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Posted byData Scientist1 month ago

FYI: Reddit is hiring a data scientist and a data engineer

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PhD | Data Scientist | BiotechModerator of r/datascience, speaking officiallyScore hidden·1 month ago·Stickied comment

Eh, don't shit where you eat :)

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Hope you have at least one of the following in a primary location on your resume ['phd', 'stanford', '5 years', 'acquired']

ML Engineer! Looks cool! "8+ years of experience as a Data Engineer or Software Engineer developing production code"

Data Scientist! Just what I've been looking for! "5+ years working in quantitative analytics and data modeling field at a consumer internet company (2-3+ years with quantitative Ph.D experience)"

I truly wonder how master's students with little/no prior experience ever get hired sometimes. Forget about BS grads

They find work in less technically sophisticated roles. Not all jobs require a PhD when they're just running simple linear and logistic regressions.

Data ScientistOriginal Poster0 points·1 month ago

Well they definitely aren't hired by popular websites.

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