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If there's a Cho Chang (and assuming she is of Asian descent), there gotta be at least one black student at Hogwarts.
In the movies Dean Thomas is potraited by a black actor.

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Angelina Johnston, Lee Jordan, Blaise Zabini and Dean Thomas are all black Hogwarts students isn both the books and the movies. Then there's also the Patil twins!

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Kingsley too

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Kingsley Shacklebolt. The coolest goddamn name and character of all time. 80 grade name.

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motherfucker became minister of magic too

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Token black teacher? Name: Shacklebolt.

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Holy crap, I always associated it with like lightning bolt. You just fucked me up man.

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He was never a teacher. He was introduced later as an Auror working for the ministry.

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*Rusty Shackleford

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Wish Ben Kingsley didn’t wear an invisibility cloak the whole movie

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It was kinda funny to discover the ethnicity of those characters when watching the movies. I was right at that age that I learned reading around the first book being published here in Germany which meant I was still pretty young when reading book four and not at all aware of naming conventions in English. And even when seeing the Patel twins and Choe Chang onscreen I first thought the actors were interesting casting choices. I eventually got it though.

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It’s not an outstandingly diverse cast, but I think it fits demographics well enough. This whole post is just ridiculous.

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Considering there's only 10 kids per house in Harry's year and 1 out of 5 of the boys is black, 1 out of 3 of the girls is Indian and they retconned Padma Patel into Gryffindor too so that's 2 out of 4 (because of the missing Gryffindor girls) it's reasonably diverse for the time. Plus Lee Jordan, Angelina Johnson, that kid who says the line about catching smoke with your bare hands, Cho (who is the main character's love interest at one point) Blaise Zabbini and Kingsley Shacklebolt.

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The “catching smoke with your bare hands” kid isn’t in the books, though. But I believe professor Sinistra is black as well, so it balances out :P

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I know he isn't, but we were talking about the cast. Also why is he wearing a Gryffindor tie???

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How do we know there's only 10? Even if they only mention 10, there may be a lot that Harry doesn't interact with much. I know that there were a lot of people at my school I didn't know the names of, only found out who some of those people were years later.

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It's accepted canon. There's 5 beds in the dorm that Harry sleeps in. Rowling even acknowledged it I believe.

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Patil twins are Indian but I get your point.

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India is considered part of Asia in many places such as the UK.

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That may be, but Asians are not considered black by anyone. Except the black ones ofc

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I didn't see anyone saying they were. Pretty sure the KKK still hate them.

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Eh, we're all the same to white people "not Caucasian"

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Okay Woah I definitely missed something. I'm usually pretty good at picking up on character visual descriptions. When was it mentioned the Patil twins were black?

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Don't forget Crab, by the last films he had an accident with a melamine potion

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He had an accident with getting arrested and then Malfoy decided he liked hanging out with Blaise Zabini

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Blaise Zabini was described as being dark skinned, but that could mean a lot of things. He was portrayed black in the movies, but the books were more vague about it. He could easily have been "dark" like people from southern Italy (Zabini), just as easily he could have been African (based on his potterwiki page).

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Lee Jordan too.

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0:26 ish (on mobile, can't get a link with timestamp)

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This fucking hurts to watch.

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480p or content?

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Content, it's visceral.

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Early Star Kid isnt great but stuff like Twisted (their Aladdin musical) is 10x better

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I first heard of them when 'I don't want to do work today' song got stuck in my head for a week.

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Everyone involved in that monstrosity deserves jail time.

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You're not gonna get into Pigfarts with that attitude, my guy...

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AVPM is a hundred times better than most of the absolute garbage Hollywood has sold as adaptations.

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Hwat?? Oh come on. I think the Southern belle-Cho's a good twist.

Also, "Granger danger" still gets stuck in my head.

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I finally get that Jennie Brown joke.

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What joke?

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Ron’s sister assumed the asian girl was Cho Chang but she was Jennie Brown. I thought the joke was that it was a non asian name but it was that Jennie Brown has her race changed in the movies. So not only did they change Cho Chang’s race, they referenced how Jennie Brown’s race was changed as well.

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Oh, you're getting Lavenders name wrong.

I thought there was a joke referencing this by someone called Jennie.

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Yeah I guess I got that wrong. My bad. I’ve actually only seen the musical and the rifftrax of the movies so I don’t know much about the characters. Not sure where I got Jennie from.

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How do you mess up a name that badly that is in the clip you clearly had to watch to have this revelation? It's Lavender, not Jennie.

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Lee Jordan is introduced as a black character with dreadlocks

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A "blacktor", if you will.

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Fred and George's friend Lee Jordan.

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Pop pop!

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Dude potraited

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If there's a Cho Chang (and assuming she is of Asian descent)

Seems like a given, but there genuinely were people who were upset when an Asian actor was cast as Cho Chang in the films. Somehow they thought she wasn't Asian because she's from Britain.

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(assuming she is of Asian descent)

Nah son, as African as Mansa Musa, that one.

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Just the typical generic Asian women thrown in for diversity purposes.

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Whys it gotta be for diversity purposes why couldn’t she just be an Asian character hello