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American Mosaic: Largest Racial/Ethnic Group and Religious Group by US County [OC] by delugetheoryOC: 2 in dataisbeautiful

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The last demographic map like this saw was very fascinating. The SF Bay area had way more Asians than expected and when I zoomed near my city I noticed a very dense concentration of African Americans in one city block. I was not familiar with an all black neighborhood in the area. Looked on Google maps and it was the county jail.

Note: I did not make the map. Just pointing out an observation. Please don't call me a racist tech bro.

Edit: Found the link - http://demographics.virginia.edu/DotMap/

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American Mosaic: Largest Racial/Ethnic Group and Religious Group by US County [OC] by delugetheoryOC: 2 in dataisbeautiful

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The color choices seem odd to me. I would expect the relationship of like colors (e.g. green and light green) to have significance.

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I know how to do the =Average command. What do I get?

Cause of Death - Reality vs. Google vs. Media [OC] by aaronpenneOC: 3 in dataisbeautiful

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This is awesome, but it would be great to see these three barplots alongside each other rather than animated.


Edit: My top comment on Reddit is about stacked barplots. My boss would be so proud.


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Bitcoin vs. History's Other Greatest Investments (Return on $10K at IPO) [OC] by splityoassintwoOC: 21 in dataisbeautiful

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he was given a $5k gift for his 7th birthday when it was known he'd destroy it?

Fucking christ man can I have some money?

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Gaze and foot placement when walking over rough terrain (article link in comments) [OC] by sandusky_hohohoOC: 9 in dataisbeautiful

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So, in the past you might have seen the COM or eye tracking gifs pop up from time to time, but this post is special because this is part of my actual job! I've been working on this project full time for nearly 4 years, so I'm extremely excited to be sharing it with you now! I hope you like it!

You can read the full paper here, if you feel so inclined - https://doi.org/10.1016/j.cub.2018.03.008

If you're feeling really saucy, all the data and code associated with this project is hosted in a 70+GB zip file here :D

The caption to Figure 1 in the paper explains what is going on in all the little subplots, so check that out too if you want the details!

Also, be sure to check out the video abstract, which summarizes some of the main conclusions of the study (featuring music by my brother!)

Recording someone's eye movements as they complete some kind of task (like, walking over a bunch of rocks) is a great way study the kind of neural computations that support that behavior. Humans are very visual animals, but we only really get high quality visual information from a fairly small area of our retina (called the fovea, roughly the width of your thumb at arm's length). This area takes up roughly 1% of your visual field, but roughly 50% of your visual cortex is devoted to processing information from this area! That means that a huge part of the human strategy for surviving in the world revolves around our ability to quickly and accurately directing our fovea to the parts of the world that contain the information that we need to complete a given task.

Because eye movements are so central to our neural strategy, eye trackers are a very powerful tool for the study of human sensorimotor control - Basically, eye movements are a physical measurement that provides direct insight into your cognitive processes! In this study, we were able to examine the relationship between walker's gaze and their subsequent foot placement to determine the details of the specific control strategies they were using to navigate each terrain.

Also, I got to make some sweet videos of laser-faced skeleton monsters trundling across rocky creek beds, and how cool is that?! Emission theory, baby! We're bringing it back!

edit - To appease the AutoModerator - I used a Positive Science mobile eye tracker to record subjects' eye movements, and a Motion Shadow IMU-based motion capture suit to record their full body movements. The visualization was made in Matlab. All the data and code live here, if you're into that kind of thing. The specific methods are described in great detail here

Gaze and foot placement when walking over rough terrain (article link in comments) [OC] by sandusky_hohohoOC: 9 in dataisbeautiful

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Art Brother here. I made the music for this video. Just want to say, I'm really proud of you, Science Brother.

Reddit, he says it's four years of work, but in reality the previous research he was doing all helped lead to this point. It's something like a decade, at least. He had to overcome so many hurdles both technical and procedural to get to this point. His research applies to multiple disciplines (neuroscience, psychology, robotics, medicine, etc) which actually made this harder. Turns out the science world, just like the music world, gets a little nervous when it's hard to classify your genre.

Despite that, my brother has persisted in the belief that he can help us understand what is happening in our brains while we're walking. It's a simple question that turns out is extremely hard to answer. He found the research institutions that believed in him and all that culminates in this video.

Opportunities are opening up, and this is just the beginning. I just wanted to make sure he didn't get away with understating what a big deal he is, like he always does. Love you man!

Made this for my bf on our one year anniversary [OC] by sumiselOC: 1 in dataisbeautiful

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D A T A - B A S E D D E C I S I O N M A K I N G

Taylor Swift's Newfound Infatuation with Alcohol [OC] by waitingforgoodohOC: 2 in dataisbeautiful

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This is kinda long, but not really, but this has been a brief history of my life (tldr at bottom)

Honestly drinking and drugs had to with being in the Army and wanting to party, at first. I didn't realize I had other problems until much later. But being in the military is like being in a frat (I would assume, I've never been to a university). It's a bunch of young people, most of whom have nothing to lose and little to no family who just want to get fucked up all the time. That's how it began with me.

