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New changes to the subreddit mean that self-posts are no longer allowed, and only links can be submitted.

Text-submissions are now allowed again.


Your post must contain a desktop. Satirical posts may be allowed, as long as they are somewhat relevant to desktops. Wallpapers were never allowed to be submitted, and I would like to tackle down on that. To do this, your post must meet some extra requirements. Simplistic and clean desktops are rising in popularity. In essence, they're just wallpapers with a taskbar smacked onto them. Wallpapers are not allowed, so if you feel that your desktop is too empty, we suggest that you include a 'dirty' screenshot too. All we mean is you must demonstrate another property of your desktop, such as the start menu or a program, you name it. This is an unacceptable post. This is an acceptable post. If you are unsure, just make an imgur album that contains a clean and a dirty screenshot, or ask the moderators.


As of 21/05/17, text-submissions are now allowed. As with image-submissions, certain rules apply. At the minute, all text-submissions must be either a question or a tool for customisation/advice. Anything else will be removed. Questions refers to something such as "is there a way to make my start menu like Windows 7's?" It does not refer to request for desktops, such as "can somebody make me a Star Wars themed desktop?" Advice must share tips or methods of customisation. It should be hard to get this wrong. If too many people start to abuse this feature somehow, it will be removed again.

Titles and Flairs

Titles should be basic. They shouldn't be too long, and should be somewhat relevant to the image of the desktop you are submitting. Please refrain from including [Mac] or [Windows] in your titles, as I have introduced flairs to make searching the subreddit easier. Currently there are 10 flairs to choose from, the primary ones being Mac, Windows and Linux. I might include other flairs if they are necessary. If you feel as though more are needed, contact the moderators.

Some users may wish to include 'wanting criticism' or 'wanting advice' etc in their titles.


A lot of users will put information on how they achieved their desktop's look in the comment section of their post. This is a standard in the community, and so I'd recommend you do it. It isn't a requirement, but it makes your life easier if a lot of people are asking about it.

Follow the guidance in this post, and you should experience no trouble. Happy posting :)

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Please read How to Correctly Format Your Post for more information.


Let me explain: I really love the laptop experience. I love just being comfortably in bed with the screen, the keyboard, and the mouse right in front me. HOWEVER, I also desire the incredible power desktops provide. So is there any sort of way to have your desktop on one corner, but have the monitor, keyboard, and mouse on you? I know I can use a wireless keyboard and mouse. But what about the monitor?


After looking through this subreddit you guys seem to know what you are doing. I have tried rainmeter but not really fully understood it and never got very far with it.

thats my current setup, anything i could add would be appreciated if you left it below.

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