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Python with matplotlib (left panel) and cartopy (right panel)

Some touch up work in Illustrator

Data Source:


Fun idea given to me by a friend.

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These are scored by the quarter point. When I give a 3.5 and it is rounded to a 4,this is worthless. It's like taking a C grade and making it a B grade. Would like to see my scores handled a little more accurately.

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I don't round anything. For example, the average for Japan is 3.981605113636364, and that's the value I use when generating the plots. I SHOULD be rounding it to a 4.0 to maintain the number of significant figures you use, but I don't for the sake of accuracy.

Keep up the good work, and thanks for making your data accessible!

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No, I mean each individual review's score - there's a chart out there showing that most of my reviews get 4 stars which is definitely inaccurate as 3.5 is definitely the most common score I give.