I didn't really start having PTSD episodes, or at least didn't recognize my issues until I got out and came back to civilian life. While you're in you just deal with everything. Other people deal with the same stuff, it's "normal", so when I hit regular society I started realizing the way I feel and the things I do voluntarily and involuntarily were actually not normal, or healthy. That led to a divorce, which led to more drinking, which led to dropping out if community college, more drinking, then losing my jobs (One went out of business with no notice, the other I had a falling out with the boss who actually wound up getting fired a few months later), more drinking, then bankruptcy, more drinking and drugs. Then had a falling out with my roommate due to his irresonsible drinking, lack of job, and not paying his share of bills.

I had no place to go and happened to meet someone in a different city. Began staying with her and got a job. Busted my ass for 2 years hating life, wanting to die, but wound up getting promoted and making decent money. As time went on I slowly started drinking less, I stopped going out except with my best friend once a month or so, and fell in love. We started saving for a house. In the mean time my best friend got a dui and was required to wear an ankle monitor that tested his skin for alcohol every 15 minutes, so he couldn't drink anymore. Out of solidarity I offered not to drink around him. In hindsight, this was the first step to me stopping. He was out of a job for a few weeks so I had to cover some of his bail and stuff until he got another job. By this point not only did I not have time to drink, working 55-60 hours a week, I had extra expenses with covering him. This inevitably stopped my drinking except for my 1 day off a week.

After he paid me all back I got my wife pregnant. She made more than twice as much money as me so I quit my job so one of us could stay home. We bought a house and I've never been happier. I feel like I have something to live for, and although we're making less money overall, we're both happier. We're around each other more, I'm not angry about work, I'm not dealing with people any more, and I have a little girl on the way. In the end I attribute it to about 95% her, just being there and helping me. Not yelling at me for drinking, being understanding, and just being there physically. I hope she knows how much she saved me. I tell her all the time, but I don't think she gets the gravity of it. I was gone and she brought me back.

I still have my dreams, my hyperalertness, and depression and those kinds of things, but most of the anger is gone, and the depression is under control. I still have bad days, but on average it's better.

TLDR: bunch of bad shit happened and I hit 'my' rock bottom, met a responsible woman who literally took me in. Never told me to change, just let me do it on my own when I was ready, and supported me emotionally the whole way, and financially for short periods when I needed it. Now I'm happy.

Addendum: Thank you for the gold. I'm glad that a brief story of the past 7 years of my life buried within the comments of a post about taylor swift can be seen. I just want anyone reading this to realize that my story is by far not the worst, and I am by far not the only one. I got lucky enough to find the right woman (when I wasn't looking at all) who wanted to help. A lot of other people don't get that help. The VA has been utter crap. I'm still trying to get an appointment. So when you read my story please realize there are a lot of veterans that have it as bad or worse, and they probably don't even realize it yet. Please be supportive of them, and although I was Infantry, don't assume that if someone wasn't that they don't have problems. The military is a high stress environment, some people handle it better than others, but it's not their fault if they don't. If a veteran has anger, depression, or a substance abuse problem just be there for them. It is not their fault. They were literally raised to be that way, consciously and subconsciously. I was only in for 4 years and only had 1 deployment, but it has taken 5 years to adapt to regular society, and even now I still get stuff wrong. Don't label veterans in a negative way. They are people who did some things, and most of them didn't even know what they were getting themselves into, myself included. When I signed up at 17 I was patriotic and thought I was doing something great. I didn't even realize the politics of it until I got out. Believe it or not they feed us the same lies while we're in as they do to the general public. We're not an "inside man" as some people would believe, don't blame us for fighting for something that you don't believe in, chances are once we find out we don't agree either.

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I'm a server at a theme park. I try to see every table as a family from Michigan. Dad, mom, two kids. They don't have a lot of money, so they drive to Florida. Overnight so that mom and dad can switch off driving while the kids sleep. No stopover other than pee breaks and fast food. They get a motel instead of a hotel, and when they go to the park, they get a one day, one park pass for each of them. They come in, get a soda and a churro, maybe a corn dog. Then they get to my restaurant and sit down.

Scrimping and saving, doing without souvenirs that the kids want, they have already spent over one thousand dollars to sit at my table. So I try to give every table a one thousand dollar dining experience. Does it work every day for every table? No. But do I do my damndest to make their experience memorable and amazing? You're god damn right I do. I'll dance with the kids. I have a pocket of my apron designated for toys for fussy babies that I sanitize after every one. I have a million jokes you've never heard and a bunch you have. I care only as much as I'm paid, and I'm paid by YOU.

I leave work smiling about the magic I spread and the parents that didn't have to worry about their kids because I took them on a walking tour and gave them 5 minutes to breathe. I think about my hungry babies (everyone is a hungry baby. You can be 95 years old and you're my hungry baby) and how I did everything I could to feed them and allow myself only the amount of time it takes from walking out of the door to when I get to my car to fret about the tables I didn't do great on. Because tomorrow is another day.

