you don't want to hear how your sex are still cornering and murdering millions and millions of female human's right now right across your man's world and when I say right now, I mean right now?

Men declared war on the female human a long time ago and there has been no respite, no declaration of peace, no cease fire! .. battles are being fought everywhere.. and the female human is still being ridiculed and patronised and cornered punched and mauled and spat on and torn apart by your beloved bro'hood

and when YOU all watch your hard core porn and in male solidarity cheer your bro's on seeing them shove their cocks down women and girls throats just to see them choke..

then you are not innocent, you are not separate to the murderers and rapists and tyrants..

you are all wolves at women's doors.. you are all wolves looking to get a share of that are all wolves frothing and foaming from your mouths, spitting and snarling

you are all anti the female human. looking to elevate the significance of your selves by smashing down women's.. that is what you are all about.. male bonding united by one common mutual cause .mentally, those are all your fantasies festering inside your heads..

and by the way, I never said men were evil, I said they are sexual sadists and whilst the sadists are inflicting pain and suffering on their target..

the sadists feel nothing but sheer exhilaration and that of male camaraderie.

Any men who commit crimes against the female human in the name of their so called manhood

are committing hate crimes and they are committing them for you and all your bro'hood everywhere..

that is what your hard core porn is.. hate crimes committed against the female human.. so men can feel all smug about themselves and superior.. cos men are vain like that..

I do not intend to stop reporting the news or showing women's history from women's perspective..

no matter how much you bleat and cry about it.

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wow... just stop already... you need professional help... seriously. Did you get raped or something and now you are broken? Go and get help. Not every man alive is this sexual predator monster you are raving on about ya know.

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HE said HE really loved HER

when all the while... it was SHE, HE really disdained.

Hard core porn anyone?

Oh how he loves to see her image demolished to elevate the significance of his own.. it's a win, a victory, it's a triumph for himself and his manhood and his like minded bro'hood of shit stains!

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Spoken like someone who truly has no idea what they're talking about.

Take your weak hate ideology somewhere else.

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Women know men very well

and all their history of tyranny

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1 point · 2 months ago · edited 2 months ago

You're as bad as the "patriarchy" you fight against.

Your responses in the comments here is plenty to illustrate how hateful and sexist you are.

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No one would ever criticise the Jews for hating the Nazi's for what they did to them,

in fact, it is the only right thing for them to do and no one thinks that is unreasonable

In every single war men of every creed and colour unite under one single flag in male camaraderie and male solidarity to attack and assault their real target they are all after!


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2 points · 2 months ago · edited 2 months ago

You are not a Jew in nazi Germany being marched to camps and slaughtered. Men and women alike were marched in. Don't stand on top of the graves of people who died for reasons completely different to the reasons you're trying to correlate.

"Someone did something wrong and got away with it, why can't I?" Is the crux of your Jewish example. You realize how that sounds right? You're like a kid that wants no repercussions for your actions. Being hateful is not something to aspire to, nor should it be ignored.

Everyone is a victim of war, but you're too jaded to see that. You'd rather blame everything on men because that fits your black and white narrative. Your comments throughout this post alone allude to your true nature.

What about all the young boys raped by women in our modern era? Oh that's right, it isn't rape it's "sexual misconduct".

Your pissing match is stupid. For every example of a man being shit, there are just as many examples of shitty women. It wouldn't matter to you though. Your sexism is set in stone.

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oh everything is fine as long as we say..

it's doze men over der and over der and over der..

oh wait wut,no it's not us men over here, noo

don't you dare turn round and point your fingers at us men over here

"cos you know what we men here will do?

yeah that's right, we will all curl up in to little balls in a form of self defence and cry victimhood.. wah!

and I am telling you, we men are all in agreement and are one on this matter

that hard core porn hurts no one

well no one of any importance in our man's world that is

listen they are not one us, not one of our beloved bro'hood.,

so what part of our apartheid are you not getting?

look it's quite simple this is a man's world

and it's always gonna be.. bro's before ho's

it's why we men mentally separate ourselves from women

so we men can all unite together and have one target we can all agree to throw rocks at and attack

and call it a victory for ourselves and our brohood and ultimately our manhood

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