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So basically, I'm a 21 year old lesbian who has been on Tinder for 2 months, I've collected my data and created this breakdown to add to the OkCupid and male Gay Social Apps posts.

My source: My Tinder profile

Tool: http://sankeymatic.com/build/


  • Matches: The overall matches

  • Copied Message First: This is a message that I copied and pasted from one of my first matches, which basically jumps to the chase and explains what I'm looking for.

  • No Message: Where no conversation took place, we matched but didn't talk to each other.

  • Custom Message First: This is a message that I have tailored to the match, this often happened if I really like them or if I had a joke, pun or /r/dankmeme to send.

  • Them Message First: This is when I received the message first, this often happened when I was off Tinder for a while, was swamped with other messages or they just beat me to it (I always try to message all of my matches).

  • No Reply: When I didn't receive a response to my messages.

  • Shot Down: When my efforts where rejected for whatever reason (couples looking for threesomes, someone just looking for friends)

  • Nothing Happened: When there was conversations organizing something (nudes, meet ups, hookups, etc.), but the conversation died out or are ongoing.

  • Received Nudes: When I sent and received nudes with a match, but they were old saved nudes, no new (live) ones were taken.

  • Live Nudes: When we were sending each other live nudes (on snapchat or kik), taking new nudes.

  • Nudes: Total count of conversations that ended with nudes received and sent.


  • Im from the UK, so probably have a smaller available matches.

  • I haven't managed to actually meet up with anyone...yet.

  • I found that a lot more girls reply to a custom message, but those that do reply to my copied message do like how forward and to the point I'm being, which also lead to more lengthy nude trades or conversations.

  • A few of the Received nudes (not live) were either using other peoples nudes or trying to catfish (still includes those in the graphics as I suppose I still technically got someones nudes).

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Im from the UK, so probably have a smaller available matches.

132 matches in 2 months (~2 matches/day)


I've been on tinder around 7 weeks now. That's almost 2 months. I've had 6 total matches, of which only 1 girl actually replied to my initial message (I am a guy). I guess if 132 matches in 2 months is bad I should literally uninstall Tinder right now and smash my phone into the ground 132 times.

[–]PonkmyspiritcolorOC: 1[S] 2 points3 points  (0 children)

Girls I've spoke to on tinder seem to have the same experience as me, it's all about personal image and a witty caption.

I work hard into the gym and am (I feel) pretty, might also just be a gay girl scene that's more into matching people

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This is brilliant! Did you collect this manually outside of the app or make a data request? Christian Rudder, one of the Match.com (i think) founders has written a data based book on dating called Datclysm - really good read and has loads of inspiration for data vis! In parts of it he comments on the differences between different dating sites which is interesting. Wanted to put together a script to go through Tinder with various different profiles (ie white male, no profile; white male, boring profile; black male, no profile etc . . .) and write up the results. The feeling that its a bit unethical is a bit of a spanner in the works...