I know most people are more involved with what ride they're going on next than the server that's keeping their sodas refilled. That's how it should be. But know I love you guys and I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to dine with me. Especially if you have a baby. Double points if they have those chubby cheeks. Talking seriously to babies about the day is how I keep sane. Sorry for the giant wall of text. I just love my job and my guests and I appreciate you guys.

Edit: I'm reading through these responses and I am just... You are all so great. From now on whenever I'm having a hard day, at work or otherwise, I'm coming back here to read these responses and remind myself that what I do does make an impact. You are all wonderful. And the gold, my god. So much gold.

Edit 2: stop giving me gold. I really appreciate it but I have enough. I'm already jazzed to post about this on Twitter because my life is awesome like that. Use the money to tip an awesome server.

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I met a Dutch couple who stayed for a month. I am still envious of their adventure!

If you have never been, it's hard to describe the variety or experiences one can have at Disney World. Even one who has been to Disneyland can't fully comprehend all there is to do at the "other resort".

There are four parks, each of which can take 2-4 days minimum to see and do everything that is available in them. Not just rides, but live shows of all kinds, activities, shopping, people-watching galore. In one day I can see a live bird show, learn how to draw a famous Disney character, travel "around the world", take a flight to Mars, paddle a canoe around a lush river and then ride a paddle boat, see a parade with countless floats and dancers, learn about modern hydroponics and see the most prolific tomato plant in the world, ride a steam train, have a pint in a pub and chat up people from around the world, be taught how to write my name in 8 languages by people from those countries, see a comedy show, ride in a horse-drawn cart, watch dolphins play in the reef while a trainer shows off their skills, see a live brass band play, watch a circus act on the street, drink an exotic alcoholic slushie, and see an epic fireworks show.

The resorts--of which there are 25 right now I believe--each have their own activities, restaurants, and entertainment such as outdoor movies, a dueling piano bar, multiple pools, maybe a spa. You can rent a boat, a surrey bike or a regular bike and ride bike paths along rivers or through wood trails. A few have a water pageant set to music with lighted floats, runs free every night. While you may only view parades in the parks, the fireworks are popular from outside-the-park viewing locations at resorts, including some beautiful fine dining establishments which get you views you can't get anyplace else, where the pipe the music in for all to enjoy.

There are two water parks, and two heavily themed mini-golf parks. An entire shopping district with restaurants--some by famous chefs (Chef Morimoto is one of the more recent additions)--tons of shops, movies, bowling. There is a Cirque du Soleil show there, as well as a unique balloon ride. There used to be dance clubs and comedy clubs as well, which they sadly did away with. RIP Adventurer's Club. Kungaloosh. :(

There are unconventional personal experiences and tours you can book. In addition to park tours which can take from 3-6 hours of going behind the scenes at the parks, you can book a private meal with an Imagineer to learn what it's like to work in create at Disney. You can book meal and show packages for fireworks, stage shows, and holiday theme events with celebrity guest speakers. Segway tours have been offered in parts of the resorts and parks, getting to see the parks before they open in some cases. If you are SCUBA certified, there are diving experiences. Horseback riding. Rent a boat for fishing, or to take a dinner cruise to watch fireworks. Golfing is popular there, too, with 3 championship level courses available. You can take a canopy and zipline tour, or a tour of the animal rehabilitation and veterinary areas at Animal Kingdom. Up until recently you could drive race cars at the ESPN speedway.

At different times of the year, there may be separately ticketed special events, such as Halloween or Christmas Parties, Night of Joy concert series (a popular Christian music festival), etc.

And that is just at Disney. If you rent a car, like the Europeans I met did, you can go to nearby attractions like Universal Orlando (worth it for Harry Potter alone!!), beaches, or head down to see NASA!

And that's even a lot to do if you GO GO GO the entire trip. Which most people I have been blessed to know don't do. They slow down, take their time, eat at delicious restaurants (WDW has one of the only, if not only, central Florida 5 star restaurants--Victoria and Alberts, and it's amazing), people-watch, lay by the pool, get a pedicure, meet people from around the world at the bar and drink the night away telling stories of life. When you stay longer, you get to really steep in and enjoy the details in a way that a short trip will never allow.

In short...10 days is an easy amount of time to spend, though obviously not within everyone's means. I am not European, but travel a far distance to go so can't go often; went once for a week and realized there was way too much to do in that "short" a time and have done 10 days each since. That European couple, for the expense and time of flying all that way, easily had plenty to do for their full month. By the time we met up with them, they were in their last few days. The staff and other long term vacationers and locals had gotten to know them and it was a bit like Cheers everywhere they went. They actually cried on their last night they had to leave and people were hugging them and it was really damn cool to see.

TL;DR So yeah...plenty to do. I tell anyone who thinks they might enjoy it even a little bit to go for as long as they can afford.

Edited to add: do not work for company, am not booking agent, just big fan.

EDIT AGAIN: Thanks for the gold Disney cough cough I mean total stranger! hardee har har. No really, thanks, whoever you are. ;)

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"You miss, or perhaps make, 100% of the shots you take" - Colorblind Wayne Gretzky