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We had to go private for a while because one of our mods (/u/shane-jabroni) went rogue and fucked around on the sub, removing content randomly and changing settings. I still haven't reapproved a lot of the posts that this asshole deleted but it's a work in progress... Sorry for any inconvenience caused, and yes, the moderator has been reported to the admins and removed from his duties.


Larry does something that is considered a little insensitive, but is done to the wrong person, they get mad and end up throwing a fit. Larry then complains about them to someone else who comes to an agreement on what Larry did. Then Larry goes back to the person to work things out, and they feel more offended than ever. Roll credits.

Ex. Larry David is parking in a dimly lit garage and does not want to scratch his car so he turns on his headlights and accidentally turns on his high beams. The car across from him, who he is not trying to hit, has a person in it with dwarfism. The little person gets super pissed off, gets out of his car and yells at him. Larry says he's sorry, and that he did not know he was a midget. The little person gets extremely offended by the word "midget" and drives away. Then Larry goes to his appointment. Cut to later when he is talking to Jeff. They talk about the word "midget" and they try to change each other's mind and nothing works out. Then he goes to the same place the next day and sees the same little person. and the rest follows the template.


The two obviously met in a hotel so they could have sex, so why would she freak out over his erection? If anything, shouldn’t that have been what kicked the night off? This made no sense.



I've been trying, on and off, to find this quote from Curb for years, but I haven't rewatched whatever episode it is and I can't remember enough of the wording for google to help.

The situation is this: Larry is introduced to someone who keeps using his name through the course of the conversation in that way people sometimes do (to appear attentive and interested or something, I don't know). At one point Larry points this out and says something like the title of my post. I think it's a really great funny moment, but I can't remember which episode it's from. Any ideas?


I was wrong!

I just don't think you could ask for much more from this series. It's their 9th season, and it still was absolutely full of hilarious bits and interactions. Larry David is the master of his craft.


There's a scene in this episode where Larry David interrupts an Italian opera singer at a restaurant. It's a very popular tune but I have no idea how to Google the lyrics because it's all in Italian and I'm not sure how to spell the words being sung.

Thank you!

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