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I was wondering as the ramekins I got were too small and I found a bundt pan while digging around my kitchen and got the idea to make it in a bundt pan, like jello.


My grandmother used to order desserts around Easter time that were shaped like eggs, covered in white frosting typically with a rose bud on top of them. The insides were filled with cake. Does anyone know what these are called?


I love black tea so the cake got me thinking of other things I could do, such as make candy or other desserts, any ideas?


Just heard of lemon curd that is based on olive oil instead of butter. How does that work?


I made a batch of buttercream frosting and then added butterscotch but I'm not sure what I want to put it on.

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Post recipes, pictures, or discuss your favorite desserts. Have any great recommendations for bakeries/sweet shoppes/amazing ice cream parlors that you just have to make a trip to in your lifetime? Put 'em here! Yum :)

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