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This whole subreddit is becoming a politics circlejerk. Some of you may not see it, because we often catch submits before they gain traction. And sometimes the "borderline" ones are allowed to slip through if the commentary isn't out of control.

The rules on politics will be more heavily enforced, repeat Rule 4 and Rule 6 offenders are going to start getting bans. This goes for both sides! 90% of Reddit is a politics circlejerk, you can get your fix for that somewhere else.


Maybe make it unlock only after you’ve watched every episode of that show. Would work best on shows like The Office that are less tightly tied to plot from episode to episode.


We get to know these people really deeply, spending almost the entire runtime building character. Then in the last 10 minutes, they get in place for their first mission. One man enters, kills everyone with no fanfare, and it’s revealed that they were all just random enemy NPC’s in a generic COD clone.

Immediately roll credits.


I know that this may sound like dark insanity, but maybe for all convicted persons, right after trial they can get a choice to either serve their sentence or be "euthanized" (executed with the same drugs that people use to euthanize pets). This choice would also be given to all current inmates (no matter the age) and would require absolutely no consent from family. If they choose to be euthanized, their body will be filled with tree seeds and buried into the ground nearby the prison. However, if they do this, their family will receive everything they own (besides for the items obtained illegally), their name will be cleared and their family will not have to pay any fines that may have been included in the sentence. This would be done to reduce prison populations and also to create a new abundance of trees around and within the jails to provide shade and to "provide a natural barrier around the prison". I know that this is unethical by many orders of magnitude, but its idea to reduce prison populations would be great for our country.

(also...this is here for a reason. Nobody in their right mind would ever post this anywhere else)

So what do you think. Yay/nay


What about a puzzle you do on the front of your refrigerator. You know make them out of magnets and then when you are done your fridge doesnt look like a white blob. You could even do like pictures that customers took that they want to have. Sounds awesome to me..... Sorry meant white


Have one group only see the cover and one only the content and compare the accuracy. I have a feeling that the correlation is closer than the popular aphorism would suggest, especially to the astute observer.


My thought process is this will prevent over-charging, especially when the owner plugs in at night or forgets to unplug and preserve the battery!

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