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No they don't. The host used to deny the Armenian genocide when he was in college but has since then his political views have changed and he realized he was wrong

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A certifiably admirable change of heart. Again, I know literally nothing, and will have to look all this up, but I’m keeping the updated source because it’s closer to the original video I’m referencing.

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Not completely false, then. Good, though, ofc.

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Well it pretty much is completely false because the show itself has never denied the genocide, only the founder before the show was even created.

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Still named after the party that committed the Armenian genocide

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No its named after a saying that happens to be derived from that party.

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“The Young Turks” are literally a reference to the Ottoman government that committed the Armenian genocide.

It’d be like a former Nazi still calling his podcast/show “The Nuremberg Rallies.”

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Nope, look it up. They named their show the Young Turks because it's a common American saying which is " slang for a rebellious youth who acts contrary to what is deemed normal by society" Also even so, your analogy doesn't make sense. It would be more like a former nazi calling his show the nazis

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The Young Turks is literally the group responsible for the Armenian genocide.

They can deny it all they want, it doesn’t change the truth.

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I know what they are, stupid. It's also a common saying which derived from the fact that the young turk party in the ottomans didn't allow people over a certain age in. Use fucking Google

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The phrase is only in common usage due to a history of the US ignoring the Armenian Genocide.

Use your fucking brain. TYTs are totally fine with white washing the Armenian genocide because they’re cunts.

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Sounds like you just don't like their politics. Most people when they think Young Turks they think of the common saying, not the historical reasons why the saying exists.

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That’s ignorance and it’s not an excuse.

The one guy was previously vocally a genocide denier. Hard to like that man’s politics, so I question why you’re defending them.

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Im saying that the saying's meaning is completely different than the actual political party. I'm defending him because he has since completely changed his mind and that was like 15-20 years ago when he was in college. People change

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people don’t fucking change from being genocide advocates dude.

He’s a trash person. Why defend him?

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