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Folks, be sure to read the sidebar. Especially rule 4.

This whole subreddit is becoming a politics circlejerk. Some of you may not see it, because we often catch submits before they gain traction. And sometimes the "borderline" ones are allowed to slip through if the commentary isn't out of control.

The rules on politics will be more heavily enforced, repeat Rule 4 and Rule 6 offenders are going to start getting bans. This goes for both sides! 90% of Reddit is a politics circlejerk, you can get your fix for that somewhere else.


A form of Reddit Gold which signifies that you hate a comment/post so much that you're willing to pay money to demonstrate your extreme distaste.

Perhaps there could be some negative experience directed towards the recipient of the 'anti-gold', perhaps not.

There have been some comments I've seen today that I would gladly pay $4 a piece to shit all over and express my extreme distaste for.

Edit: thank you u/GIVES_GOLD_TO_MORONS for the gold. Your username and the action of gilding this specific post could not be a more perfect union.


There should be an option to automatically disable Data when WiFi isn't turned on.

It's happened too many times that I've used all my data browsing Instagram because I accidentally turned my WiFi off.


Can we leave Trump in Russia?

Like, just him and his posse. Everyone else can go back home.


A form of wireless charging built into a stretch of road so electric cars can charge while driving.

Locations could be strategically selected around the country. The lane could work just like the carpool lane to allow easy transitions in and out and sends users a bill in the mail for the time they were in it. Maybe even allow for boosted speeds while driving on it (think real life Mario kart boost pads)


Become the worlds first living great x 10 grandfather

Step one: adopt a seventeen year old.

Step two: wait for their birthday, then convince them to adopt another seventeen year old.

Step three: Repeat step two nine times, or as many times as you want.


What if all Russians were sleeper agents all along? Even worse now that the United States and Russia are in cahoots.

Imagine that trump invites Putin to come to the White House. Queue the Olympus has fallen take over scene but add Russian sleeper agents all over the World aiding an attempt to conquer the United States by force.

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